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Skulls, Tattoos and the 1950s Inspired Wedding: Tim & Holli

tattoo wedding_Ed Godden117

The idea behind Tim and Holli’s wedding was for it to reflect the things they love, so they opted for a vintage, tattoo and 1950s inspired day. They added personal touches by making the centrepieces themselves, Holli also made her own bouquet from 12 red roses.

tattoo wedding_Ed Godden116

“We didn’t initially intend for a particular theme, it was a natural progression from our own ideas and lifestyle”, she wrote. “The tattoo parts to the wedding were inspired by Tim who is a tattoo artist. We wanted to keep the whole affair fun and very free, we just wanted everyone to have a good time.”

tattoo wedding_Ed Godden93

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Fairytale Wedding in the Berkshire Mountains: Megan & Josh


When Megan and Josh discovered their beautiful fairytale venue, everything started to fall into place. The day was held at Santarella, affectionately known as the Tyringham Gingerbread House, in the Berkshire Mountains. The magical setting was the perfect backdrop for an alternative but fairytale inspired wedding celebration.

“In keeping theme with our venue, we wanted it to feel like you stepped into a fairytale” wrote the bride. “The venue itself is so beautiful we didn’t need a whole lot of decorating. However, we attempted to make anywhere we could look ethereal with the use of glowing lights, soft colors, and complimentary décor live ivy and terrariums.”


“We used light as our main theme and we placed it anywhere we could – there were fairy lights in the rocks, gardens, hanging from trees, lanterns as gifts, lights in the terrariums, etc. Of course, we nonchalantly snuck in some fairytale aspects to represent varying princesses like random apples, clocks, seashells and animals too.”

“My favorite memory is our first look”, she continued. “I was a running a little behind with hair and make up so getting into my dress was extremely rushed. But as I was walking down the path to Josh, everything kind of slowed down. My favorite part is when he turned around, looked at me, and said ‘I missed you’. It had only been since the night before that we hadn’t seen each other but as people who have spent months apart from each other, even a few hours calls for an ‘I missed you’.”


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Handmade Pagan Wedding: Lucienne & Peter

Alternative wedding_Jenny Rutterford Photography-354

Lucienne and Peter wanted a wedding day that perfectly reflected their own personal style. It was held on Fairoaks Farm in West Sussex and was a laid back day full of fun details. “We knew we wanted an outdoor wedding, so that shaped how the whole day felt and how we planned it”, began the bride. “We wanted it to be fun, colourful, relaxed, rustic, in tune with nature and handmade!”

Alternative wedding_Jenny Rutterford Photography-224

“We had a Pagan handfasting ritual ceremony which was very much in line with our surroundings and with the place itself. We wanted it to be more inclusive and welcoming than a regular church wedding so the ceremony itself involved our friends and they had parts to play within it. The four bridesmaids called the elemental corners and the groom’s sister carried incense to cleanse the sacred space. It was very much a new but welcoming experience for our guests. We also jumped a besom (broom) at the close of the ceremony, this is a tradition that signifies the couple leaping into their new life together. The photos from this part are breathtaking!”

Alternative wedding_Jenny Rutterford Photography-296

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Colourful Woodland Adventure Wedding: Beckie & Paul


You are going to love Beckie and Paul’s wedding. From Beckie’s amazing pink and teal corset and skirt combo to her purple and green hair, and their amazing DIY details including the knitted faux taxidermy bust centrepieces (!!) this really is a crazy creative wedding with a difference. The ceremony was held at Blackfriars Priory in Gloucestershire and the reception at the quirky Over Barn which came complete with farm animals and a bowling lane!


“We started off with traditional circus in mind but this was more of a guide for the colours, the feeling and the tone of our wedding rather than a theme”, Beckie began. “I don’t think we featured anything from any particular theme in the end, it was a bit of a mish-mash.”

“I didn’t want to use white at all from the start. I never wear it and as soon as we bought a house I started painting the rooms colours so it seemed crazy that we would use it on our wedding day. This did cause some issues when hunting for non-white wedding things. I ended up sourcing a lot from non-wedding vendors or making things. My dress was custom made by the amazing Jo at The Couture Company in Birmingham.”


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Epic Handmade Barn Wedding: Lauren & Dean


Lauren and Dean wanted their wedding to be a big party for everyone, but mostly one that they’d really love to go to!  They handmade pretty much everything (“I think I burned off my fingertips with hot glue over those few months” Lauren laughed) and hosted it on a private properly in Granville, MA.


The wedding was full of personal touches, starting with their officiant who was one of Dean’s childhood friends. They had another friend make the cake and Lauren designed the stationery. The flowers were pulled together in their hotel rooms the night before the wedding!


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Laid Back Calgary Art Gallery and Pub Wedding: Deanna & Mike

Deanna_Mike_Calgary_Wedding_Honest_Organic_Candid_Photography_Blair_Marie_Photography (299)

Deanna and Mike were married in an art gallery in Calgary and their reception was in their favourite pub. They wanted their day to be fun for themselves and their guests so they kept things relatively simple, with minimal decorations, and just focused on the stuff that really mattered to them.

Deanna_Mike_Calgary_Wedding_Honest_Organic_Candid_Photography_Blair_Marie_Photography (75)

“We just wanted the day to be about us and what we wanted and the love of everyone there”, Deanna wrote. “It made the day so special to have so many friends help out with the details leading up to the big day, and actually on the big day. I also think that we have the reception at our favourite pub makes our wedding fairly unique. We also had two different types of music going at all times, there was soul and reggae on one side, and hip hop on the other.

Deanna_Mike_Calgary_Wedding_Honest_Organic_Candid_Photography_Blair_Marie_Photography (203)

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