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Rock n Rapunzel Inspiration Shoot

Rapunzel - 101

Today is an exciting day because it’s time for the New York Blogcademy! I can’t wait to meet the new crop of enthusiastic bloggers who come to the class. It’s always one of my favourite moments of the whole weekend and to celebrate, I wanted to share this awesomely creative shoot submitted by wedding planner and stylish Georgina of Ruby Weddings. Georgina came to the workshop in London in January and I’m so thrilled to share her work with you guys today, what a talented bunch of babes our students are!

Rapunzel - 041

“Photographer Shannon of SLR Photography and I wanted to create a series of inspirational bridal shoots for couples looking to do something different for their wedding day”, Georgina writes. “We want to encourage them to think outside of the box. Shannon loves Disney films so we decided to re-create the popular fairytale stories with a little twist. We imagined Rapunzel as a kick ass girl trying to escape from her tower, and when she does finally break free she marries the man of her dreams – a little corny but that is how all of the best fairytales end!”

Rapunzel - 227

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Whitby Gothic


Shot in the Gothic paradise of Whitby, North Yorkshire (they have a famous twice yearly gothic weekend festival) photographer Michelle of SilverStar Photographic had long wanted to shoot here. However her initial idea didn’t become a full blown vision until she met Michelle from Victorian Gothic Clothing.

“I always imagined doing a photo shoot in Whitby, but it is nearly four hours away from where I live so never thought it would be possible”, photographer Michelle began. “Then I met (the other) Michelle. She shared my vision and instantly we became excited about the dresses which were inspired by the novel Dracula, by Bram Stoker. My vision for the shoot was to have the models pop out of the background but still being able to see significant details in the background. The whalebone arch was a gorgeous location as you could just see the Whitby Abbey in the background and really added depth to the photos.”


“The dresses were deliberately designed to be big statement pieces, with an emphasis on couture designer elements whilst still incorporating hints from the past bringing them full circa to the present”, took  over Michelle of Victorian Gothic. “I wanted to capture a glamorous, gothic vision encapsulating alternative fashions, so tattoos, piercings and brightly coloured hair were all a definite yes from me! The dresses were named after the four lairs of Dracula (there is still one to come) as mentioned in Bram Stokers novel; The Carfax Gown (blue and black), The Piccadilly Gown (black and red) and the Mile End Gown (bright red). I also created all of the millinery. The ship hat  (‘Demeter’) recalls the ship that arrives at Whitby during a storm and brings with it Dracula.”


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Unicorns, Rainbows and The Brightest Styled Shoot I’ve Ever Seen: Harajuku Harem


How often does your mind get blown by the things you see on wedding blogs? Well today might just be the day… oh and you might want to go and grab some sunglasses because these babies are bright. Prepare yourself for a visual feast and to walk around for the rest of the day wondering why the real world is so damn grey!

“This shoot started life in a car journey between Jo of The Couture Company and me after we’d heard Kirsty Mitchell talk at Photography Farm’s Farm Week“, began photographer Hannah Millard. “We were really inspired by the idea of physically creating a scene and our mutual love of Japanese fashion was at the heart of the collaboration. It had to be full of detail, colour and texture.”


“After deciding to create a Harajuku inspired bridal shoot we started recruiting like-minded suppliers. The dresses were all made by The Couture Company and were perfect for the theme, bringing in the frothy girlishness we needed for the shoot. She also made all the belts and headpieces, we all fell in love with the unicorn headdress! The outfits were accessorised with the totally bad ass decoden-inspired shoes, phone cases and jewellery by Revivemeboutique who created pieces especially for the shoot. The bouquets were crafted by Ava Event Styling and we couldn’t resist the phenomenal talent of Black Cherry Cake Company who pulled out all the stops designing a unique cake, complete with edible decoden-inspired decorations, kawaii unicorns and topped off with a couple of Totoros!”


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A South London Bunny Love Shoot

Ellie Gillard photography - Bunny Love styled shoot-21

It’s no secret that I have a ‘thing’ for ridiculous headwear, and my obsession with ears in particular is completely unfaltering! So I was thrilled when I saw this cute ‘bunny love’ photo shoot by South London based wedding photographer Ellie Gillard. This world needs more brides wearing ears that’s what I say. Why not be brave and do something quirky like this for your wedding day portraits… go on, I dare ya!

Ellie Gillard photography - Bunny Love styled shoot-10

“I’ve wanted to pull together some form of styled shoot for a while”, wrote Ellie, ” something to showcase my work and something that had a different angle to the weddings I shoot. I wanted to shoot something where I could create my own story. I was also keen that, rather than just being a showcase for lots of lovely things, that there should be some kind of tangible emotion in the photos, so that real couples planning their wedding could see something in it.”

Ellie Gillard photography - Bunny Love styled shoot-110

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Lady in the Lake Bridal Shoot


Shooting a bride in water is nothing new, but there was just something about this Lady in the Lake inspired shoot that spoke to me. I love the bride’s beautiful blue, green and purple mermaid hair (obviously) and the simple yet edgy styling ideas are pretty damn awesome aren’t they? I’d love to see a future real bride carrying a rustic and dramatic bouquet like some of these.


“This Lady of the Lake inspired wedding styled shoot features some of Baltimore’s most talented wedding vendors”, wrote wedding photographer Sarah Gormley. “The styling was by Mobtown Florals, Lauren Ruth Ward did hair, make up and modelled and the gorgeous dress was by Jill Andrews Gowns. We wanted to choose a theme that could serve as inspiration for brides looking for darker and more edgy styling – and the Lady of the Lake theme did just that.”


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Polka Dots, Ice Cream & Rockabilly Babes

haywood jones alternative wedding photography polka dot shoot 13

Two rockabilly babes, tattoos and seriously cute wedding dresses – what’s not to love about this adorable set of images, shot in and around The Custard Factory in Birmingham? “This shoot came about from my vastly growing obsession with polka dots, in all their multicoloured forms”, wrote button bouquet creator Emma, who masterminded the whole thing. “Actually, not just mine, but also many of my brides who often want a bit of dottiness in their bouquets! I wanted to create a look that would appeal to and inspire my clients so I set about this little collaboration with some wonderfully talented wedding peeps.”

haywood jones alternative wedding photography polka dot shoot 18

Emma asked Annie’s Antics, the most fabulous pistachio green, old school style ice cream van to join in the fun and obviously she created the button bouquets herself. “My range of button and felt bouquets that I created for the shoot explored the bolder pastel tones that sum up spring”, wrote Emma. “I used sherbet lemons, candy pinks and palma violets as my inspiration.”

haywood jones alternative wedding photography polka dot shoot 10

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