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Sharing The Link Love

Today is Sunday and although it seems strange to me that the whole world isn’t sat at home online (yes I am a total geek) it appears to be a slow day on the old world wide web.  So I thought I’d take this opportunity to draw your attention to my wonderful sponsors – I quite frankly think every single one of these guys rock, and I am completely honoured to have them as a permanent feature of my site. Share the link love and have a little click over to their site’s if you’re at a Sunday loose end.


Erica Berger has that San Fran cool thing down to a T and she is hoping to soon bring her unique style to destination weddings as well. Her photography is second to none and I literally adore every single image she has ever shot! Her work is fresh, luminous and always makes me feel sunny and warm! I could browse her flickr stream all day long and always find something to make me smile.
Erica will be travelling to New York to spread some of her photographic happiness from July 28th to August 5th 2009.  If you are in New York (you lucky thing!) then she is offering photo shoots at $500 including all the edited photographs afterwards. How who wouldn’t want that!? ps I demand the photographs for blogging afterwards!


Tinywater are husband and wife team Caroline & Daniel who hail from Sacramento, California. They specialise in fabulously original, cutting edge, modern photography that never ceases to take my breath away. Not one of their photo shoots have ever bored me and no two are ever the same. If you haven’t checked their work out before you are most definitely missing out!


Robin Roemer worked for several years as a full time photographer and photo editor for MTV Networks. She has photographed music legends such as Cyndi Lauper, Annie Lennox and the B-52s and new artists like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Her wedding photography is fresh, clean and subtly spectacular – she truly captures a New York wedding at its best.


David McNeil was born in Scotland but now resides in Chiswick, West London. A close friend of mine, I have been lucky enough to see his wedding photography blossom from this teeny tiny idea of a thing right up to this all encoumpasing photographic style that is taking the UK wedding scene by storm and braking the mould of the traditional, dull wedding photographer (seriously if only he’d figured out his calling sooner – we would have totally had him shooting our wedding!) I am very lucky to have such a talented friend who has taken many a good photograph of even me! I cannot rave about David enough. Go check out his site, like now.


Wedding Paper Divas offer modern personalised stationary to a worldwide audience. Their process is sleek and simple and will surely make choosing your wedding stationary a dream. Wedding Paper Divas are currently offering 20% off all orders over $ sure to check it out if you’re still on the invitation hunt.


Abazias are the newest member of the Rock n Roll Bride family. Specialising in gorgeous diamonds from the affordable to the extortionate, you’ll be sure to find the diamond of your dreams right here.


We Interrupt Our Scheduled Programming…

Boo I am a grumpy blogger! WordPress appears to hate me right now and is having a strop at me for having too many images on each come on WordPress don’t you know I can’t post less images!?

So I apologise if you’re having any issues loading images/seeing the images on your RSS feed/clicking or seeing any links….I am working on it right now. Don’t hate me!

Pah screw you WordPress, here’s an other gorgeous image that I want to THERE!


Credit: Stephanie Williams Photography

Contests, Updates, Lots Of Fun Stuff!

Well my darlings, there is a lot going on at Rock n Roll Bride HQ right now, from contests (have you entered yet!?) to TV shows (wanna be on telly!?) to new guesting (I am now a fully fledged Wishpot expert oh yes!)

But it seems that I’m not the only one. Here is a few things flying around the blog-o-sphere right now that may interest, enthral and excite you…

So..go enjoy browsing, enter some contests and come back here for lots more wonderful weddings tomorrow!

ps these are beautiful. had to post…



Credit: Caroline Tran

Are You A TV Star?

Are you a Newlywed? Are you in the UK? Would you like to be on the telly!?

I am working with a TV network to potentially make a programme about newly married rock n roll couples and their wedding experience! 

What I would need would be a link to see your wedding video (it would be used in the show) and your videographer’s contact info so I can contact them and make sure they are OK with being featured too. Also send me some wedding photographs because they always brighten my day!
You and your partner must be happy to be interviewed on camera for the show.

Drop me an email to if you think this could be you! Don’t be scared..I have to find someone and it could be you!

Remember you must be UK based to enter


Credit: Our Labor of Love


Alrighty, last post of the day…just felt the need to share this gorgeous green cupcake with you before I go…lustful!

See you tomorrow for mucho more more more!


Credit: Dave & Charlotte