How to…Get your Wedding Featured on a Blog


I get a lot of submissions. And I mean a LOT. So many in fact, that most people might break down and cry if they saw my inbox in the morning. However I LOVE it and I enjoy looking at every single one – really really truly do so don’t stop them coming! However there are some common mistakes made with submission-sending and I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a few that I see over and over and over to try and make the process of getting your wedding or photo shoot featured on Rock n Roll Bride a smooth one for both of us.

So, here are my top tips which will most certainly give you more chance of getting featured.

♥ I put up a submissions guidelines page quite a while ago now. Please please please read this before you send me anything.

♥ I hate emails that say ‘Hi check out my website, I’d love you to feature some of my work!’ I’m sorry but I reeeally don’t have the time to look through your entire site and pick something. Send me something specific that suits the Rock n Roll/alternative style of my blog.

♥ As a general rule I usually only feature professional wedding photographs. ‘Uncle Bob’ and diy photography usually don’t make the cut. However don’t be put off submitting just because you didn’t have a professional photographer. I have featured weddings in the past which were just shot by friends and family and I would still love to see your wedding!

♥ I feature weddings, engagements, day after shoots, bridal shoots, trash the dress shoots, boudoir shoots and even the odd random- yet-way-too-awesome fashion shoot. I do not feature maternity shoots, senior shoots, baby shoot, bar mitzvahs, christenings and family sessions.

♥ Please use my name and get it right. My name is KAT…not Kate, not Katie, not Kit. Keep your email personal and I’m more likely to read it. If I get a submission that looks like it’s been sent to every blogger in blogland I will more than likely just delete it. Keep your email personal and I’ll give you the time of day.

♥ With your initial submission please don’t send me a million images. I only ask for about 10-20 small images to gage the style of the wedding or shoot.

♥ In your initial submission just send me a few key details – who you are, the style of the wedding/shoot etc. I’ll be honest; I look at the photos first and read the info later so don’t feel like you have to go overboard with the info in your initial submission. Save yourself some time! If I want to feature you I’ll email you and ask for all the info I need.

♥ I always ALWAYS reply to every single submission I get, whether that is to say yes or no. I’m a little bit obsessive about staying on top of my inbox and if you haven’t heard from me within 48 hours then I probably haven’t got your email. Please feel free to chase it up.

♥ Do not not not submit your wedding/photo shoot to more than one wedding blog at a time. Blogs are like magazines and most of us will only feature weddings that have not been featured on any other blogs. Like every blog I want to keep Rock n Roll Bride fresh and unique. If your submission is rejected then of course feel free to submit it to other blogs.

It is OK to feature the wedding on your own blog, however always let me know where else the images have been published online and I will make the call on a case by case basis.

♥ Huge images make me cry. After your submission has been accepted I will ask for a zip file of images (you can also send them via yousendit, dropbox, flickr etc.) The perfect size for my blog is 1000 pixels (on the longest side) and only 72dpi is required for an online image. If you send them too small I can’t use them and if you send them high res I want to tear my hair out a little bit.

♥ I like detail shots as much as the next blog but I also love to see happy, excited faces in my inbox. Unlike a whole lot of other blogs the people are the main focus for me…their uniqueness and their wedding joy. Don’t leave out the portraits.

♥ I hate selective colour. Sorry but I will never ever feature it.


  • Photography: Mario Testino


  1. Kat, I HATE selective color too! I get really tired of all the styled shoot and that’s ONE of the reasons I LOVE your blog. xo, -Ashlee (commonly misspelled all the time)

  2. HEY Kat, as always, excellent informative post. Love your work, your fresh approach, being honest and just flying the flag for alternative weddings. Wedding days should be what you love with who you love, not what it “should” be like and I send many of my brides to your blog for inspiration on doing just that!!
    I’ve always wanted to put forward a submission and have this year styled the perfect wedding to do so, just waiting for photos. Don’t worry, no selective colour, I looked at the link you posted of examples and nearly puked in my mouth, KKKEEERRRIIINNGGGEEE!!!
    Keep up the awesome work, totally loved your second wedding too!

  3. Hi Kat, you made me lough with this guidance so much, tanks. 🙂 It’s obvious what frustrations you’ve been experiencing with submission and you found such a fun way to express it. Just love it! I am huge fan of your blog. I don’t think any of weddings we planner are match for your blog (at least not for now) but I am hoping to get to plan at least one alternative wedding, they seem to be so much fun! Then I’d definitely get in touch with you and read carefully these guidelines first. 🙂
    Best wishes and keep up a great work!

  4. Amber

    Reading this and I keep thinking, have you ever blogged about a Labyrinth Wedding? That would be too cool! 🙂

  5. April

    Hey Kat, Im getting married in July. We are doing a punk rock wedding, not traditional whatsoever! We arent having a professional photographer, but an Awesome friend that does great work! When it comes time, I will submit something to you and I sincerely hope you will consider us! Im not submitting to anybody else but it would be awesome to be featured on Rock and Roll Bride! Xoxoxo

  6. Excellent advice as always! I would probably cry if I had an inbox like yours! Though I can see the appeal of all the photographic eye candy. I laughed quite a lot reading this! Selective colour sucks so much. 😀

  7. I am a pro photographer. I mainly shoot weddings. I LOATHE selective colour, your comment on it has MADE MY DAY! 😀

  8. Post author

    Hi Suzie – I generally feature videos alongside the wedding photos so I can tell/show the whole story so be sure to connect with the photographers from the wedding and submit them together!

  9. Ohh Selective Colour *Cringe!*… Great tips!

    What would your advice be for submitting awesome styled shoots that have been put together to promote a particular event? As an event organiser the images have been put together to get as much coverage as possible, Is there another angle one could take, for you to consider featuring on Rock n Roll Bride if for example it has already been featured on the events Official Sponsors blog?

  10. Post author

    hey emily, my biggest piece of advice for a styled shoot would be to make it different and for it to be full of ideas that real brides can actually use for their own weddings!

    i see so many shoots that, although lovely, we’ve just seen it all before… good luck!

  11. Clare Kane

    Amy, as far as I know, its when a photo is in black and white except for a specific object or area which is in colour.

  12. Awesome that really helped! Love your comment about selective colour! really looking forward to putting one forward from a wicked french elopement the mountains in Queenstown! Rad boots and heartshapped sunglasses, totally cool style!!!! Loving your site/blog for inspiration Kat, keep up the awesome writing!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this insight. Some of it I had never even thought of. It is our business goal to be featured this year so this was timely and helpful!

  14. Robyn

    Oh god.. I don’t even know what selective colour is! How do I know I have avoided this? MUST Google NOW! X

  15. Thanks for the info Kat! Sad to say I’m still working to find a wedding which really merits being submitted, that said…I think I might have one coming up…so watch this space! 🙂

  16. Hi Kat. I was wondering if you can submit a wedding that you have captured if your a wedding photographer, or do the weddings need to come directly from the brides/grooms?

  17. Lisa Phillips

    I will show this article to the photographer we meet with in Vegas this month for our Hallowedding this year. Thanks for all your hard work to make Rock N Roll Bride the Best!

  18. What I *really* like is that you look at the photos first. We all need to read so many long mails, but in the end it’s about the photos. Hope I can make it to your blog!

  19. Kat! Thanks so much for sharing this post. We’ve just started talking with our photographer to get photos so that it can be featured. It’s a rustic wedding so we’ll probably submit to a site like rustic chic wedding or barn wedding.

  20. KAT

    Clear like crystal here! I hate selective colour even though it seems it back again, noooooo
    I am excited to send you some post, I don’t feel very comfortable because I’m a newbie, but I will give it a try.

  21. Hi Hat, your post is a few years old, but still very up-to-date. Although not very many are getting married in Corona times, your lines are very valuable to me.
    Stay healthy!
    Best wishes, Axel


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