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Staggered Saturday – Jobs For the Boys

Credit: Josh Goleman

The first Staggered Saturday post seemed to go down pretty well with you all (both the girls and the boys!) so I asked the very lovely Andrew Shanahan of UK blokes wedding blog, Staggered to write us a part 2. This week, Andrew discusses if grooms are actually bothered about what goes into their wedding day or would they rather leave all the planning to the girls? As always, we want to hear your thoughts in the comments section please!

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At Staggered we’re often asked whether men are really bothered about getting involved in the wedding planning. Usually at this point I’ll bite my tongue in half and mumble something about the fact that our site ( wouldn’t exist if they couldn’t give a fig. The slightly more direct answer is that OF COURSE BLOKES ARE INTERESTED IN THEIR OWN BLOODY WEDDINGS. Allow me to evidence this with two simple points:

1) Couples are getting married later and paying for more of the wedding themselves

Rewind even a decade and it was the father of the bride paying for most of the wedding. As a result blokes were naturally going to take a backseat, because it was about one man paying for his daughter’s dream day. No man in his right mind would start calling the shots with his father-in-law-to-be’s money, just wouldn’t happen. Now he’s spending £20k of his own money on the day, you’d better believe he wants a say in how it’s spent.

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Staggered Saturday – A Smarter Future

Credit: Twin Lens Life

What’s one of the main things missing in wedding blog land? Something that is pretty integral to the whole ‘getting married’ thing but is often omitted? Only the bloomin’ groom right?!? Well fear not my darlings, I have the answer!

I made a new friend a few weeks ago. Andrew Shanahan runs a UK wedding blog aimed at your men called Staggered. Genius. Why did no one think of this before? I wanted to invite Andrew to write a little sommat sommat for you and your boys. My aim is that you’ll read this, show your hubby’s-to-be and then they can be all in love with Rock n Roll Bride, wedding blogs and stuff too (yes I know I do have a lot of male readers…but let’s be honest there are a lot more chicks about!)

When Andrew asked me what ‘groom issue’ he should write about first my answer was immediate and an obvious choice for me. Groom fashion! I love a bit of groom style but for some reason, and usually more often in the UK than The States,  no matter how Rock n Roll or stylish the bride is the boys can and do let the side down in the style stakes. The traditional top hat and tails/badly fitting hired suit teamed with a garishly bright cravat and matching waistcoat brings me out in a rash and I wanted to know Andrew’s opinion on the matter.

All is ask is that you please let me know in the comments if you (and your husbands-to-be/husbands) like this feature because if so I’ll try and persuade Andrew to write us some more bits n bobs for us. Love ya!

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As the editor of Staggered (hi, nice to meet you) I spend a considerable portion of my life thinking about grooms, best men and fathers of the bride and finding ways to help them; all of which is probably deeply unhealthy and will one day see me wearing a duck as a hat and claiming that I live on the bread aisle of the local supermarket. Among all the rubbish that I see these blokes having to deal there’s one thing that brasses me off more comprehensively than any other, want to know what it is? It’s men’s wedding suits.  

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