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Snowdrifts & Sequins: London Blogcademy Video Insanity

blogcademy london holga1]

I’ve been playing with my Holga DSLR lens – so fun!

The London Blogcademys were nothing short of incredible. Like, seriously mind-blowing. I am forever in debt to the 60 (!) guys & gals who spent two whole days with us, each of them battling sleet, snow and precarious public transport to make it to the beautiful Curtain Road Studios in Shoreditch.

I am so immensely grateful to the ridiculously talented Richard Wakefield of FX Media for being there to capture the magic on film, to Lisa Devlin Emily Quinton for guest teaching and to Shell de Mar for snapping away mercilessly.

I’ll be sharing much more about what went on at both events over the coming weeks, but I couldn’t resist posting Richard’s amazing video today…

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A Bridal Show with a Difference? Thank Goodness for A Most Curious Wedding Fair

hoh 001 copy

Let’s be honest, there are A LOT of wedding fairs to choose from these days. In fact British brides & grooms have never had so much choice. Which is clearly awesome, but let’s be honest, it can be quite confusing. How on earth are you supposed to know which ones are the best and which ones to actually go to? Aren’t they all the same anyway?

Well today I’m here to share with you just one of the shows that I think you should check out. I went along last year (and judged an award!) and I can hand-on-my-heart say that The Most Curious Wedding Fair is one of the goodies. If you like all things vintage – but with a twist – then this is the fair for you. Think less cute mismatched crockery, cupcakes and bunting and more quirky, awesome and almost slightly weird (but certainly wonderful) wedding ideas. High fashion inspiration sits with ideas you didn’t even know existed, and the fashion show is more of a modern dance performance than anything else – something hugely influenced by artist and set designer Gemma Goodwin joining the Most Curious events team in 2011.

hoh 015 copy

“Cool wedding fairs are almost becoming exactly like the very weddings that they initially rebelled against – a little bit cookie cutter and a little bit formulaic”, writes organiser Becky Hoh-Hale. “You almost know what to expect and a lot of them are already very set in their ways. Well with A Most Curious Wedding Fair I really want to push above the parapet, and to let it stand apart and do it’s own thing. We still love classic vintage but today ‘vintage’ can be so much more. A Most Curious has taken a solemn vow to bring you the emerging fashions but to be changeable, en vogue and never tired or standing still. If it’s beautiful, fresh, cool or just about to be cool, we will incorporate it into our wedding fair! We want you to see actual new ideas that you can incorporate into your day in your own way.”

hoh 018 copy

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A Blogcademy Brouhaha

the blogcademy london class 1

No sooner had we wrapped the first London Blogcademy, than Gala, Shauna & I were ferociously planning for the weekday instalment. We’re kicking off our second event today and we couldn’t be more excited! Reworking the presentation, tweaking our delivery and coming up with brand new ideas, we are adamant to make every session even better than the last. In fact we spent most of our ‘day off’ (i,e. day of shopping) stopping every five minutes to brainstorm. Gala scrawled musings on her Wagamama place mat and I sent Shauna more jam-packed emails full of notes than I think she really expected.

the blogcademy london class 1 2

the blogcademy london class 1 3

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The Blogcademy London is Here!

blogcademy london girls together

Even though I’ve been to London a squillion times, there’s something very different about being in the city with some friends who are seeing it all for the first time. Freaking out over old fashioned phone boxes, fumbling with our colourful currency and taking a trip to the shoe shopping mecca that is Selfridges. I also think Shauna nearly died and went to heaven walking into the Liberty stationery section.

The snow may be falling but we are so bloomin’ excited for the first London Blogcademy this weekend. We have our woolly hats packed and our (semi) sensible shoes ready to go! But we couldn’t forget about you, dear blog reader. Gala shot this footage on her phone as we set up at the studios yesterday. Isn’t the space beautiful?

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New Dates for The Blogcademy: Portland & LA!


I am SO EXCITED about 2013, like SO SERIOUSLY EXCITED (can’t you tell!?) and I’m starting 2013 as I mean to go on with new date announcements for The Blogcademy. Now I know we haven’t even done our London workshops yet but, basically, we just couldn’t wait any longer…

At the end of March we’re heading to Shauna’s home town (I think many of you will have guessed that one!) of Portland, Oregon and the week after we’re zipping down to LA. In fact we’ll be in LA for my birthday which I’m also rather enthused about. I’m going to demand the girls take me to In-N-Out Burger for it!

As usual, we have just 30 spaces available for each date – and yes, yet again we’re running an early bird special for the first 48 hours (after that it will be $750) and a scholarship for both. You can enter this as before – posting your creative links on our facebook page. You have one month from today and don’t forget to make a note in your post of which location you’d like to attend!

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The Blogcademy Updates & Scholarship Winner Announcement!

Why happy Sunday one and all. I trust you’ve had a fantastic weekend so far? I thought I’d just pop by this morning to give you a few Blogcademy updates because it’s all go go go over here!

After we wrapped NYC and got the photos, video and some pretty awesome testimonials from all of our lovely graduates (we love you!) Shauna felt that the website could do with a bit of an overhaul. I swear to God that woman doesn’t actually sleep. Ever. One morning I woke up to an email from the lady herself saying “So girls, I must be mad cos I completely redesigned the website over night!” Now, mad she may be, but oh so bloomin’ talented as well. We love you babe.

The new design isn’t a radical departure from the original but it’s been freshened, polished and new sections have been added. There’s new pages for testimonials, to announce new locations (seriously, watch this space eek!) and to invite sponsors to get on board. And talking of sponsors we’re still on the look out for goodie bag items for London so if you make something cute and you’d like to get it in front of 70 enthusiastic bloggers AND get it featured on all our blogs then get in touch!

Poor Gareth then had to code the whole thing in a weekend but needless to say he did an awesome job as ever. What a dream team!

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