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Jumping Jacks

These are totally non-wedding related but there was no way I couldn’t share them. I am a bona fide cat lover, but oh my these photographs made me laugh so much! You need to click on each image and see them in full effect, especially the first one – check out the dogs expression in the last pose..hilaaarious!  Just look at these and have a little chuckle why don’t ya?

Credit: Steep Street Musings

Been Done? Who Cares?

You know this about me already but I’m a huge activist for being yourself on your wedding day, however crazy, out there or even mundane (oh yes) that may be. As all the veteran readers will know, I ran a contest for free wedding photography a while back, and have now gotten to know our winners pretty well. I was chatting to the Bride to be, Vana, on the phone the other day for no joke, literally an hour about all things wedding (jeez that gal can talk he he!) and I’m sure she won’t mind me telling you this. She was running a few of her newest wedding ideas by me to ask my opinion as to whether I thought they had ‘been done’ (for some reason she thinks I must be some kind of expert on such things…)

I said this to her, and on her recommendation I am now going to say this to all of you…do not worry about tack, about being over the top or if something you really want seems to be springing up everywhere in blog-land and has therefore, in your eyes, ‘been done’. Just remember this teeny tiny pearl of wisdom…Your wedding guests won’t have been scoring the internet looking for wedding ideas for the last year so will have no idea if something has ‘been done’ or not!

To me, our wedding was not completely nuts. We kept it quite simple with a black and white theme and a few personal touches, but we had so many people saying to us it was the most stylish and cool wedding they had ever been too…they hadn’t spent the last year looking at other people’s weddings and comparing themselves after all!

So don’t doubt yourself… Are you lusting after that cute Stephanie James Couture dress but are worried that in 10 years time the adorability will look as dated as the poofy sleeved meringues of the 80’s? Pah, if I got married in the 80’s I would have wanted to remember the 80’s…2008 was the greatest year of my life and I want to remember that year through my wedding pictures.
Have you have been dying to have cupcakes as your wedding cake ever since you started planning your wedding, but are worried because now everybody seems to be doing it? Well a lot of people that are getting married may be yes, but everybody in the entire world?…erm no.
Are you worried that your wedding isn’t cool enough because you spend all day looking at weddings that seen so much crazier/chicer than yours? (You are not alone by the way, I felt the exact same thing) Let me tell you this – you are more likely to regret planning a wedding in a style that wasn’t really ‘you’ than one that perfectly matches you and your fiancé’s tastes.

So quit stressing about what other people will think and just do it already…and then send me the photographs afterwards!

Now for a couple of trends I love and therefore don’t care if they’ve ‘been done’. Let me know if I’ve missed any of your favourites!

1. Moustaches – Daley Hake 2. Bicycles – Fuller Edge Photography
3. Slideshows – Jonas Peterson 4. Photo Booths – Josh Goleman
5. Short Dresses – Melissa Brown 6. Vintage – Katherine O’Brien
7. Converse Trainers – The Nichols 8. Balloons – Kate Headley
9. Cupcakes – Tec Pejata 10. Mis-matched Bridesmaids – Flint Photography
11. Silly Sunglasses – Cameron Ingalls 12. Martha Stewart Pom Poms – Lillian & Leonard 13. Red Dresses – Rosie Parsons 14. Umbrellas – One Love Photo
15. Coloured Paper Lanterns – Tiffany Aicklen 16. Non Floral Bouquets – Crissy Farah  17. Felt Bouquets – Austin & Cassandra Photography 18. Bird Cage Veils – Victor Sizemore

A Slow Slow Day

The weekends are slow internet days…it’s almost like everybodyhas better things to do than spend their days off looking at pretty things online! Unfortunately for me I don’t get the weekends off so still spend lonely hours online scouring the web for some weddingy gorgeousness to share with you all. Just check out what I found today – this magical image is to die for right? I’ve seen other images from this wedding previously, but this is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of this one…and aww I just uber heart it! Head over to One Love Photo to see the rest of the wedding (fairy lights!) but be sure to come right back, and if you haven’t already, enter the contest because tomorrow is your last day to do so. Finalists to be announced on Tuesday when you can then all vote for who you think deserves this fabulous prize. Woop woop!


Credit: One Love Photo

Sharing The Link Love

Today is Sunday and although it seems strange to me that the whole world isn’t sat at home online (yes I am a total geek) it appears to be a slow day on the old world wide web.  So I thought I’d take this opportunity to draw your attention to my wonderful sponsors – I quite frankly think every single one of these guys rock, and I am completely honoured to have them as a permanent feature of my site. Share the link love and have a little click over to their site’s if you’re at a Sunday loose end.


Erica Berger has that San Fran cool thing down to a T and she is hoping to soon bring her unique style to destination weddings as well. Her photography is second to none and I literally adore every single image she has ever shot! Her work is fresh, luminous and always makes me feel sunny and warm! I could browse her flickr stream all day long and always find something to make me smile.
Erica will be travelling to New York to spread some of her photographic happiness from July 28th to August 5th 2009.  If you are in New York (you lucky thing!) then she is offering photo shoots at $500 including all the edited photographs afterwards. How who wouldn’t want that!? ps I demand the photographs for blogging afterwards!


Tinywater are husband and wife team Caroline & Daniel who hail from Sacramento, California. They specialise in fabulously original, cutting edge, modern photography that never ceases to take my breath away. Not one of their photo shoots have ever bored me and no two are ever the same. If you haven’t checked their work out before you are most definitely missing out!


Robin Roemer worked for several years as a full time photographer and photo editor for MTV Networks. She has photographed music legends such as Cyndi Lauper, Annie Lennox and the B-52s and new artists like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Her wedding photography is fresh, clean and subtly spectacular – she truly captures a New York wedding at its best.


David McNeil was born in Scotland but now resides in Chiswick, West London. A close friend of mine, I have been lucky enough to see his wedding photography blossom from this teeny tiny idea of a thing right up to this all encoumpasing photographic style that is taking the UK wedding scene by storm and braking the mould of the traditional, dull wedding photographer (seriously if only he’d figured out his calling sooner – we would have totally had him shooting our wedding!) I am very lucky to have such a talented friend who has taken many a good photograph of even me! I cannot rave about David enough. Go check out his site, like now.


Wedding Paper Divas offer modern personalised stationary to a worldwide audience. Their process is sleek and simple and will surely make choosing your wedding stationary a dream. Wedding Paper Divas are currently offering 20% off all orders over $ sure to check it out if you’re still on the invitation hunt.


Abazias are the newest member of the Rock n Roll Bride family. Specialising in gorgeous diamonds from the affordable to the extortionate, you’ll be sure to find the diamond of your dreams right here.


We Interrupt Our Scheduled Programming…

Boo I am a grumpy blogger! WordPress appears to hate me right now and is having a strop at me for having too many images on each come on WordPress don’t you know I can’t post less images!?

So I apologise if you’re having any issues loading images/seeing the images on your RSS feed/clicking or seeing any links….I am working on it right now. Don’t hate me!

Pah screw you WordPress, here’s an other gorgeous image that I want to THERE!


Credit: Stephanie Williams Photography