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Recent Press – May 2011

Yeah people keep saying it and it’s really annoying…but seriously…it’s the end of May already?! This year is going fast. Either way, here’s the list of places you can see Rock n Roll Bride in the press this month. Hurrah!

Photo Professional

This month I wrote about the importance of making an impact with your branding in order to attract the right kind of client as a wedding photographer. I profiled the fabulous Image is Found, who also just so happened to be in the London this month for a workshop…and I got to meet them in actual real life!

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Vintage Life

The fabulous Vintage Life Magazine must have liked what I did last issue, because they’ve only gone and asked me to make my article a regular feature! Each issue I’ll be sharing one of my favourite vintage style real weddings. This month I selected Elsie & Nick’s killer festival style wedding….complete with a piano in the woods. I die.

Photography by Emma Case

Vintage Life is available to purchase online or in WH Smiths NOW!

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Recent Press – April 2011

Wow. I love April. This month my little blog and I have had a record amount of press coverage…internationally as well as locally. Blown away.

Photo Professional

I was more than a little bit thrilled when Photo Professional magazine not only agreed to me writing my latest article on the power of working together with your traditional ‘rivals’ rather than fighting against them, but that they let me pimp out the photographs from The Big Fat Wedding Blogger’s Photo Shoot to illustrate…oh and gave me 3 pages rather than my usual 2 – yeeey!

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Perfect Wedding

I was asked by the editor of Perfect Wedding if I’d like to contribute to an article they were writing on vintage bridal fashion. I jumped at the chance and listed some of my top tips for buying vintage pieces for your wedding.

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The Sunday Times, Style Magazine (Ireland)

Yes I was in The Sunday Times – even my Dad was impressed with this one! A journalist working for the Irish edition of the newspaper got in touch and asked if I could help her with her research into vintage weddings and dresses. There were quotes from me throughout the article. I did a little squeal when it landed on my doorstep this month.

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Recent Press – March 2011

Photo Professional

I took a slightly different approach to this month’s article in the new look Photo Pro (renamed Photo Professional) Magazine. I used the blogging example of my girls at Made u Look Photography but made the article more of a selection of tips and tricks to make your photography blog really stand out. Do you like the new magazine layout and my new style of article?

WEDDING Magazine

Little hats, birdcage veils, flower wreaths, crowns…there’s more to bridal headwear than the traditional veil you know. This month I shared some of my favourite ‘crowning glory’ moments with the readers of WEDDING Magazine.

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Recent Press – February 2011

It’s been a busy old month press-wise again for me and my little blog. It still blows my mind that people want to write about me…or have me write for…their magazines. I love my job I do! Huge thanks to all the publications that helped to spread the Rock n Roll Bride message this month.

Photo Pro

I have a regular column for this fabulous magazine and this month I tackled the tricky issue of whether or not to watermark your images when posting them online. This is  a massive subject for photographers and one that often causes controversy, but it was something I had wanted to discuss for a long time. Big thanks to all the photographers and other bloggers (big up The Wedding Chicks!) for helping me with my research, and mucho love to Photo Pro for not only letting me do so but for giving me FOUR pages…my longest article for them yet. Woohoo!

Vintage Life

I was asked by Vintage Life magazine if I’d like to contribute some of my favourite vintage weddings to their magazine…and of course I jumped at the chance to show of my reader’s weddings! Polly & Stuart’s wartime wedding is the first of many so keep your eyes peeled for this fabulous new magazine (which from this month is available in WH Smiths. Hurrah!)

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Recent Press – January 2011

Yep, 2011 is continuing to get better and better (my friend Gala is calling 2011, “two thousand and heaven” – I think that’s quite accurate actually!) Here’s a snippet of my press for the month of January. I’ve decided for future to just do a quick round up of most of my press on the last Saturday of every month as I want to save more blog space for all the awesome real-wedding I’m being sent!

All magazines are available in the shops right now.

Photo Pro

feb 11 small

This month I talk to Californian photographer Amelia Lyon about her awesome Lyon Shop training courses for budding wedding photographers.

WEDDING Magazine

wedding mag jan 2011 small

I wanted to share with the readers of WEDDING Magazine some of my favourite, unique bouquet ideas. There’s much more out there than roses don’t you know! There’s a special mention in this article to one of my utter favourite bouquet creators, Princess Lasertron.

WED Magazine

The Cornwall based magazine asked me to write an article about my favourite ways to rock your wedding. Check out the HUGE photo they used of me. Scary…but kinda cool!

Wedding Ideas Magazine

weddingideas_double spread

I ran a full feature on this a last week as I’m pretty chuffed that they have now featured our wedding in their mag twice!

Perfect Wedding

I was contacted to help out with an article on unique wedding ideas. I spoke about some cool venue and reception ideas. They even used a photo of me (to illustrate the wackiness I guess!)

Our Wedding Featured in Wedding Ideas Magazine (Again!)

Back in the Summer I was asked by Wedding Ideas Magazine, who originally featured Gareth & my wedding waaay back in 2008, if we would like to take part in a Real Life Weddings Revisited feature. Being a huge poser, I of course jumped at the chance (and Gareth came along for the ride – again – too!) I also thought it would be a nice opportunity to share our wedding with all the new readers of the blog who probably won’t have seen it before.

As you can see, our wedding certainly wasn’t the most Rock n Roll out there. The wedding industry in the UK was a very different place in 2008, and my disillusion with most of the choices that were offered to us at that time was actually the catalyst for starting this blog and campaigning for alternative weddings everywhere!

What a difference 3 years can make huh?

I loved our wedding. It was perfect for the 2008 Kat & Gareth and was no doubt the best day of my life. My dress was gorgeous, my husband was perfect and our photographer’s were the sweetest ever. My Mum made our gorgeous cake and I spent hours over our DIY stationery. However I hated my flowers and I felt the cheesy covers band were an utter waste of time (and money!) – but nothing’s perfect hey? And you know what, on the day the little details didn’t matter. I was just so excited to be getting married and seeing this article brings it all back!

Our article is out in the Feburary issue of Wedding Ideas, available nationwide from January 26th!

Wow. How different do we both look?! Gareth has long hair now and I’m a permanent pinky!

What happens after you say I do? We catch up with past real-life wedding stars as they reveal their best big day advice

Rock n Roll Bride Kat first caught our eye when her wedding came into the office back in June 2008. We loved her fun sense of style and her original touches, but looking back, there’s still a lot she would have changed. “If we were to get married again it’d be totally different,” says Kat. “I’d have a lot more DIY details, loads of colour, wear a short funky dress and have my hair pink!”

Kat and Gareth became Mr and Mrs Williams on the 12th April at Greyfriars church in Reading and held their reception at the The Elvetham, Hartley Witney. Incredibly, Kat originally struggled to fall in love with her Sottero and Midgley gown – “It was the first dress I didn’t hate” – but now has a wonderful working relationship with it. “It must be the most worn wedding dress ever! In my job as a wedding blogger, I’ve done so many photo shoots since the big day.” When it came to the budget, this contemporary couple kept costs down by having some of their friends perform rock versions of hymns during the service – a detail we particularly loved!

So has marriage made a difference? Married life hasn’t really changed us, but it’s the little details that have changed,” explains Kat. “Calling him my husband is amazing and being referred to as his wife is just adorable.”

“Marriage has made us feel like we can plan more of our future together,” adds Gareth, “without having to worry about the present so much.”

So what does the future hold? “Well I’m continuing to be obsessed and surrounded by all things weddings with my blog (,” adds Kat. “And Gareth wants babies but that scares the life out of me! I’m happy with our two cats, thank you very much!”

My favourite photo from the day. This is sooo me (and so Gareth – looking at me with a confused expression!)

Our wedding photographs were taken by English Rose Weddings
Our recent ‘pink hair’ photos were taken by the fabulous Emma Case

You can see more on our wedding right here and the full photo shoot of Gareth & I here!