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Perfectly Personal

Melissa and Nate had a perfectly personal wedding last May in Logan, Utah. Melissa’s wore a vintage dress, and Nate’s suit was pinstriped and fitted.  They had one of their favourite bands, Mates of State, playing throughout their reception and the whole day had a homely, indie, persoanal feel.  The couple DIY’d a-plenty including the framed bride and groom silhouettes that Melissa made and the cake, which was made by the groom’s sister.  

Credit: Melissa Brown Photography

Defiantly Joyful, Same Sex Wedding

The reader’s survey has now closed. I will be announcing the winner and sharing some of the results later on today. However reader, Sari said I should be featuring more rock n roll lesbians, which of course I would love too – but it all depends on what I’m sent or what I find on my wedding hunts.  However today you are in luck, as photographer Stephen Loewinsohn send me this gorgeous, and stylish lesbian wedding just yesterday! 

Stephen said:
These brides have tons of rockstar style and swagger, and their wedding was just gorgeous in every way. From the amazing outdoor setting, to the beautiful and delicious food, awesome outfits, and just the feeling of love in the air, this was just a really special wedding. 

As you know, same-sex marriages are no longer legally recognized in the state of California, but these brides love each other so much that they decided to go ahead and have an awesome wedding anyway. I’m a strong believer in marriage equality as believe you are too. This wedding was an act of rebellion against a stupid law, and what’s more rock ‘n’ roll than rebellion?

Definitely rock n roll and definitely beautiful! Thank you so much Stephen!


Credit:Stephen Loewinsohn Photography

The Handmade Wedding

There is something about an English wedding that you just don’t get anywhere else in the world…it’s just all so…well..English! Cupcakes, flower gardens, big hats and a prayer for sunshine are the norm.  After seeing this beautiful wedding I am so excited about the wedding myself and the hubby are off to on Friday (photographs to follow I’m sure)

Click here for more and a slideshow of the day.

Thanks to Rima for the share.

Credit: Occassion Photography

Sweet As Candy

This intimate candy coloured wedding deserves a little mention, if for nothing else then for that gorgeous cake at least. The couple had a very limited budget which proves you don’t need to spend a bomb to get a sweet and personal wedding.

Thanks to Stephanie for sharing these.

Credit: Fetching Photography

Beachy Brilliance

I can’t really explain how much I love these. This totally wouldn’t be the wedding I’d have but how perfect is it for them? The cute, rustic, beachy details are pretty darn fabulous, and isn’t Lola’s Etsy hair band just gorgeous?

Jen describes the wedding:
Victor + Lola were the lovely couple. They were married in Monterey, CA at Adventures by the Sea which is a great little venue located right smack in the middle of the beach. She got ready at the Casa Munras hotel and her
buddies helped with her hair + Make-up. They went for a tropical feel
because they couldn’t get married in the spot they originally wanted which was Hawaii. Also during the bouquet toss Victor disappeared and changed into an Elvis costume (which I was told he wears most Halloween’s) and he then proceeded to do the garter toss in costume.

Credit: Jen Slot Photography