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No exaggeration this has been the most difficult contest to judge…ever! I am just so glad I got to choose 3 finalists, picking just one would have literally been impossible. So here’s the drill, I need you to vote for your favourites to win the photo shoot in the comments section of this post. The couple who get the most number of votes will win. You have until Sunday 12th July 2009 to pick your winners. May I introduce…

Johnny & Ash
What makes us particularly rock n roll? Both artists at heart [he with music, I with craft], we have genuine appreciation for that talent and work that go into photography. We often take our own little photo shoots in the comfort of our home — amateur, but still so much fun! Above all qualities, we share an immense dislike for material possessions and human natures craving for cash. We refuse to buy ourselves luxuries unless we can sincerely part with them. We will never claim to “need” something other than oxygen, nourishment, and each other. Our goofy personalities and spontaneity is all the entertainment I could ask for. A perfect day, in our eyes, is spent in the grass under the sun, maybe with a bottle of wine. Although we are completely content and thankful for what we have, our lack of money keeps us from ever treating ourselves to something nice. We know we will be just fine without the fancy dinners on important dates [we prefer to try and cook by ourselves anyway!], or the garden wedding we will never be able to afford, but being spoiled with the attention of a photo shoot is something he and I would really appreciate.


Automne & Graham 
I could tell you all about our little rock ‘n’ roll habits like nerding out about records, drinking beer on the porch, going to shows, playing music together, making each other laugh, talking about politics, and turning each other on – but none of those things are fabulously unique. They’re just fabulous. What makes us unique is that we were introduced by a friend, reacquainted at a war protest, and brought together during a spin-the-bottle game. We’ve been inseparable for six years. Our first kisses made the papers and our wedding is going to blow your minds. 


Erica & Richie
First of I just wanted to say I am totally addicted to Rock n Roll Bride! I HAVE to read and see all of the gorgeous pictures you post EVERYDAY, thank you for all of the inspiration. Ok with that said, on to my Fiancee and I. I met Richie at this indie/electro bar in our home town, one day I was there dancing the night away with my besties and he walked by. I promise that when I saw him I was instantly in love. So when he walked back by I couldn’t help but stare and smile. Then he walked by again and I smiled and was just hoping and hoping he would come talk to me, and he did! We hit it off and have been together everyday since. We are from Texas and now live in California, he moved all the way over here with me. The thing that makes us rock n roll is that we are 100% able to be who we are. We have so much fun together whether we are out exploring getting lost or whether we are at home watching TV. He makes me laugh, I make him laugh. We love dancing, jamming out in the car, and just being lazy together, there is nothing sweeter than that. We are getting married in March and I cannot wait! I dream of having gorgeous pictures like the ones I see here everyday


Good Luck guys, I’m glad it’s out of my hands now!

I hate to have to add this but pwwwease only one vote per person. I do not want this contest to turn into fisty-cuffs about some people getting multiple votes from the same IP addresses. Each IP address will only get one vote. Come on now people, I can see where each vote comes from, you’re not fooling me by changing your name or email address slightly! Play nice or don’t play at all.


  1. Janeen

    Johnny and Ash for shizzle!!!!! They are the best couple ever and deserve it more thasn anyone else.

  2. Kieko

    Johnny and Ash, they seem so genuine. I don’t have a lot of money either so I know how it feels to never treat youself.

  3. Wiburt

    Automne and Graham. Does it count multiple times if i say it over and over and over again?

  4. Alycia Lourim

    i vote for Ash & Johnny. I have known these kids for over a year. they are true genuine people with the biggest hearts i know for people and animals. they have such individual styles that their diversity makes them fit perfect together. a great combination for a photoshoot. they truly deserve it.

  5. kyle

    johnny and ash totally derserve to win, please keep voting for them!! stop multiple voting! vote for the contest not for your friends!

  6. Johnny

    multiple voting is so sad! if you want it, you can have it.
    i can’t cheat and still feel good about winning…

  7. Even though I’m one of the contestants, I’m voting for Johnny and Ash. I really do think you two deserve a photo shoot.

  8. erica and Richie

    I Just wanted to say if the “cheating” comments are directed to us in any way, please know we are not cheating, don’t have to, don’t want to. We would like this photo shoot as much as the other couples, so nautrally we let all of our friends and family know about the contest, which I’m sure the other couples have done as well. And if some have voted more than once, then please know we did not ask them to. Simply put we just said hey we’re finalist in a contest for a rad photo shoot, vote for us! Thats all, we are honest people and went in this thinking this would be really cool and if we win even cooler. And I love my friends for having my back and being excited and wanting us to win. I hope that this can be a friendly contest, no bad intentions, no bad feelings. So lets keep this a fun, light hearted contest. I’m sure Kat would like that more than anything.-Thanks, Erica and Richie

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