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Such Fun

I couldn’t decide whether I loved the actual wedding portraits or the engagement shoot of this stunning couple,  so I’ve decided to post both.  Is that ok?!

How gorgeous is her dress?  I want!

Credit: Christine Farah


Woohoo! A new engagement session I am a little bit obsessed with…

(and their wedding is next month..I will most definatly be stalking the photographer’s website to get the photographs as soon as I can!)

Credit: Oeil Photography via Casando Ideas


Woohoo, more peacock feathers!  This engagement shoot is classic elegance at it’s best.  Just wait until you see the wedding (will post in approx 5 minutes!)  Fabulous.


Credit: La Vie


Don’t you just love it?

Credit: One Thousand Words

A New Kind Of Fabulous

I remember seeing these photographs on Black Eiffel ages ago, but I assumed they were a fashion photo, on my re-discovery of them I’ve discovered they are actually a real life engagement shoot.  AMAZING!


Credit: Josh Goleman

New Category Alert – Car, Bus, Tractor…Sheep?

So, I was chatting to my Dad the other day about the site, and he said he loved it but was missing one thing…cars!  Typical boy response huh?  But the man does have a point.  I have since be scoring the world wide web for a wedding car worthy of starting the new category and here it is…an old (classic is best!) Chevelle that the Bride and Groom basically just used for this photo shoot.  For their actual wedding they jetted off (alone) and eloped on a beach in Florida. 

I like cars..but I’m a bit of a noob…I know nothing about them really except what looks a little bit pretty, so if this isn’t a ‘cool’ car I apologise right now..but I like it – so there (my favourite car is a Delorean – go figure!)

If you have any of your own wedding cars (or in fact any other transport – bus, taxi, tractor, horse, cow, sheep – I want to see them all!) that you believe to be as or actually more awesome than this little beauty then send them my way.  Daddy will be pleased.

Credit: Jupiter4Jackie via Offbeat Bride