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Thursday Treats – 27th October 2011

Photography Credit: Hannah Millard Photography (see the full beautiful shoot here)

You saw this this morning right? OK cool, well there’s nothing else I can say about this week really. The award kinda trumps it all…I still found time mid-celebration (sans alcohol, yes I’ve still managed to stay off the booze – no I can’t believe it either – only 14 days to go!) to collate some yummy Thursday Treats for y’all.

♥ Five Ways to Decorate Your Garden Ceremony
♥ A Handmade Vintage Circus Wedding
♥ I don’t usually condone tattoo cover up make up but this shoot with Rick Genest is pretty impressive
♥ DIY ballroom wedding
♥ A South Philly Kind of Love
Lush greens & fancy frocks
An electric Delorean is expected to be released in 2013 for the bargain price of $90,000. I still would.
♥ Rainbow cake-gasm
♥ My dream necklace…now were’s that spare £530 I had lying around?

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Thursday Treats – 20th October 2011

Credit: Organised mess from Colour Me Katie

Tonight I’m off to the launch for London Tattoos, a book I was photographed for earlier this year. I’m so excited to get my hands on a copy and see how it turned out! If you fancy getting one yourself you can order it online from Amazon or Waterstones for just £16.99 (or just £11.21 right now at WH Smiths!) The book is also available in actual bookstores. How EXCITING!

Also, a little quickly to let you all know that issue one of Rock n Roll Bride magazine is completely sold out! Thank you to everyone who bought a copy. I know some of you have received them already and the rest are being packed up and shipped out by Gareth as I type!

So what else, what else…?

Atlanta anniversary shoot
♥ Skeleton Key Escort Tag DIY
♥ DIY Piggabeen Wedding - the bride’s blue & red dress is awesome!
Teal & yellow Smog Shoppe wedding
Colourful backyard wedding
♥ Glitter shoes DIY!
♥ Totally love the black wedding dress collection from Vera Wang
♥ Beaver Stadium Weddinghow beautiful? Loving the bride’s Oscar de La Renta dress and the yellow bridesmaids dresses!

Photography Credit: Sweet Little Photographs

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Thursday Treats – 13th October 2011 + Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Madness

Last weekend I was exhibiting at The Designer Vintage Bridal Show. It was so exciting to meet so many of my readers and hurrah for you all being brave enough to come say hi! I think the Rock n Roll Bride Magazines I was handing out may have helped…

My stand at the show – most of which is now decorating our living room!

The buzz around the mags at the show was tangible. Everyone was asking us questions about it and wanting to get their mitts on a copy. Words can’t express my enamor at seeing every person in the place walking around with a one! In fact many of you even tweeted me photos of you (or your pets!) with the magazine afterwards which made my day!

How cute are you all?

pets of rock n roll bride

And to all of you that have been incessantly messaging me to ask if the magazine will be available to buy online and if there will be more issues…the answer to both questions is YES! Just hold onto your horses for a little while, we’re just putting the wheels in motion. We have actually been pretty blown away by the response to the idea so far so we figure it’s only fair to give the masses what they want huh!?

OK, in other news…

♥ DIY jam jars with bunting and hearts washi tape
Confetti cute
Erica & Matt’s rooftop NY wedding 
Blue & yellow bridesmaid inspo
Fabulous Irish vintage wedding
Roaring 20’s themed rehearsal dinner and costume party
♥ Henry Hargreaves: Food of the Rainbow – nom nom nom, these are amazing!
1961beautiful shoot
♥ Uber cool backyard wedding

Photography Credit:  Alec Vanderboom

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Thursday Treats – 6th October 2011 + I’m Doing Workshop for Bloggers! (Second Date Added)

Congratulations to fellow wedding blogger Alexis of OMG I’m Getting Married who got married! Fabulous photos by Marianne Taylormore here.

It’s been a busy week as ever in Rock n Roll Bride Land. On Tuesday I trepidatiously tip toed by way into The Dorchester Hotel, London (seriously way too posh for me) to give a quick talk at the Mark Niemierko Academy for wedding planners about getting featured & how to create a great blog for their businesses. I also got to spend a few hours hanging out afterwards with friends who I certainly don’t get to see as often as I should which was loooov-er-ly.

Gareth & I have also been ferociously getting ready for the Designer Vintage Bridal Show which we’re attending this weekend in Birmingham. I’m so honoured to have again been invited by the organisers, to represent the UK blogging community alongside a number of other bloggers. I can’t wait to meet some my readers (one of the funnest parts of my job!) and hand out some free copies of the new Rock n Roll Bride Magazine!


The magazines got delivered this morning and they look amazing! I’ve sneaked a few photos on my twitter and facebook and you guys have gone mad for them and many of you have asked me where you can get a copy. Well right now the only place you’re able to get your mitts on one is if you come to The Designer Vintage Bridal Show this weekend in Birmingham. We’ll be handing them out FOR FREE, so get yourself a tickets to the show now!


If the demand is there when I may well be persuaded to make the magazine a regular thing (maybe a quarterly magazine or something) to sell through the site. Then everyone that wants one can buy one…so do let me know if this would interest you. It’s all VERY exciting.

♥  ♥  ♥

Looking slightly manic and over-animated talking to the students at the Mark Niemierko academy this week…

…And in other news, I’ve been invited to host a bloggers workshop with Cherry Sorbet Creative in London on 25th November. The event will be a low-key and informal one where I’ll be chatting about my life as a blogger and hopefully sharing some of my top tips with you. Places are limited to only 20 attendees and tickets are only £25! *

From the organisers:

Kat is a full time blogger and lives every blogger’s dream of working full time doing what she loves. Her awesome site Rock n Roll Bride is a treasure chest of amazing photography, useful and inspiring posts and is a global success, taking the wedding industry by storm.Whether you are a blogger and want to know how to monetise what you are doing, or you are starting out with a blog and finding your way, this session will inspire you and get you going.

Numbers are limited so you can learn and ask questions, getting the most from session. Come along, learn, drink tea and eat cake at the fabulously kitsch Drink, Shop and Do. Come and learn from Kat first hand:

How Rock n Roll Bride started
How Kat built up her readership
How Rock n Roll Bride turned into a full time business
Pitfalls to avoid in blogging
How to make content interesting
How Kat uses social media in blogging
Ask her questions – she is here for you!

Tea and glorious baked goods are included in the ticket price. The workshop is intended to be relaxed friendly and expansive – a vibrant environment for sharpening your skills and knowledge.

I hope to see some friendly faces there!

*Erm OK sorry guys but we announced the workshop on twitter yesterday and all 20 places sold out within a few hours! Woah…no pressure on me to deliver then!

However the lovely organiser, Jo, has agreed to add a second date, which will be Wednesday 7th December, also at Drink, Shop and Do.

Due to how fast the first date sold out, I’d recommend getting yourself a space right now if you want to come! Tickets are still just £25 and limited to 20 attendees…


Book your space here!

(and if I may just bring some copies of the magazine for you all to take away too…)

Edit: The second workshop date is now sold out too! 

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Thursday Treats – 29th September 2011

Photography Credit: David Sykes. See more amazing still life photography by David here. Particularly loving his Faux Food series!

Hey y’all. Just one last little plea to say that if you haven’t already, would you mind awfully if I bugged you to vote for me in the Cosmopolitan blog awards? They have extended voting time until 9am on October 17th so you still have plenty of time to make me happieeee.I had an email from Cosmopolitan this week to tell me there’s even going to be an awards ceremony for the winner! Needless to say the competition is fierce! Click the badge below to do so and I’ll love you forever…

♥ Shut up and shootbrave & honest words from Clayton Austin
♥ Robyn and John’s outdoor wedding
Dark Crystal wedding cake!
Stylish & glam Celestine wedding
♥ Using Facebook in my Wedding Photography Business
♥ A Handmade Portland Weddingrainbow petti!
♥ Ethereal Forest Inspiration
Geek chic wedding at Downtown 22
♥ A Georgia Farm Wedding
Throw some glitter on it

Photography Credit: Scotty Perry

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Thursday Treats – 22nd September 2011 + Partying with Choccywoccydoodah on Brighton Pier + Please Vote for me to Win A Cosmopolitan Blog Award!

It’s been a busy few weeks in Rock n Roll Bride Land. This week I attended the Perfect Wedding Awards and today I’m at the 30 year celebration of Sassi Holford party. Last week I was invited to party on the pier with Choccywoccydoodah. Oh it’s such a hard life being surrounded by such fabulous yumminess…

(honestly, I’m knackered…it’s a good knackered though!)

Yes they are all actual cakes or chocolate sculptures! And the candy buffet made me go weak at the knees…

Photography Credit: Tino & Pip Photography (thanks guys! Check out their blog for more photo-deliciousness)

On another rather exciting note, I found out this week that I’ve been shortlisted for a Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Award! Thank you to everybody that nominated me and I’m so excited to reach this stage! If you have a minutes to spare, would you log on one more time and vote for me? I’m in the ‘wedding blog’ category.

You can click the badge below to take you there. You need to enter your email address to register and you can either vote for just my category or as many others as you like. Thank yoooooou! (and I swear if I win I’ll do something exciting for you guys…what would you like?! Freebies? Giveaway? Naked pictures? haha)

OK so, what other yumminess have I spied this week?

♥ 100% jealous of Christina Aguilera’s house
♥ Gala’s wedding story, yeeey!
♥ Mixed gold nails DIY tutorial
I really want a legible bookcase
♥ This is seriously so exciting for a Back to the Future super-fans uber-geeks like me. To celebrate the annoucement that Nike will finally be making the famous ‘MAG’ trainers that Marty wore in 2015 (Back to the Future Part II), they commissions 4 artists to create some original movie posters entitled “back for the future”.

back for the future

I want them all on my wall.

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