How to…Get your Wedding Featured on a Blog


I get a lot of submissions. And I mean a LOT. So many in fact, that most people might break down and cry if they saw my inbox in the morning. However I LOVE it and I enjoy looking at every single one – really really truly do so don’t stop them coming! However there are some common mistakes made with submission-sending and I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a few that I see over and over and over to try and make the process of getting your wedding or photo shoot featured on Rock n Roll Bride a smooth one for both of us.

So, here are my top tips which will most certainly give you more chance of getting featured.

♥ I put up a submissions guidelines page quite a while ago now. Please please please read this before you send me anything.

♥ I hate emails that say ‘Hi check out my website, I’d love you to feature some of my work!’ I’m sorry but I reeeally don’t have the time to look through your entire site and pick something. Send me something specific that suits the Rock n Roll/alternative style of my blog.

♥ As a general rule I usually only feature professional wedding photographs. ‘Uncle Bob’ and diy photography usually don’t make the cut. However don’t be put off submitting just because you didn’t have a professional photographer. I have featured weddings in the past which were just shot by friends and family and I would still love to see your wedding!

♥ I feature weddings, engagements, day after shoots, bridal shoots, trash the dress shoots, boudoir shoots and even the odd random- yet-way-too-awesome fashion shoot. I do not feature maternity shoots, senior shoots, baby shoot, bar mitzvahs, christenings and family sessions.

♥ Please use my name and get it right. My name is KAT…not Kate, not Katie, not Kit. Keep your email personal and I’m more likely to read it. If I get a submission that looks like it’s been sent to every blogger in blogland I will more than likely just delete it. Keep your email personal and I’ll give you the time of day.

♥ With your initial submission please don’t send me a million images. I only ask for about 10-20 small images to gage the style of the wedding or shoot.

♥ In your initial submission just send me a few key details – who you are, the style of the wedding/shoot etc. I’ll be honest; I look at the photos first and read the info later so don’t feel like you have to go overboard with the info in your initial submission. Save yourself some time! If I want to feature you I’ll email you and ask for all the info I need.

♥ I always ALWAYS reply to every single submission I get, whether that is to say yes or no. I’m a little bit obsessive about staying on top of my inbox and if you haven’t heard from me within 48 hours then I probably haven’t got your email. Please feel free to chase it up.

♥ Do not not not submit your wedding/photo shoot to more than one wedding blog at a time. Blogs are like magazines and most of us will only feature weddings that have not been featured on any other blogs. Like every blog I want to keep Rock n Roll Bride fresh and unique. If your submission is rejected then of course feel free to submit it to other blogs.

It is OK to feature the wedding on your own blog, however always let me know where else the images have been published online and I will make the call on a case by case basis.

♥ Huge images make me cry. After your submission has been accepted I will ask for a zip file of images (you can also send them via yousendit, dropbox, flickr etc.) The perfect size for my blog is 1000 pixels (on the longest side) and only 72dpi is required for an online image. If you send them too small I can’t use them and if you send them high res I want to tear my hair out a little bit.

♥ I like detail shots as much as the next blog but I also love to see happy, excited faces in my inbox. Unlike a whole lot of other blogs the people are the main focus for me…their uniqueness and their wedding joy. Don’t leave out the portraits.

♥ I hate selective colour. Sorry but I will never ever feature it.


  • Photography: Mario Testino


  1. Hah – good call on selective colour! I am considering putting a clause in my wedding contract. There are some things a photographer should never, ever, have to do…

  2. faith

    thanks for the tips Kat – i’ll be sure to do my homework when my hubby and I feel brave enough to submit some of the pics we’ve taken 🙂

  3. Great reminders on this post. I admire that you respond to emails and feature weddings that are not only from sponsors. Thanks!

  4. Kat
    I love a girl with standards – it’s what keeps your blog fresh, unique and readable. I have been on the “planning my wedding” path for over a year now and yours is the only one I have consistently read (well that and Martha Stewarts but only for the iccky factor).

    And if you think I am being creepy cos I want you to feature my wedding – I am not…. ours is a private affair which has been inspired and guided by a lot of the ideas on your blog but will remain a special day for the special people in our lives there on the day.

    Please keep on doing what you are good at (and I do vomit at selective colour pictures….and those posed ones of the flowers, the shoes and the ring….urrggggggghhh)

  5. Em

    Good to know you reply to all emails. Find it very rude when people don’t even take the courtesy to reply with a no thanks – which I’ve experienced elsewhere (not mentioning any names).

  6. Post author

    Thanks Em – yeah i think its really important. They have taken the time to send me stuff so its just common curtosy to reply – even if its just a quickie ‘thanks but no thanks.’ it also means its easy for them to know whether to submit it elsewhere or not.

    Caroline – your message made me smile and i wouldnt think you wer creepy!! im so glad yous till love the blog after all this time!

    Amanda – only feature sponsors? are you kidding me? no no noooo I love to feature a MUCH eye candy as I can possiblly cram in – sponsored or not. makes no difference to me. I also love getting submissions from brides too.

    ps im glad EVERYONE agrees with the selective colour thing – whar a great and stylish bunch of readers I have!

  7. Amy

    The weddings featured on this site always have one thing in common – i wish i’d been there. You don’t get this from matching napkins or perfectly typed place settings (although i do love a good font), it’s all about showing a damn good ‘do’. Having said that I do have a weakness for photos of really yummy looking food…

  8. Kat,

    what a great post, thanks so much! it made me feel even more honored in being feautured here, and replying to every submission makes you my hero, it sucks when we submit something and get no reply then we can not submit it right away to another blog and we just wait and wait,

    anyhow thanks for all you do! and keep on rocking it

  9. Post author

    Amy I LOVE THAT!!!
    “The weddings featured on this site always have one thing in common – i wish i’d been there”

  10. …but what if i want to call you kit-kat? like a little pet name. although you probably get that one a lot.

    you know what’s neat though? you and my sis have the same spelling of your full name 🙂

    oh yeah, great tips! 😉

  11. Post author

    haha! Pet names are ok! Kit Kat, Kitty, Pinky and Sexy Mo’ ‘Fo are all acceptable.
    the worst is when I get ‘Dear Amanda/Ashley/Laura…etc’
    THATS NOT MY NAME (and i know some other wedding bloggers with that name..hum..suspicious 😛

  12. kat – this is an awesome post! such good info to share. i too despise selective color. i think replying to every submission is super important as well. i would also really appreciate it if everyone would write back to my emails. (;
    wedding chicks love rock ‘n roll bride. (:

  13. Post author

    woo and Rock n Roll Bride loves Wedding Chicks! I can’t stress how important I think it is to keep everything personal and replying to emails is a big part of that. I know how frustrating it is waiting for an email to arrive!

  14. Ana

    Sorry for my ignorance, but I’m English isn’t my native language…

    What does “selective colour” means?? That seem that everyone around seem to hate so much 🙂


  15. Ana

    Ohhh… Sorry, feel so stupid… I just “googled” the term… And completely agree!! I also hate selective color! lol

    By the way… Kat… Your blog really really rocks!!!

    Big fan from Mexico!! 😀

  16. ha! I get so many emails addressed to completely random names asking me to features some crap or other on Peonies and Polaroids, every time it makes me laugh. I mean, I’m not going to write about your chocolate brides and grooms anyway, but I’m ESPECIALLY not going to write about them if you address your email to Heather.

    And yes, a million times yes about selective colouring. I can barely even bring myself to say the words. We refer to it as The Schindler’s List Effect in our house.

  17. Thanks for the insight – I hope one day I have a rockin’ enough B&G to submit. I’m making that my goal – find RAD couple to rock out your blog. It’s in the bag 😉 Cheers!

  18. “I hate selective colour.”

    Good to see you educating the brides who read your blog. I’ve occasionally had this asked of me before and I always respectfully decline ~ In my opinion, wedding photography becomes more important as years go by & I would hate for anyone not to want to get the album I created for them out to show friends. Remember the “bride and groom reflected in the wineglass” horror of the 1970s…anyone?!

  19. Post author

    Amma – haha Lasers! (and youre totally forgiven becuase what you sent me was so awesome) 😛

  20. *takes notes*…no worries, I’ll never do selective colour (although oddly in my area it’s still rather popular).

  21. Oh my word, Kat, those “overcreative” pictures are hilarious. I especially like how the bride holding a shoe up in one picture looks rather awkward to be there. They’re all obviously taking it so seriously too, bless them.

  22. Oh my god! Those ‘overcreative’ wedding photos on that link just made me spit tea all over my keyboard with laughter!

    Although after I get married this August I am tempted to photoshop myself with devil horns shooting laser beams outta my eyes whilst holding a flying V guitar at the alter.


  23. I never thought about this at all… Heck, you emailed me back within a few hours tops (if I remember correctly…)
    Keep up the good work.

  24. I really appreciate your desire to keep things original and fresh. Most of the blogs I read tend to feature the same projects/photos/etc., so in a day where I read 10 or more blogs, I usually see the same photos at least 2 or 3 times.

  25. I agree with you on selective color, it is really annoying to see it still in well known, popular magazines or places online even. I appreciate the fresh stylish appeal of your blog! I love every post!

  26. Elle

    I really enjoyed those ‘over creative’ pictures that Amma posted, although I don’t see what the problem is?

    I think we should really embrace all these couples finding their pocket-sized brides and grooms.
    Acceptance people, that’s what we need. Well, that, a mullet, and a few 80’s lasers.
    Ooh, new wedding idea!

  27. Pie

    I don’t understand the laser thing. If it looked like you were in Logan’s Run then maybe, but it doesn’t. It really doesn’t.

  28. ahhhhhh, i have some amazing rock n roll weddings booked for this fall, i am dying with anticipation to submit them to your blog…thanks for the tips!! and also, i think it is AMAZINGLY cool that you respond to every email. that’s dedication.

  29. Emilyjane

    I would be in favour of the ‘overcreative photos’ effect if we could have a picture of our cats chasing mini-us’s a la Land Of The Giants. A picture of the family to cherish forever!

    Just me then?

  30. Pickle

    I had such a giggle reading these posts! It’s such a relief there are a lot of like minded girles out there! I hope I can find the courage to submit my wedding to you in November Kat!

  31. “I hate selective colour. Sorry but I will never ever feature it.”

    This is the greatest thing i have ever read!! 🙂

  32. HA! I had to look up selective colour. I thought you must mean something else, because “people don’t actually do that, do they?” is what went through my head. Love everything about this list… kudos on a brilliant blog.

  33. Post author

    Hi Adele. For a full feature i’d need photos but feel free to email it & it might be suitable for sharing via my social media xx

  34. Hey there Kat, Great, informative site, i love it! I would like to know if you accept short promo video submissions? We are freelance alternative fire performers and would love to have our video featured on your social page or site. We are looking to get into the wedding market and feel that your our best point of contact to do so!
    Thanks so much for your time!


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