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Thursday Treats: It’s all Going Swimmingly


Photography: Shell De Mar Photography

Gareth came home from the gym on Monday with a bunch of flowers and the swimming pool timetable. A strange kind of romantic gesture you might think, but I’ve been saying recently how I used to really love swimming (I even swam in the sea in Greece!) and I wish I was making the effort to do more of it.

So on Wednesday, when he went off to the gym (as he does three times a week – way to make me feel bad!) I packed my galaxy swimsuit and trotted off behind him. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous as hell. Those stupid little voices about how I look in a swimsuit wouldn’t give over.

But I did it.

And I’m super proud of myself.

I also felt great afterwards. As someone who usually avoids exercise at all costs, I was genuinely surprised how good my body felt after. My plan is to swim once a week (at least to begin with) so fingers crossed I can keep it up! Thank you husband for pushing me to get off my computer, to banish my insecurities and to jump in the pool again.

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Whimsical Philadelphia wedding
Ombre flowers DIY – LOVE this!
Beautiful farm wedding
Vintage woodland wedding
♥ Cute bridesmaids wearing the Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory headpieces!
Pamela Love’s beautiful flower child wedding


Photography: Hannah Thomson

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Thursday Treats: A Week Down on the Farm

Rock n Roll Bride Wedding

Photography: Devlin Photos

It’s been a busy old week round these parts. Not only did we launch a magazine on Tuesday (!) but Gareth and I were invited to model at the Photography Farm that same afternoon! The Farm is a wedding photography workshop hosted by Lisa Devlin that I’ve been involved with since it’s conception. I actually modelled (solo) for the first ever farm and with this class falling on the two year anniversary it was awesome to not only be asked to do it again but to bring Gareth along with me! Of course I’ll be sharing the full results of the shoot soon enough, but I couldn’t resist a little sneak peek today.

Can you guess what the idea behind it was?

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Disney and Star Wars wedding
♥ Colourful Autumnal Melbourne wedding
English fusion wedding
Flower light pendant DIY
Twin Peaks Ranch wedding

twin peaks ranch wedding

Photography: Studio Castillero via Love Olio

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Thursday Treats: One of Those Weeks…


Photography: Jenny Van Sommers

If I’m being honest I don’t have much to report this week. It’s been one of those kind of nothingy weeks. The crappy weather hasn’t helped really either has it? When it’s chucking it down outside all I want to do is put my slippers on and slurp endless cups of tea. Oh yes I really am the epitome of ROCK N ROLL!

Luckily I have had the time to keep up to date with my favourite blogs though. Enjoy!

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Rainforest waterfall elopement
Colourful Foresthill wedding
A wedding cake in disguise
1950s seaside wedding
Drag king burlesque wedding


Photography: Nate Gowdy Photography

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Thursday Treats: Silliness in Santorini, Madness in Mykonos, Loonies in London!

shell de mar santorini

Photography: Shell De Mar Photography

Oh my God, I’m BACK! I know it’s a terrible cliché but these past two weeks have been a whirlwind of epic proportions. From Reading to Santorini to Mykonos to London (where we taught two back-to-back workshops no less, what were we thinking?!) Gala, Shauna and I haven’t had much time to rest, but we’ve had the time of our lives in the process.

It already feels like a million years ago but on the flight to Greece Gala informed us that she wanted to make some home videos to commemorate our trip (yey!) What ensued was a mix of stupidity, sailing and a mammoth sunglasses trying on session…


After three days in Oia (the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited – by far!) we hopped on a ferry to Mykonos for some much needed R&R. We stayed at the utterly beautiful Grace Hotel (AKA paradise) and believe me when I say I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a hotel so fabulous. The pool alone made it worth the terrible (and rocky) four hour boat trip!

Most of our fellow hotel guests were honeymooners. If you fancy the Greek Islands for your honeymoon you have to stay here, just tell them the girl with the pink hair sent you. I do wonder what the staff and other guests made of us though. The three excitable girls who rocked up all sequins and tattoos certainly made an impression!

We also had an unexplainable obsession with Club Tropicana during this part of the holiday, hence why it ended up being the song in this video. Warning: it will be in your head all day after watching this. Sorry in advance…

But on to the real reason why you popped by today – Thursday Treats. Prepare yourself for a bumper edition…! I mean, I did promise you one didn’t I?!

So, did you miss me?

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Intimate touch of vintage wedding
Confetti-filled Cali wedding
Superhero inspired engagement ring
Black and white Italian wedding
Handmade Californian ranch wedding


Photography: Matthew Morgan Photography

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Thursday Treats: Jet Lag is a Drag


Photography: Jessica Monnich Photography

Austin was a short but eventful trip. We may have only been in the city for a few days, with two of them being hauled up in a warehouse space with no windows (it was beautiful though!) teaching The Blogcademy, but we still certainly made the most of our time there. We strolled down South Congress, ate extreme ice creams, walked for miles to get our B balloons filled with helium (in 40ºC heat – fun!) and ate more delicious Mexican food then can be considered healthy (although, PS just say no to queso!)

My head is still pretty foggy and jet lag-ridden, but I better get on over that because I fly to Greece on Tuesday for Gala’s 30th! Following that we’re cracking straight on with two back to back Blogcademy classes in London (literally the day after we get back – yes, we fully understand that we are insane). So I’ll be taking a short break from Thursday Treats and Business Bites for a couple of weeks because, quite simply, I won’t be online to find any links (we have a laptop ban while we’re on holiday!) I promise to post a bumper edition of both when I return to normal life though.

If you happen find any awesome links while I’m gone, why not do a babe a favour and send them my way?! Or if you’re so inclined, why not post your own version of Thursday Treats on your blog and post a link in the comments so everyone else can enjoy what you’ve found?

Oh and in other news, I had an article published by Grazia Magazine last week. How exciting is that?

Until then..!

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Melbourne industrial wedding
Beautiful wedding in the woods
Colourful outdoor farm wedding
Maine summer camp wedding
Playful Pioneertown wedding
New Zealand winter wedding


Photography: Nordica Photography

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Thursday Treats: Greetings from Austin!


I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop on South Congress in Austin with Gala. Its 10.30am and already nearly 30 degrees. Yowser!

I arrived last night and after 18 hours of travel I was fit for nothing more than a quick taco run (delicious!) and a long, restful snooze. Today we’re exploring the local area, eating as much as we can and getting ready for The Blogcademy, this weekend. I can’t wait!

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Typographic cake table
Fun trash the dress shoot!
Moving Aussie beach wedding
10 secrets of highly successful marriages
Wildflower wedding ideas


Photography: Todd White Photography

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