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Thursday Treats – 22nd September 2011 + Partying with Choccywoccydoodah on Brighton Pier + Please Vote for me to Win A Cosmopolitan Blog Award!

It’s been a busy few weeks in Rock n Roll Bride Land. This week I attended the Perfect Wedding Awards and today I’m at the 30 year celebration of Sassi Holford party. Last week I was invited to party on the pier with Choccywoccydoodah. Oh it’s such a hard life being surrounded by such fabulous yumminess…

(honestly, I’m knackered…it’s a good knackered though!)

Yes they are all actual cakes or chocolate sculptures! And the candy buffet made me go weak at the knees…

Photography Credit: Tino & Pip Photography (thanks guys! Check out their blog for more photo-deliciousness)

On another rather exciting note, I found out this week that I’ve been shortlisted for a Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Award! Thank you to everybody that nominated me and I’m so excited to reach this stage! If you have a minutes to spare, would you log on one more time and vote for me? I’m in the ‘wedding blog’ category.

You can click the badge below to take you there. You need to enter your email address to register and you can either vote for just my category or as many others as you like. Thank yoooooou! (and I swear if I win I’ll do something exciting for you guys…what would you like?! Freebies? Giveaway? Naked pictures? haha)

OK so, what other yumminess have I spied this week?

♥ 100% jealous of Christina Aguilera’s house
♥ Gala’s wedding story, yeeey!
♥ Mixed gold nails DIY tutorial
I really want a legible bookcase
♥ This is seriously so exciting for a Back to the Future super-fans uber-geeks like me. To celebrate the annoucement that Nike will finally be making the famous ‘MAG’ trainers that Marty wore in 2015 (Back to the Future Part II), they commissions 4 artists to create some original movie posters entitled “back for the future”.

back for the future

I want them all on my wall.

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Thursday Treats – 15th September 2011

Photography Credit: Llulu

Happy Birthday to my lovely Mum! I bet she thought I forgotten…

I’m looking forward to catching up with her for coffee later today. I’ve worked like a b**** this week (hence the slightly more condensed Thursday Treats) so it’ll be nice to have an afternoon off! I’m also off to get my hair cut and dyed. Phew…thank God, rocking the orangey blonde locks is not for me.

I love the image at the top of this post. I’m using it as my inspiration for my next photo shoot hair style…yeah I know, I’m kooky like that. Talking of my next shoot, it’s going to be at The Photography Farm – a photography workshop (yes this is  another one I’m involved in, I can’t get enough) hosted by the amazing Lisa Devlin that I’m helping out with in just two weeks! There are a few last minute spaces for photographers available, so if you’re interested in coming along, learning about wedding photography, blogging and all things in between… as well as getting the chance to shoot me and generally hang out like rock stars for three days, email Lisa on or call 01273231047. More info here.

♥ Handcrafted vintage Kansas City wedding
♥ 5 Tips for Staying Inspired!
♥ Savannahred – loving this designer who specialises in plus size fashion
♥ Poppies + Posies –  beautiful vintage romance
DIY Spike Headbandswooooooon
♥ Handmade Melbourne Wedding

Photography Credit: Adrian Tuazon

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Thursday Treats – 8th September 2011

I have to say that being away from the internet (except the odd sneak on to twitter and facebook) while we were away wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Well when you’re surrounded by locations like these it’s not hard to get distracted away from work is it? It was actually kinda nice to go cold turkey and see the real world for a change! However needless to say, I’ve come home to a bulging goggle reader…and it’s like an itch that just had to be scratched.

Join me down the internet rabbit hole won’t you?

♥ Vintage railroad museum engagement sesh: Shelli + Chris
♥ How do I tell my guests what to wear?
♥ How To Live A Beautiful Lifeoh she speaketh the truth does Gala. I’d wholeheartedly admit that I’ve been known to be guilty of this crime against living.
La Carmina in corpse bride halloween goth make up and body paintoh lady you are so damn hot!
Chic New York Wedding
Lake Tahoe wedding
Glorious sunshine wedding
A green and yellow rustic wedding
♥ Beautiful Suffolk vintage wedding
Vintage bowling weddinggiant flowers! did you see the giant flowers?!?
Oh how I love these astronomy wedding ideas
♥ Holy macaroni this dress!

Photography Credit: Jake McBride

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Thursday Treats – 18th August 2011 + The Winners of The Assassynation/Sassy n Frank/Elbie Van Eeden Engagement Shoot Competition Announced

Credit: Sportsgirl

I’m excited to announce the winners of the Assassynation/Sassy n Frank/Elbie Van Eeden engagement shoot competition today. The winners, picked by the team who wanted to give away this fab prize, actually even come from Reading like me! Clearly it’s meant to be.

Huge congratulations to Kim & Phil who wrote this winning entry:

“We got engaged on 1st April 2011, yes you heard right, April Fool’s Day, and with this in mind we would like to continue our personalities and character traits in an engagement shoot.The theme I see is a food fight, with bright and colourful food such as cupcakes, hotdogs, condiments (almost American food style) between myself and my fiancé. We could almost be dressed in black so the bright colours would show up (small committed idea thrown in there!) I’d like some bright colour extensions in my hair (it’s brown at the moment) and bright make up to create a bold look.”

“The only thing I am struggling with is the place in which we could hold such a idea, like in my head I see some sort of supermarket aisle or food shop, or a banquet in grand house with a big a throne/ chair at each end.
We live in Reading and would be willing to travel to find a suitable venue to shoot at.”

“Our wedding isn’t until April 2013 in which we are hitting the bright lights of Vegas (again our personalities coming through) and then having a reception on Friday 10th May 2013 at Trunkwell House, Reading.”

Woohooo congrats guys I can’t wait to see the results of your shoot already…and if I see you in the Purple Turtle any time soon I’ll buy you both a drink to celebrate for sure!

♥ Ronald Stoops Fashion Photographyyes. amazing. that is all.
Ellie & Cameron’s super sweet wedding
♥ Amazing Viewmaster invitations
Rachel Simpson’s new lookbook by Emma Case
Pearl Lowe stationery designed by SugalilyOooh lala
Engagement shoot awesome by MangoRED
♥ Modern Southern wedding: Jen + Jonathan
♥ A Caravan Hotel Room at Huettenpalast Berlincan we go please? pleeease?
Pretty pink vow renewal (check out the video too – its hilarious!)
♥ Because I just LOVE multi-coloured petticoats

Photography Credit: unknown via Stephanie James Couture

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Thursday Treats – 11th August 2011

Credit: wisely-chosen on flickr (seriously go check out the rest of her stream. It’s rainbowlicious.)

I don’t know about you, but I’ll probably never tire of rainbow hair…Elbie, can we do this to me next please?

I also need to add a quick interjection to draw your attention to Kate Moss’ wedding album which is going to be featuring in the September issue of American Vogue. There are no words.



Photography Credit: Mario Testino (click here for more)

This week’s Treats have turned out to make a surprisingly bumper edition. I hope you enjoy the extra link lovelies…

♥ How to deal when your wedding goes viral and people hate itfab post about how to deal with those annoying internet trolls! Great advice all round.
♥ Paper engagement rings!?
Fab alternative bouquet ideas
♥ Desert Botanical Garden Wedding - loving the bride’s unusually shaped dress
♥ Organization Methods: Tips And Tricks From A Virgothanks Nubby. I really needed this (ps I’m totally jealous of your shoe bookshelf…if only I had enough space/was as naturally organised)
♥ 1800′s Wedding Gown Brought Back To Life
A Vintage Philadelphia Wedding
♥ A Free-Spirited Ball of a Wedding (and part two here …oh and part three here!) – aaaaamazing. Dying over her dress.

Photography Credit: Samm Blake (click for more)

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Thursday Treats – 4th August 2011

Credit: marry me omaha custom candy heart map art print by capow on etsy

Only 20 days until Gareth & I go to The States! I’ve been invited by one of my blogging (and design) idols Princess Lasertron to go and model in her fashion show for Omaha Fashion Week and I’m just about to burst with excitement and nerves. This will be my second sashay down a catwalk (after my début in February at The Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Show at One Marylebone London) but this time is oh-so much more nerve-wrecking. Not only am I travelling half way across the world for the event, but Princess Lasertron is designing a dress especially for me! It’s going to be called the ‘Rock n Roll Bride’ (d’oh) and yes it will be available to purchase! I can’t wait to see it and share it with you afterwards…and nope I haven’t even seen it yet. However if her Fall 2010 dress collection is anything to go by it’s going to be ahh-mazing.

We’re also hopping over to LA while we’re there for a ‘lil holiday and to meet some of my other internet friends including Bowie Bride, Broke Ass Bride, Jasmine Star, Tinywater Photography and many more. Gareth & I aren’t big travellers and we haven’t had a holiday since out honeymoon to Tokyo, over THREE YEARS AGO. I’m quite nervous about the whole thing but as you can imagine I also seriously can’t wait!

Anyway, enough of my squeals of excitement and diversionary tactics…On with the treats!

♥ Sabrina Alashi and Rodney Clouden Real Wedding
♥ An Elopement at a Little White Chapel
♥ Southern Fusion Wedding
♥ A Contemporary + Minimal Vivienne Westwood Wedding
♥ Naomi of Rockstar Diaries was bridesmaid at this gorgeous wedding!
♥ Nail Tutorial: Simple Triangles
♥ This indoor/outdoor pool is just what I need right now…
♥ before & after: ideas for a birdcage chandelier
♥ Terrarium Centrepiece DIY Tutorial
♥ Haiku Mill Photo Shoot

Photography Credit: Tamiz Photography

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