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Hand-Painted Wedding Shoes for Brides that Demand Something Different!

handpainted wedding shoes by gemma kenward (1)_1

Attention shoe-addicts! I’ve got something today that you are not going to want to miss. If you’re struggling with finding the perfect wedding shoes, and you’re bored of seeing the same old options everywhere, how about having something completely one-of-a-kind created just for you!?

Gemma Kenward hand-paints beautiful shoes, making them perfect for alternative brides that want something truly unique on their feet as they saunter down the aisle. The only design limitation is your imagination! Gemma works with every style of shoe imaginable, so whether you’d like to rock a pair of elegant courts, funky boots, or go super comfy and casual with a pair of Converse or Toms, she’s got you covered!

handpainted wedding shoes by gemma kenward (4) handpainted wedding shoes by gemma kenward (2)
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The Style-Conscious Choice: Bridal Jumpsuits from House of Ollichon


Even before Solange Knowles looked incredible at her 2014 wedding, jumpsuits have been filtering through to bridal fashion in a major way. Dresses aren’t for every one, so why should you be expected to don a bright, white frock just because you’re walking down the aisle? For the babe who is looking for something really different, a jumpsuit may well be just what you’ve been searching for! 

London-based House of Ollichon design bridal jumpsuits, playsuits and two-pieces to rival even the prettiest of wedding gowns. Handmade in England, each piece is made using beautiful French bridal lace from the famous Dentelle region in northern France. House of Ollichon are proud to only use quality European fabrics such as luxury Italian tissutos, English crepes and 100% silk organzas.









“I was so lucky to marry my lovely, French husband twice”, designer Hannah told me. “We had a very simple ‘friends only’ registry office do followed by a larger wedding in France. A big dress seemed too much fuss for Islington Town Hall but I still wanted something special (that wouldn’t add another line to our budget!) so I decided to look for a jumpsuit. This proved harder than I thought it would be so I started to design my own! I also decided to work on a mix and match range of tops, trousers and skirts which I initially designed with bridesmaids in mind.”






Le Fay



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Five Reasons Why Our Wedding Entertainment Sucked (& How You Can Avoid Doing the Same)

warble entertainment rock n roll bride (2)

There’s very little I would fundamentally change about our wedding. Sure, the styling would be very different if Gareth and I were to get married now, but in terms of how the day played out, it was petty much faultless. Except for one big thing – our entertainment.

Having never booked a live band before in my life, I had no idea what we were looking for. So when a friend of my mother’s said she went to a wedding recently where the band were “great” and they came in under the budget we’d set aside for them, I was sold. “Easy”, I thought, “that’s another thing ticked off our ridiculously long to do list.”

So our band didn’t suck completely. They knew how to play their instruments and the singer was pretty decent, but we made a couple of major mistakes when booking them which meant they really weren’t the right choice for our wedding.

1. We didn’t do our research properly

As I said, when it came to booking our band, I really just saw it as another chore that needed to be done. We didn’t do our research AT ALL. Not only did we not go and hear them play beforehand, but we didn’t so much as listen to a CD of their music. Sure, they were just playing covers and by looking at their set list we could see they could perform the kind of music we were after, but it’s a very different thing to be able to play Nirvana and to actually be able to pull it off.

Warble Entertainment are the easy option for brides and grooms who want to see lots of entertainment ideas but don’t know where to begin. On their website they list thousands of musicians covering a wide range of styles including rock, pop, jazz, swing, soul and motown. The site also allows you to search very easily by wedding theme, location, price and genre. Most importantly, you can also see and hear examples of what they do to right there on the website.

2. We dictated what they played

Another major mistake we made was giving the band a strict set list. I had an idea in my head of what kind of music I wanted (and more importantly what I didn’t want) and expected them to follow it to the letter. I completely ignored the fact that I was booking trained musicians, who’ve probably done a million performances and know way better than me how to put together a set. What a diva bride I must have seemed like!

Once you find a band or artist you love, TRUST THEM. You’ve probably booked them because you like their style, so let them do what they do best.

3. We didn’t think about the timeline

For your guests, there can be a lot of waiting around at certain points of the day, like when you are getting your pictures taken, or just before the evening party commences. So instead of leaving people to their own devices, it’s always nice to throw some unexpected entertainment into the mix!

Walkabout entertainment, such as a magician, is a great way to keep guests amused and Warble Entertainment have you covered for these too! They list hundred of unique, non-musical entertainers on their site. How about a caricaturist, lookalikes, stilt walkers, crystal ball jugglers, mime artists, lookalikes or even living trees!?

warble entertainment rock n roll bride (3)

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Win Free Wedding Photography with Kirsty MacKenzie

win free wedding photography with kirsty mackenzie (7)

If creative and arty wedding photography is your bag then look no further than today’s amazing competition. Kirsty MacKenzie has been shooting wedding for two years today wants to offer one very lucky couple completely free wedding photography!

win free wedding photography with kirsty mackenzie (1) win free wedding photography with kirsty mackenzie (4)

“I’ve always been on the arty side of life, constantly with a paintbrush in hand”, Kirsty writes, “so it wasn’t that surprising to everyone when I picked up a camera too. I particularly love shooting people and so weddings seemed like a natural fit. I love documenting everyday emotions and experiences.”

“I absolutely adore photographing weddings, the quirkier and more free-spirited the better! I’m also a big believer of the smaller details. I love to capture those little things that my couples have put a lot of time and energy into.”


♥ First prize is 12 hours of free wedding photography! Winners will also get 500+ fully edited images on a USB.

♥ Second prize is for 50% off any wedding photography package.

win free wedding photography with kirsty mackenzie (3)win free wedding photography with kirsty mackenzie (2)

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What Are Save the Dates & Do You Really Need Them? (yes you do and you’ll save 10% on yours with this post!)


With people living busier lives than ever, sending a Save the Date for your wedding is pretty much essential. Not only will your friends and family appreciate the heads up, but they’re also a great way to announce your wedding and get everyone excited! While you could just send an email or a text, sending something in the post is a great way to kick off the pre-wedding crafting or to start to think about your theme. Here are some questions you might have before you send yours.

1. Who gets a Save the Date?

When it comes to compiling your wedding guest list, I’d advise that you have an A-list and a B-list. The A-list is people you definitely want to invite (close family and friends), and a B-list is backups in case some people can’t make it (work colleagues, neighbours, extended family). Doing this means that hopefully won’t have any empty seats or uneaten meals that you’ve already paid for!

You should only send Save the Dates you your A-list, aka the people you absolutely want to be there. It would be mightily embarrassing to send someone one, and then not actually extend a formal invitation. It would basically be like uninviting them!


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Win Tickets to Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair

Kirstie Allsopp Handmade Fair 2014 0189

Attention DIY enthusiasts! From September 18th – 20th, Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair is taking place at the beautiful Hampton Court Palace and this is one event you are not going to want to miss.

Not only will you be able to buy craft supplies and handmade gifts in the shopping village, but there will be live demos and skills workshops with experts going on all weekend. Kirstie herself will of course be there too, demonstrating and speaking with top makers, designers and crafts people (including Mollie Makes Magazine, Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar, wedding planner Sarah Haywood, potter Emma Bridgewater and Etsy!) in the Super Theatre.

Handmade Fair 2014 1075Handmade Fair 2014 0461Handmade Fair 2014 0189

The skills workshops are the perfect way for you to develop your expertise or learn new techniques, and will be taking place on a wide range of topics including yarn and textiles, seasonal, fashion accessories, upcycling and papercraft.

There is even going to be a wedding tent hosted by Hobbycraft which will give you the perfect opportunity to learn some new skills for your upcoming wedding. You’ll have the chance to learn calligraphy, find out how to make your own marbled stationery, and even put together some beautiful floral arrangements!

Every ticket to The Handmade Fair includes one skills workshop*, and each session lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. Content in the wedding tent is the same each day.

Handmade Fair 2014 1049Handmade Fair 2014 0536

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