How to… Not become a Blogging Pushover

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I have thought long and hard about actually posting this after I wrote it. It is, in all honesty, a little bit of a rant but I hope it actually might give you a greater insight into my world. As I hope most of you know, I put a lot of work into running Rock n Roll Bride. When I’m at home I’m on my computer pretty much from 10am to at least 10/11 pm past midnight working on posts, running up new ideas and keeping in touch with people. It’s no longer just a hobby for me, and weird as it feels to say this, it is now my business and one I work very hard on. Anyway…

This is a bit of a random post, but I think it’s something that needs to be said. I hope in sharing this I won’t p*** anyone off and if anything I hope it might be able to give you, my loyal readers an small insight into how I view the blog in terms of advertising and sponsorships.

I love my sponsors. Every single one of them. I never take offers of sponsorship from companies who I deem to be spammy or not right to recommend for my readers. It would horrify me to think I’d ‘recommended’ anyone to be involved in your wedding that was unreliable or shady just because they were paying me to. I have and will continue to turn down these kind of sponsorship offers.

Similarly I often (like on a daily basis) receive emails from companies and individuals wanting product mentions or reviews…and don’t want to pay for it. “Sure, I say, I love your product, here are my rates” I’ll be honest here, in about 95% of these emails I am fully aware that these companies are wanting free coverage, as if I’m some kind of platform for them to get free advertising. The response is usually something along the lines of “erm…thanks but we don’t have any budget for advertising, we were thinking something more along the lines of an editorial mention, in exchange we’ll give you a link back to your site from ours/we’ll send you something for free/we’ll think you’re really really cool.” Oh reeeeeally?

FYI – in my book the definition of editorial is something I make my own editorial decision on, something that I blog because I love it. If in your book editorial means free advertising, well in the nicest possible way. F-Off!

I’m not being funny (well maybe I am) but FFS a) this is my job. This is how I make my living and I am not going to apologise for making money from advertising and b) Where exactly would I draw the line with these ‘free’ mentions? What would Rock n Roll Bride become? A place for companies to freely spam you with their products? Well I wouldn’t have many readers left would I? Who wants to read that?!

So is everything you read on Rock n Roll Bride paid for? No of course not! Every single real wedding, engagement shoot or photo session I feature is up here because I love it and I know you will too. I do it because I hope some of you will be inspired by them for your own weddings and photo shoots. I work very hard to source original and unique content for my readers and I pride myself in only sharing things that I know you’ll love to read about. I have mentioned many companies on the blog who haven’t paid a penny to me. People I’ve met who I think are ace. People who’ve done something amazing for me and people who I just really want you to know about. As a rule I don’t run ‘free’ editorial on products. I started Rock n Roll  Bride to share photography and real weddings/photo shoots that I love and I think you’ll love too. That is the core of the site and the advertising and sponsorships are what keep the blog going. Quite simply, without them I’d still be working for someone else.

I do run a select few sponsored posts in my ‘Under the Spotlight’ features which, along side my ‘link love’ adverts not only give me a little bit of money (hey, I’ve got kittens to feed and tattoos to get!) but I hope bring to your attention some really great vendors that I hope you might use for your wedding. I’m not going to apologise for making money doing something I love.

What was the point of this post you might ask? Well in all honesty it’s actually a bit of a vent. I’m literally sick to death of getting emails like this and to anyone thinking of spamming me with your ‘special reader offers’ or ‘check out our XYZ product – your readers will love it!’ with no intention of paying for it, well forget it.

This post was inspired by this great post I read on Mommybloggers (don’t get scared – I found a link via Think Splendid – I’m not reading ‘Mommy’ blogs!) It reads:

“Yesterday, the advertising team at Cool Mom Picks (a small and worthy mom-run business if I ever knew one) spent a good deal of time putting together a proposal for a four-month advertising program for a major brand that was rejected because *gasp* we had the audacity to ask for actual money to run their banners.

Not giveaways for our readers.

Not “a link on our microsite” or “access to our event” or “gift cards for your readers” which is in fact what they were hoping to compensate us with.

Money. As in, that stuff we use to pay our writers and designers and tech guys and the US Postal Service and the fine discount hotels of Las Vegas during trade show season.

I think the actual response from the marketer was something like: Oh, we don’t need to pay for this. The mommyblogs are so great, they’re excited to help and do it in exchange for a link! “

Here here sistaaas! Read the full post here.

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Blogs are not a place for companies to get free advertising. We will not be seen a pushovers or magazines ‘lite’ (in many instances our readership vastly outstrips the readership number of many real life print magazines) You wouldn’t dream of emailing the editor of Brides magazine and asking for a free advert would you?


  1. Just thought I’d drop in – I’ve so far had 2 photographers that turned down a ‘real wedding’ feature (ie, the opportunity for a free showcasing of their brand), because they weren’t getting a an additional feature on top of this to promote their brand.


  2. I could only dream about having one of my weddings showcased on the Rock ‘n Roll Bride! Everything here is just so lovely!!!

  3. Shoegal

    Oh god, I didn’t realise the spam you received was THAT irrelevant! Oh the shame!! I just wish PR agencies/ companies would allocate the TIME to figure out how blogs operate and as you say, learn about a blog’s ethos and their own brand rather than just try to shove what they have been doing for all of these years onto a totally new platform.

    All I know is how much nicer it is to be a reader these days. Being out of PR I’m also far more inclined to read relevant blogs like yours that put your readers first rather than many money-hungry magazines. Funny that!

  4. Post author

    Shoegal – EXACTLY! haha if it was actually relevant and good content for my readers then i wouldnt hesitate to post/allow sponsorship

  5. Annie-Blake Lavender

    i am disgusted that companies dare ask that you advertise freely for them. people are just out-right rude and only care about themselves. when they advertise on your site, they are paying to advertise specifcally to a ‘culture’ of brides who loves alternative, non traditional, whimsical and wonderful!! they are paying to advertise to your readers, who you have gotten through providing this totally awesome & kick ass blog!

  6. whathehellisatog

    Hey go easy on ‘tog’. It takes a long time to learn how to batch process in photoshop and burn a CD. If I was that skilled, I’d be worth at least 2k a day.

  7. Laura

    @Shoegal A really interesting comment – my company shares offices with a PR company, and I have to say all it’s taught me is to be very suspicious of content I read in magazines. Remember that you shouldn’t need to pay to be advertised to!

    Ms Williams curates (and I use that word to acknowledge the fact that the photographs and illustrations are as much of the blog as the writing) a great resource for a very specific market that she knows very well. As a bride-to-be, I have found most of my suppliers through Rock’n’Roll Bride because they tend to have the ethos that I’m looking for, unlike say, the bridal magazines I bought when I first got engaged, which were aimed at a more broad bridal market, that frankly didn’t appeal.

    Ergo, I think that Kat has found a niche market, and if vendors want to tap into that market and make sure they have a presence on Rock’n’Roll Bride that gives them space on the front page every day (as an advert), they should have to pay. They will be rewarded if what they are offering is decent and right for the market!

    As for pissedofftog’s point that you wouldn’t shoot a bride’s wedding for free if she said she’d talk you up to friends, um, it just doesn’t make any sense. This blog gets thousands of hits per month! Mostly from people who are planning to get married in the near future! If a bride had thousands of friends who she was going to talk you up to, you’d be a total mug to say no. Oh wait, you are a total mug. I get it now.

  8. I am rather new to your blog, Kat but I have to say that I enjoy it quite a bit. It’s not just brides and brides-to-be who enjoy reading blogs such as this, it’s other photographers as well! I only hope that this blog continues to grow. As for making money off of advertising? Hell yeah! Congratulations on being able to blog as a full time income – a pretty awesome gig (despite many long hours) I bet!

    I am quite outspoken and a little opinionated at times and those who know me (especially photographers on the SWPB forum on Flickr – a lot of whom are big fans of this blog and of you, Kat) can attest to that. Yet this commenter is so off-whack that I don’t even see the merit to attempt arguing back. Of course this might also have to do with his/her atrocious grammar (or lack thereof) – which vexes me greatly. Anywho, I think it’s awesome you’ve found a way to make money doing something you love that also happens to be something that makes you happy. That’s really the greatest feeling, isn’t it?

    Keep doing what you’re doing and I truly hope to be featured on your blog soon because, as any other wedding photographer, I am in debt to any free publicity and exposure I can get, especially on a blog as unique as this one. Behind every successful person, there will always be a trail of haters.

    All the best,


  9. Louise

    Thank you for your post. I love bridal blogs – they have helped me so much in the planning of my wedding. However, as an ex-broadsheet journalist, I have always felt uncomfortable about the relationship of bloggers with advertisers. I have wondered if money was changing hands for the featuring of certain weddings and designers. I am glad to see that you have integrity. There is nothing wrong with sponsorship – provided it is revealed and the reader can read the post in this context.

  10. Kim

    Hey Kat,

    I love your blogs, and many others – and I don’t think you should ever apologise for wanting payment for your work. You have a huge readership and companies should be happy to pay to reach that readership – just like they would in a magazine. Be firm and keep doing what you’re doing!


  11. Ange

    Well this is fun! Mr pissedofftog, I agree that a photographers images have value and that we should protect that value, and not give them away. However, asking Kat to feature them is not giving them away. We are making a choice, yes *gasp* a choice, to share them, because we believe it has some value for us personally or professionally. And as it *is* my work, its my own damn business. The industry is struggling, and the way photogs make money has had to change – but there is no sense bitching about it. It has had the benefit of making some very lazy photographers up their game. Oh, and being bitchy about another’s style just isn’t cool – clients come to us because they like our particular style, its the only way it can work, don’t diss them or us, it just makes you look bitter & desperate – didn’t you learn that in the playground?
    Lots of love, Mother With Camera, just about to piss over a stack of pics.

  12. Macy Hughes

    Hey Kat! I read your blog post about the advertisers and such. Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of her, but Penelope Trunk write a blog about running startups and making money from blogging. She might have a few things that interest you.

    Not that my opinion counts for anything, but good for you for defining business your way. Just thought this info might help reinforce your arguments.

  13. Kat, I completely agree… I can imagine with the wedding blog industry being in such infancy, the rules of what is and isn’t ok are still being figured out and I can only imagine how frustrating this is…

    pissedofftog… I personally think you have no idea what you are going on about, you are implying that a bride (like me) should be paid for a magazine or blog to use our wedding images????? I think thats ridiculous… ANY bride will tell you that 1. your immersed in such unbelievable euphoria of getting married the mere thought of having your wedding ‘shown off’ anywhere and to anyone fills you with utter joy, and 2. if every single piece of writing/content/image was paid for, the blogging world would never have got off the ground. I personally have found wedding blogs such an inspiration, and my wedding day wouldnt have been planned and thought through so well without them. And also, I’ve finally found my passion in life and plan to go into the wedding industry after I’m married…

    If we lived by your rules we wouldn’t be able to walk into a WHSmith (or any other reputable highstreet chain), we’d need to pay at the door in order to look at any front pages of any magazines… crazy xx

  14. Nicola (Simplep1xie)

    Blimey – what a kerfuffle! I totally agree with everything you said in your blog, Kat – this is your business and I for one am so glad I came across Rock n Roll Bride before my nuptials in New York this November – I think you and your website are fantabulous. In fact, we have photos (but not taken by a professional) as part of our wedding package for New York, but looking at your website at both the fantastic ideas couples have for their weddings and how amazing and different from the norm some of the photographs are, has made me realise how important it is to get a professional photographer to capture perfectly the memories of our day in a way that is unique to us (so if you have already featured any photographers from New York that I haven’t come across yet -as I’m still trying to work my way backwards to the very beginning of your blog – then please let me know so I can check them out!)

    As for pissedofftog – he just wasn’t going to get it no matter how clearly you and others spelt it out for him – the mass frustration was palpable!! It was also clear, as others pointed out, that his grammar and spelling left a lot to be desired as he obviously meant to refer to himself as a TOOL and not a tog!! :0)

    Here’s to the continuing success of Rock n Roll Bride!


  15. 165 comments later, and I finally jump in…. awesome discussion so far Kat & all and some really interesting and intelligent perspectives.

    I’ve been toying with the sponsorhip idea for a while now. I started blogging for the love and passion of my topic and although my blog features suppliers and brands very heavily I have so far chosen to remain sponsorhip free to enable me to write about whatever the hell I WANT! However, the downside of this means I work very hard to keep a blog going and to provide free inspiration to others whilst I don’t get a penny.

    I completely appreciate a creative’s work {i.e photography} as I work at a design agency and the whole licence/rights issue is a big deal. But in Kat’s case {and many other bloggers} I think the balance is just right ~ showing great work and providing what is effectively free advertising but at the same time by having paid and appropriate supplier ads and supplier focuses means she can keep up the blog full time and help readers of the site find fabulous UK and worldwide resources that can be otherwise hard to find.

    If I were a bride, would I care if I found the dress of my dreams or photographer of my dreams if I did it by clicking on an advert? It doesn’t cost me, so why would I?!

    I’m glad this topic has come up and I think this is only the beginning and you never know maybe I’ll change my mind on sponsorship 🙂

  16. Nicola – If you put ‘new york’ into the search bar at the top of the page a while bunch of new york weddings should come up! good luck :o) I hope you find someone great!

  17. @pissedofftog Kat must be doing something right because look at how many viewers she has (INCLUDING YOU I might mention!) and vendors backing her up. Notice how no one has agreed with YOU? Maybe stop pointing the finger every where else and take a look at YOUR opinions dude. Misery looooves company, that’s all I have to say about you!

  18. Charley / London Bride just had to say yours is another blog I think of as getting the mix right, again you’ve built it on the strength of your personality and personal tastes. Sponsors or no, you have massive potential to do whatever you like with your blog.

    Ange – I’m still giggling at your parting words there. Excellent.

    I’m so glad you posted this blog, Kat – I think I’ll come back to the comments again & again because there is a lot of valid & helpful information here. And it’ll be nice to revisit the blog post whenever I need to get my perspective straight – happens a lot!

    Claire x

  19. Paula Marsh

    Kat, you run a very successful blog of which you can be very proud and you do this by giving your loyal followers what they want which isn’t businesses with the biggest advertising budgets its businesses that you feel they will genuinely like big and small, known and unknown.

    Keep doing what your doing and stick 2 fingers up at spammers and free loaders. Well done you xx

  20. pissedoftog

    Thought I would drop another bomb.

    1. I love that you run such a successful blog that the only time you get this many comments is when someone with a brain writes.
    2. I had no clue how unprofessional you are cussing on twitter. Ranting like a 12 year old.
    3. I am mobilizing my friends in the photography industry that believe the way I do. @photogzilla @baddassphotog @drinkcoolaid @PhotogRockstar @studiougly Make sure to check out there websites with frauds from our industry, your next.
    4. Oh by the way its against google rules to sell links which is what you are doing. I have turned in a report to google that will get you banned or atleast penalized with google. Cheers

  21. Post author

    i cant even be bothered to address this comment. you are ridiculous. oh and fyi – pissed OF tog (of/off?!) get a spelling lesson

  22. If this guy believes in what he’s saying so much, I think it’s time he outed himself. Stop hiding behind the misspelt name and let us know who you are, please.

  23. @pissedofftog (or pissedoftog)
    Google is against paid links, meaning someone contacting you and saying “I’ll pay you $X to link my site on yours.”
    Kat is selling AD space. That is different.
    Buying links is against Google policy because the more links you have pointed to your site, the higher your page ranks in search engines. And, technically, that would be fraud.

    The Google guidelines state:
    “Not all paid links violate our guidelines. Buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web when done for advertising purposes, and not for manipulation of search results. Links purchased for advertising should be designated as such.”

    Kat is not in breach of ANY Google rules or guidelines. Have fun getting ignored by Google.

  24. I honestly don’t understand all the negativity coming from ‘pissedoftog’.

    What in the world are reputable wedding blogs, such Kat’s, doing that should have you so up in arms? She honors great work/products + helps to offer info to her clients/readership.
    It’s her business, her for profit business, she has every right to be paid if someone wishes to advertise with her.

    I completely agree with Kat’s blog post, it was a refreshing read.
    So, thank you Kat for not only writing it, yet being brave enough to post it.


  25. pissedofftog

    Suze you like most people have half your facts correct. She is selling links. She takes money then their add goes to their website. Advertising needs special tags like the nofollow attribute to be considered ok by google. Also kat said I was going to get her shut down I am not . I am just getting her banned or severely penalized by the search engines.

    Even the search engines don’t like her business model of fraud and exploitation. You cant take money for anything then turn around and say you have integrety

  26. Paula

    Oh for goodness sake pissedoftog if you don’t like it…….go else where, YOUR work isn’t being featured here and YOUR not paying for advertising here so I don’t see what YOUR problem is. There are lots of us that are more then happy with the way things work…..go and pick on someone else.

  27. I don’t even know you and I think I love you. If I ever take the leap and finally tie the knot with the baby daddy, I want to be just like you.

    Thank you so much for the kind words about my post. (And pssst…if you ever do start reading my blog, I promise not to tell anyone.)

  28. Post author

    haha mom101 you rock so damn hard its not even funny! (sshhh seriously, im adding you to my google reader but its a SECRET!)

  29. @ Claire- he’s gone back and forth between the two.

    @pissedofftog- I have my facts correct, I even verified them with Google Webmaster before posting my response to you (and it’s “AD” not “ADD”). I appreciate you bringing this to our attention, as I’m sure Kat is. But your attitude isn’t very helpful. It’s one thing if you’re upset about bloggers getting paid for ads on their blog, and it’s another entirely for you to basically spam Kat’s blog. If you dislike it, for whatever reason, you don’ t have to read it, nor do you need to continue responding to any comments left on this blog.
    You obviously have an issue with Kat and her blog, and perhaps you should take it off this blog (and off twitter) and chat with her through email or in person.
    And, just so you know, every time you leave a hurtful/rude/mean comment here, more people are going to respond to it and defend Kat. You’re giving her more publicity and that doesn’t seem at all like something you’d like to do.

  30. Post author

    yey Suze! i say bring on the extra publicity and traffic to this post. im flippin’ loving it! there is only one loser here..and it sure as hell ain’t me!

  31. Smeeeff

    I’ve just sat and read all of this nonsense from pissedofftog… Complete nonsense.

    Direct exposure to the photographers target audience? Sounds like good marketing to me!

    Get real and stop slagging this BEAUTIFUL blog.

  32. Lisa Brown

    Seriously, what is this guys issue.
    You think by now he would have realised that he is losing the battle.

    I don’t hear any photographer you have featured complaining that you are exploiting them, infact, every photographer sings your praises. Everything you feature has been authorised by the photographer and at any point I am sure they can turn round and say no if they do not want to be featured.

    you have raised the bar of wedding photography by featuring exciting and talented photographers. You have boosted the careers of some great photographers and shown us brides that we do not have to settle for boring, bog standard, soft focus images that are either over processed or could have been taken by any one with with decent camera. You are doing a fantastic job of linking brides to like minded photographers. I dont want to be photographed by someone who doesn’t appreciate my individuality and thanks to you I have been put in contact and booked photographers who are excited to meet me and just as excited by my wedding plans.

    I know that every vendor featured on this blog comes recommended by you and I truly believe you would not recommend them if you didn’t love what they do. you blog represents individuality, personality and quality. You don’t pick any old sponsor and your readers know that because you have blogged about them. These sponsors have come to you, not the other way round.
    I am so glad you hand pick everything and you have the guts to stick to your guns and say no if you don’t like something or it doesn’t fit with blog.

    Kat, keep doing what you doing. you are an inspiration to us brides to be and photographers alike.

  33. It would have been much easier if you spelled all your cohorts Twitter accounts right, or if you just linked to their list. And sorry to say that doesn’t help your cause, far from seeing a bunch of “frauds” from the industry, I see a bunch of whiny jaded photographers bitching about what other people are doing. Seriously? You need to remember that this exposure is to future clients. You’re not doing yourself any favors here and I can’t blame you for wanting to hide your identity.

    Even your friend @drinkkoolaid shut down posts on their blog because they were turning from fruitful debate into personal attacks. Yet you perpetuate that behavior here. It’s sad really.

  34. Post author

    wow that twitter list has THIRTEEN whole followers. I am literally shuddering in my big stompy superdry boots

  35. WOW.. this is absolutely ridiculous. Half of dumbshits posts don’t even make sense.

    I also love how HE is driving even more people to your site, and making himself look like a complete asshat in the process. Nicely done.

    Keep on rockin Kat and I need to get some of my weddings to you sometime in the near future. 🙂

  36. Hi Kat! Maybe you could post pissedofftog work (i assume he contacted you with samples of his work) so we can see WHY YOU TURNED HIM/HER DOWN. It’ll probably generate a lot of traffic…(sinister smile….)

  37. I found this topic of conversation late last night via twitter and felt I had to add my two penies worth if thats okay, as it was a great read!
    Firstly, great blog and hi!
    It is six of one…….half a dozen etc…. blogs would not have content without photographs, just like bridal shops would not have dresses without designers who in turn would not have dresses without manufacturers, but, blogs can choose not to use the professional photos, instead use the brides own private family and friends photos which would therefore not showcase a photographers work.
    However, blogs in my opinion are the new glossy mags, brides are much more savvy these days, and spend time in their lunch breaks checking out the latest updates to their favourite blogs rather than spending vast amounts at the checkout for the big glossys. (which are deemed a treat).
    Therefore advertising through a blog is very acceptable as it would be through a glossy, and getting your work as a photographer featured at no cost is a good thing to small companies with little or no advertising budget. It is a target market!

    If I sell a design through a shop they get their cut of the money just as a blog will through an advert, its just different forms of advertising. Blogs also talk about thing which they do not get paid for and this can be a boost for some companies and is a compliment but should not be taken for granted which is what I think the original rant was about.
    Keep up the good work! K x

  38. Carly

    I’m a bit late to this debate but just wanted to say one thing…..

    I’m a bit of a technophobe, know nothing about blogging, photography or weddings for that matter. But one thing I do know, very well, is Kat.

    For anyone to question her integrity is quite frankly ludicrous. As someone who has personally witnessed her spending hours on end typing away about other people’s weddings, sometimes at 7am when we’ve both woken up with a horrendous hangover, I can say with 100% certainty that she does this purely for the love of it. She was the same when she was writing about her own wedding and nobody else was reading it as she is now when it’s clear there are thousands of people all over the place enjoying her work.

    This blog is her baby, simple as. If you don’t like it, go away.

    Love you lady!

  39. Post author

    aww CARLY!!! my bestest friend I love you. you nearly made me cry damnit…means so much that you commented. youre the best.

  40. Erica Adams

    Kat is such a passionate take me as I am person. Just trying to achieve her goal of making a living and working doing her dream job. She is so kind and encouraging to up and coming photographers and established photographers as well. Only recently has she been able to do the blogging full time. If she doesn’t want to post links , have sponsored posts how else can she pay her bills and give the people what they want to see. Why should anyone ever have to work as hard as her and not be compensated in some way. She is amazing and helping so many artist. Obviously she amazing. That is one of the hardest parts of making it to the top. Everyone wants to swat you down!!!!!!! is As for her cussing….LOL….. she is rocknrollbride afte rall!!
    Love you Kat!! Even though I am a fan and not a real life personal friend. I have your back!! You Rock!!

  41. Ok, I know it’s late in the day but I’ve been contemplating knobnuts comments and trying to come up with something that hasn’t already been said.

    All I know is that I’ve had stuff featured on Kat’s blog and very nearly pissed my pants with excitement. And boy, she is a hard woman to please! If you can submit stuff to the queen of alternative bridal blogs and get it published, you should count yourself very lucky indeed.

    I wish I could get her to publish every bloody thing that I photographed!

    By profiling fantastic photographers, designers, vendors etc, she ups the ante every time. If I need inspiration, I know where I look – straight at Rock n Roll Bride.

    Like television, if you don’t like it, you know where the off button is!

    Kat, keep rockin old girl – you are a doing a brilliant job!

  42. Hey sweetie, keep on doing what your amazing at, being brave saying what everyone else would like to and doing it Rock n Roll stylie xxxxxxx

  43. Kat, such a fabulous post. I just sent it to another blog owner friend of mine who deals with the exact same thing. And a magazine publisher I know who is also dealing with the exact same thing.

    Believe me, people ask everyone for freebies (I get asked all the time). I wasn’t raised that way, but apparently, almost everybody else was. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to deal with all of this. It’s really a shame. I can’t even imagine how much time and love you’ve put into this blog over the years. I just adore it and your editorial eye, and I am happy that your tatted/booted/pink-topped self knows how to put your foot down.

    Bravo for your balls, girlfriend. You set the standard, and you’ve just set another standard by having the courage to say what many other people are thinking.

  44. Interesting post because I was wondering about how things works as far as who you write about! Thanks for the insight and i love your blog. EE

  45. Helen

    I’m quite confused by the argument going on here! My experiences… my wedding was in Cosmo Jan 09 edition, wow what a feeling! and I was honoured they thought it good enough to feature, the most cheek I had was if they could mail me a copy perhaps?! Done.

    Re blogging, I emailed Kat earlier in the year to enquire about how the sponsorship thing works and if my small business would be suitable and she replied with the price and details. As my business was in its early stages with budget I had to weigh up what advertising to do, very difficult as I hate debt!, and I decided not to go forward. I too was brought up not to expect anything for free, you make your own way etc., I can’t even borrow 50p off someone without wanting to give them interest. So I hope Kat, if you read this, you don’t confuse people like myself with the irrelevant link people and messers, as although I couldn’t afford your deal at the time, I certainly didn’t ask you to mention it for free instead.

    I’m a big believer in a saying I’ve just made up ‘nice things come to those with patience and manners, and who’ve worked hard’!, and on the perks side, my business has recently been praised on someone’s photography blog as ‘I’ featured in the wedding photos (see, no mention of who I am or what I do!) and I can’t tell you what a generous thing that was to do and give my business a small free boost. But as far as TRYING to get on someone’s blog, I would always expect to have to pay, and may come back Kat’s way soon when some more pennies roll in.

    Hope I’ve got the point?! I’m very tired recovering from my 2 year wedding anniversary bender with hubby this weekend…. x

    P.S. I also wish this blog was around when I was organising my own wedding back in 08, so many good tips and inspiration…

  46. Post author

    Helen it is a silly arguement and i dont really know how it turned into what it did! I never took our corresponse to be anything other than genuine and i never got the impression from you that you wanted something for nothing!


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