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A Casual Day

Green dress bride + city hall ceremony + casual local¬†bar reception = a fabulous Rock ‘n Roll wedding!

Thanks Kella!

Credit: Kella MacPhee

Vintage Fashion

These gorgeous vintage style engagements just came to me from the Bride-to-be Mallory.¬† I can’t wait for their 40’s style wedding, can you?¬†Their style is just awesome!¬† These were taken by¬†a¬†friend of the couple (who has a great DeviantART page by the way.)
Loving these…

Credit: Ntumnus & Mike Lewis

Vintage Gems

Is it just me, or do these photographs have a truly authentic feel? Like they literally could have been found in an attic somewhere..

Credit: Tami Curtis/Jane’s Attic

A Wonderland Wedding

Hello my gorgeous girls (and guys!) sorry I didn’t post at all last night but I am feeling rough like sandpaper…I think I’m coming down with something which is highly inconvenient as this weekend is our one year anniversary!How absolutely ridiculous! It has gone so quick!¬† So similarly, the posts will be slim to none over this weekend as we are off to Brighton to eat fish¬†n chips, go on rollercoasters, walk down the pier and probably get horribly drunk (again!)¬† We are staying in a super swanky hotel called The Grand which we got for free as an apology from our first wedding venue that cancelled out wedding 3 months before the wedding day (see, things always turn out alright in the end!)

Just before I go, I simply must share this amazing ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed wedding send to me this morning by Adrienne (who blogs over here)¬† I am absolutely in love with this girl’s style and their super fun, super colourful wedding full of personaltouches and cute little details (seriously the cake made of flowers – amazing!)¬†Enjoy these, and I will see you all when I get back…
Much Love!

Credit: Naebyrd

Vintage NY Luxe

I have been looking forward to sharing some more of Aga Images’ work with you ever since I featured this amazing diy, eco, backyard wedding that they also photographed.¬† They are a husband and wife team who’s fine art documentary style is just perfect for such glamourous¬†weddings such as this one.¬†
I asked Aga if I could feature Adrienne & Vincent’s¬†stunning vintage inspired wedding as sometimes you need a bit of glam right?¬† As always, I am loving all the personal touches.¬† The wedding took place at Tribeca Rooftop in NYC, Adrienne’s dress is Audrey Luxe by Vera Wang¬†and her veil was made with vintage lace.¬† As gifts for their Bridesmaids, the couple gave personally inspired¬†cameos and for transport they used an old NYC taxi.

Loving these – thanks so much Aga!