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Roll Up! Roll Up! For The Alternative Wedding Circus

Mwah haaa haaa…are you ready for The Wedding Circus? A creepy fright-fest where the alternative wedding elite came together to create something truly magical? Well that’s exactly what happened on a freezing February morn in a Birmingham Warehouse.

I recieved a phone call from photographer Sassy of Assassynation telling me all about her latest and greatest photo shoot idea – a ‘Wedding Circus’ filled with some of the freaks most alternative wedding suppliers in the UK. Of course Gareth & I were thrilled to be asked and so bright (OK not so bright) and early one morning we dragged ourselves out of bed and battled the snow to drive up to Birmingham for our 9am call time.

With nine models all with very distinctive looks (and hair colours – I’ve never felt like the one with the boring hair before!) a team of 7 hair stylists and make up artists worked their socks off to transform us into circus acts.

The shoot was pulled together by photographer Sassy of Assassynation and Jo of The Couture Company & Rawhide Corsets. “We were actually brought together by Rock and Roll Bride, where I had long admired Sassy’s work,” Jo explained. “I commented on one of Sassy’s amazing weddings, Sassy dropped me an email saying thank you for my comment and then asked if I fancied collaborating! Of course I said HELL YES!”

“Sassy’s idea was to get a warehouse in the urban metropolis of Birmingham, with access for a big truck. When I asked why she said “Well…don’t think I am crazy but I like the idea of a horse in a warehouse!”

“My original idea for this shoot was just to pop up to Birmingham and take a couple of nice piccies of gorgeous dresses,” Sassy took over, “but it didn’t quite work out like that. My mental brain took over and the horse in a warehouse idea grew a life of it’s own. I love the circus and thought wouldn’t it be fun to do a dark circus theme. I wanted the crème de la crème of alternative wedding providers on our project so I set about speaking to the best people I could think of to see if they would represent their area of weddingness…they all said yes thankfully!”

“It was freezing on the day and everyone was so incredible, I don’t think we would have had that level of professionalism from paid models and creative…everyone just got on it and for that I am eternally grateful! There were 29 people and a horse there on the day…this was a huge shoot! All the behind the scenes team need a huge amount of praise as they were amazing and brought my idea to life.”

The first look was the more subdued and ‘classic bridal’ of the two – we all wore white dresses and corsets from The Couture Company & Rawhide Corsets and the boys looked incredibly dapper in their smart vintage military-inspired outfits. After a few shots in the remarkable circus set (complete with graffiti elephant on the wall and actual circus props from Russell’s International Circus) inside the warehouse it was time for the biggest surprise of the day…that there was a horse waiting outside for us to pose with!

Now I’m not normally scared of horses but jeez this horse was ginormous! He was beautiful as very well behaved but I certainly wasn’t brave enough to get on him! Well done to Charlotte for being the first to do so and to Gareth for keeping on brand with his hand gestures!

The second look was the all-out freaky, creepy circus look…complete with fire-breather! The make up was piled on heavy – eyes darkened, lines painted and hair made even bigger! Gareth was even made up in Crow-inspired make up which although was kinda weird to begin with seriously started to grow on me near the end of the day (Brandon Lee? yes please!) The outfits got a little more risqué too thanks to Jo at The Couture Company. We could tell she was in her element when creating these weird and wonderful ensembles!

Can I also please publicly announce that I need one of Jo’s corsets in my life permanently! They literally took me down a couple of dress sizes…my waist has never looked so tiny (believe me, it ain’t nothing like that in ‘real life’). In this second look I’m wearing a black version of one of Jo’s tattooed wedding dresses. I loved it so much!

The day was hard work, freezing, but a serious amount of fun! I’m so excited to have been involved in this shoot and to be working with such an amazingly talent group of people. I hope you enjoy the results as much as we did making them. Could a spooky circus wedding theme be the next big thing?!

Show the team some love in the commnets won’t ya?!

Oh and a spooky shoot needs a spooky video does it? The fabulous Frank of Sassy n Frank was there to capture exactly what went on that day. Click through to watch the full video…

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The Wedding Circus: A Photo Shoot Teaser

I have no words…

The final and full shoot will be on the blog just as soon as I have the images in my inbox – there’ll be no hanging around on this one!

Charlotte was the bravest of all the brave to get on the horse. The rest of us girls were way too chicken!

And oh em geeee check out my husband and his full on Crow-inspired make up!

Isn’t my black tattooed dress the best!?

For now, I hope these few shots might go part of the way to keeping you satisfied. However mainly I’m sharing them to be a big fat tease and to whet your appetite for what’s to come…


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‘Rock n Robin’: A1950′s Christmas Shoot for the BBC

I know what you’re thinking…Christmas stuff already woman?! Well just hear me out would ya?*

I’ve known wedding photographer Ashton Jean-Pierre ever since we both went to Emma Case’s wedding back in March. I don’t think we managed to talk on the night, but after the event I saw some of his incredible photos (that he just took on his iPhone!) on facebook and so I got in contact to ask if I could share some of them on my blog. He said yes and we’ve chatted online ever since.

Ashton is deaf which makes no difference at all when communicating online, but when he asked if Gareth & I would like to do a mini shoot with him I was a teeny tiny bit nervous on how we would get on in ‘real life’. However I needn’t have worried. Ashton is so expressive and animated that it’s actually pretty easy to have a conversation. Although I didn’t know any sign language before we met, we were easily able to chat by gesturing and using a good old fashioned pen and paper to write things down when my feeble attempts and signing prompted confused expressions all round.

This is definitely one of my fave shots from the whole shoot…how cool does Gareth look?

The reason for the shoot was that Ashton was being profiled for See Hear on the BBC, their show for the deaf community. They are doing an arts special (to be broadcast on 30th November on BBC2) and they wanted to film him doing his job and interview him about what it’s like to be a deaf wedding photographer. I clearly am a huge fan of his work so I was so excited to be asked to take part.

So, last Wednesday Gareth, Elbie and I were up at the crack of dawn (and I mean crack…Elbie had to get up at 4.45am!) to get to Birmingham for the shoot.

The BBC wanted our shoot to have a Christmas theme because of when the show is going out on TV. However not being a fan of Xmas-tack, we decided to strip it all back and keep it simple…a low-key Christmas if you will. This is more Ashton’s style anyway.

I decided I wanted to wear this green vintage dress, which had been altered for me by the Fur Cost No Knickers ladies into a 1950′s shape (I think it was originally an 80′s prom dress) and so the idea for a 1950′s Christmas was born.

side note: remember I gave up drinking for a month? Well I didn’t have a hope in hell of getting into this dress three weeks ago and now I can. Wooo!

I researched some 50′s hair and make up ideas online, but after looking at a lot of prim and proper hair styles and perfectly applied make up, Elbie and I decided that wasn’t really ‘me’ and so we decided to mess it up a bit. This photo of Madonna was the main inspo for my slightly disheveled hair style and shape of the eye make up. We also channeled this look and added it to my eyes. Of course I needed glitter too…glitter makes everything better.

Photographer Steve Gerrard kindly let us invade his studio to get ready (and be interviewed for the show) in.

The shoot went really well. Ashton was so easy to work with and we had such a laugh… although I’ll be honest I did get a bit nervous when he was standing in the middle of the road to get a shot – cue manic waving in his direction when cars were coming!

Ashton shoots film as opposed to digital images. He’s so passionate about film photography and it’s completely inspiring to see him talk about it. There are a lot of wedding photographers experimenting with film photography at the moment, but Ashton shoots exclusively with it. When the BBC were interviewing him about his love of the format his eyes just lit up…and looking at these images I can see why he loves it so. Don’t get me wrong, I adore digital photography, but there really is something magic about film. It’s so tangible and permanent. It has such a natural, pure and raw quality and the texture and colour is like nothing else.

I have a little background in the medium, and I’ve always been a fan. I shot and developed my own black and white film in my A-Level photography course (although I was never really any good...And I was scared of the dark dark room that you had to go into to take the roll out of the canister!) Our wedding was shot in film too.

We has a great day and I can’t wait to see the show on BBC2. But for now, I hope you enjoy some of my favourite photos from the day.

*Remember, this time last year I was still working at the shopping channel and would have had Christmas ‘cheer’ thrust upon me since mid-September (seriously…the Christmas set goes up in the first week of October!) So for me, only starting to think about Crimbo at the beginning of November is pretty late! Continue reading

And the Cosmopolitan Magazine Award for Best Wedding Blog goes to…


Wow, I feel like I should be doing an over-indulgent Oscar-worthy speech right now but I literally can’t find the right words… So I’ll just say thank you a million times. Thank you for voting for me, thank you for believing in Rock n Roll Bride, thank you for your support…you get the idea.

Seriously, there are not enough thanks in the world.

Before the awards I met with photographer Ashton Jean-Pierre for a coffee and he asked if he could take a few photos of me…which was pretty handy because now I can show you what I wore to the event.

Ashton is, like, beyond amazing and his film photography makes me weak at the knees (plus he had the photos to me before I even got home – now that’s impressive!)

Ashton, these photos are beautiful. You are a god of film photography.

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