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I know I shouldn’t have favourites, but sometime you just have to.  I feel guilty, like a Mother choosing a favourite child.  However this is definitely another one of my new favourite weddings. Ever! (hence the million photographs I’ve chosen to post!)

Love it!

Credit: Angelica Glass

Awesome Accessories

I am a huge accessories fan,  massive in fact.  Clothes shopping upsets me as I can never find anything I like/doesn’t make me look like a whale/that fits (although Gareth still seems to think I have too many clothes, go figure)  But anyway, my point is that when clothing fails me I am always comforted by the knowledge that I can easily go buy a wicked accessories that will brighten up my day (and my outfit)

So…when I clapped eyes on these beauties (I mean the shoes in the first photograph) I knew it’d be a wedding I’d be loving.  Check it out!

Ps The girls in the body paint weren’t severely under dressed guests, they were in fact waitresses.  The couple also hired aerialists and acrobats to entertain their fulled dressed guests.

Credit: BEBB

Set Me Up.

Here’s some more ridiculously expensive (probably) but bloody gorgeous table setting inspiration for you.  I’d love it if someone would take this idea and do it their own way…and check it out, more peacock feathers! Wooo dark ‘n moody, don’t you just love it?!

Credit: Project Mad Love

Jim Hjelm Bride

Is it just me, or is this Bride (and the table settings!) too gorgeous for words?  The dress is by Jim Hjelm Bridal by the way – clicky!

Credit: Jason Angelini Photography

Get Me To The Slopes On Time

Dennis and Christal look like they defiantly had fun with their transport for their wintery wedding.

Credit: Sota Photography

Will & Teressa’s Red Dressed, Tattoo Getting, Crimbo Wedding

Oh yes!

I saw the Bridal Shoot first and instantly thought, ‘that’s one for the blog’.  But then I saw the rest of the wedding knew I had to feature the whole thing!  Prepare to be inspired.

Credit: Studio This Is