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Temple Ready

Jenna aka That Bride/That Wife/Jenna Cole Photography coined that phrase when I posted some beautiful long-sleeve wedding dress inspiration a while ago, so now every time I see a long sleeve dress lovely I always feel the need to share them!
I have been lucky enough to chat with the genius behind the lens of these images Evelyn Eslava who in turn chatted to the Bride to get you all the info you could want – Ta Daaaaa…

Where did the wedding took place? Manti Utah LDS temple
Where the dress was from? My Grandma wore it when she got married over 50 years ago, when she passed away I really wanted it and she knew it and knew that I would wear it so it was passed on to me. It fit like a glove we didn’t even have to resize  it. It made me feel like she was there with me
How did you make your wedding special/unique/rock n roll?!  It poured rain. This made it special because during our summer engagement my husband was working long hours at a landscaping job and the only way he would get out of it was when it was raining every night we would say pray for rain so we could spend time together. Then when he proposed he wrote a song and one line said “pray for one more day of rain.” and it says it on the inside of his wedding band, well needless to say we got what we asked for on our wedding day, rain.
Would they have done anything differently? Not a thing. We didn’t had a reception and it really took a lot of stress off of not only me but our parents as well
Did you have a favorite wedding day moment? The actual ceremony was so special how could it not be when were finally married for time and all eternity?

Cute…Thanks Evelyn!

Credit: Evelyn Eslava Photography

A Punk Rockin’, Diy-in’ Extravaganza!

The emails I received from Alexzandra have got to be some of my all time favourites.  Not only because she flippin’ l.o.v.e. loves Rock n Roll Bride (why thanky <mini blush>) but she clearly has the same attitude to weddings as me!
Not only did the couple DIY pretty much everything…but they even considered a flash mob style of wedding i.e. just turning up at their designated venue on they day (they did actually decide against this idea but omg that is something I would love to see!)
Anything they couldn’t DIY, the couple cut costs by using local or independent suppliers. Alexzandra’s dress came secondhand from
Brides Against Breast Cancer, which she then customised herself, their cake came from Bleeding Heart Bakery and Kevin’s tux came from Ebay for $20! Woohoo!

Alexzandra described their wedding ethos to me perfectly…
Our vision was to have a punk rock wedding that was fun and reflected us without being tacky. We love the DIY lifestyle and knew we were going to be doing a lot for our wedding considering we didn’t have much of a budget and the end result turned out better than expected. Well when we said we did everything ourselves, I mean it. Our wedding was completely DIY. We made all of the centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, we grew the ivy and canna for our centerpieces, made all of the decor, the entire snack bar, candy bar, the invitations, the cutlery, made favor boxes, I even made part of my dress ( I redid the skirt and took out a panel of the corset). we set up all the tables, chairs and all necessary rentals and at the end of the night we even disassembled our dance floor in my wedding dress and in his tux. When we couldn’t do stuff ourselves or opted to hire people we used like minded vendors.Our cake was made by Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago which is just about as punk rock and DIY as you can get, locally owned and made. We created our own bar, it was a lot of work, but our friends and family did help and we couldn’t have done it without them. Doing everything ourselves saved a TON of money, we estimate at least $35,000 if not more. Our wedding was pretty rock n roll, we all love music and made sure that we had plenty of it throughout the evening. Lots of tattoos, lots of drinking and lots of fun.

I could have posted every single one of Alexzandra & Kevin’s wedding photographs…ermmm how amazing are her bridesmaids! Gorgeous girls! Clicky here for more.
Their wedding as also featured in Chicago Time Out online…clicky!

Thanks so much for sharing your wedding pictures & story with me rock!

Credit: Jon Hamblin & Patrick Sablan

Green Green Green…

Bride in glasses + awesome Groom likey!

Credit: Lisa Rigby Photography

I Can Sing A Rainbow!

Oh hello beautiful shoes…hello gorgeous felt flowers!

I am so glad the Bride convinced her photographer Lara Hanon to submit these gorgeous images to me..where would I be without them? Well my day would be even more grey that the sky outside right now (boo).
The Princess Lasertron bouquet, corsages (they gave every guest one as a favour in fact) and bouttonieres reeeally set the whole thing off don’t they? Super bright, super sunny, super cute.

ps awesome Groom Style! Chad is rockin’ his mismatched look!

Love love love… Thanks so much Lara!

Credit: Lara Hanon Photography

Bride Of Frankenstein

Well this ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ wedding is right up my street…the gorgeous gothic details throughout are rock n roll perfection! After deciding their theme, the couple’s first port of call was the photography and decided to go with the fabulous Beth Herzhaft.

The Bride, Sarah, describes their vision, ideas and kick arse attitude…
We wanted our wedding to feel like you just stepped out of a romantic novel (not Jackie Collins and Fabio, but Robert Browning, Edgar Allen Poe and Mary Shelley—hence all the images of the Bride of Frankenstein, and Frankenstein’s Monster)

My gown was an ivory lace mermaid-style Monique Lhuillier.  I chose ivory lace because I wanted everything to look antique.  The black sash and black shoes added to the gothic romantic feel.  The bouquet consisted of dark burgundy flowers–which were as close to black as we could get, and he base was wrapped in black velvet ribbon.  I changed into a white Betsey Johnson party dress, which matched the black Betsey Johnson party dresses my bridesmaid’s wore.  I removed the sash from my gown and then wrapped it around my dress.  


Centrepieces at the reception resembled objects left in a garden which had become overgrown with baby ivy.  Some centrepieces were candelabras, while others were bird cages.  I wanted to have birds inside the birdcages, specifically, crows, but my Mom drew the line there (she sure did a lot of line drawing, which is why my dress wasn’t black).  My grandma made my veil, which was cathedral length ivory tulle, outlined by ivory lace, although I did place a giant burgundy lily in my hair for the reception.  


Images of the Bride of Frankenstein were projected onto the curtains during the ceremony and the aisles were lined by gothic candelabras of different shapes and sizes, so that the ceremony looked like it took place in a dark mission, or gothic cathedral.


John’s socks were black with white skull and cross bones, which matched his black enamel cufflinks with mother of pearl inlay skull and cross bones.  He wore dress shoes and a tux for the ceremony, with a black tie.  For the reception, he changed into black Converses, took off his jacket, loosened his tie and rolled up his sleeves.


First dance was to a Rancid song–couldn’t bear to slow dance to something cheesy, while everyone watched us.  We danced for 30 seconds before we grabbed all of our friends and invited them up to the dance floor with us.


My brother played with the band, “Viva Las Vegas,” “White Wedding” and “Don’t Let me Down,” just after he roasted us–no sentimental toasts here.


Cake, by Rosebud, was made to look like a giant cake topper of the Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster affectionately gazing into one another’s eyes.  We used a cleaver to cut the cake, or, should I say, to decapitate it.


We had an old-fashioned black and white photo booth.  “Sarah and John’s wedding” was printed between each image on the strip of photos.


Vodka luge was carved to look like the image of the Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s monster which also appeared on the invitation.


1000 white cranes were scattered throughout the trees in the courtyard where the cocktail hour took place, in honour of John’s Japanese heritage.  John folded each one.


We did a lot of things DIY, including the invitations, menus and escort cards.

How faaaabulous! A huge thank you to Beth for sending these my way (and to Melissa Allen at The Ebell in LA for referring her..I am honoured!)

Credit: Beth Herzhaft Photography