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Candy Land Madonna Inn Wedding: Liz & Bryan

Evans-Looking Glass-115

Liz and Bryan were married at the famous Madonna Inn in California. The day was a beautiful mish-mash of a vintage candy store and a retro tattoo shop. “We really wanted to keep our wedding upbeat and light-hearted”, wrote the bride. “I think the temporary tattoos, candy, giant wood cut outs and photo booth helped create a really fun environment. Halfway through the night the photo booth props became a part of the wedding and we had groomsmen in capes and dresses as the Hulk and Spiderman on the dance floor. It made the pictures hilarious.”

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“The inspiration for our wedding came from two places.”, she continued. “First we began visiting a tattoo shop in SLO everytime we drove up the coast to do wedding planning. Bryan got work done on his two sleeves bit by bit and we ended up taking part of our engagement pics in the shop. I got our wedding date tattooed on my wrist during the shoot too. Secondly I’m a painter and love bright candy colors and all things cute and Bryan is a hot rod guy always outside working on his 54 Ford Customline. So our wedding ended up looking like a vintage candy shop that you could get tattooed in! We had ‘candy girls’ instead of flower girls that passed out candy as they walked down the aisle. Our super hero nephew was the ring bearer and wore a black and white striped vest and a black cape. We did not do any traditional dances but we did have my 85 year old Grandma lead all the ladies in the Chicken dance.”

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Cute, Quirky & Colourful Backyard Wedding: Skip & Soya


Are you ready for some unapologetic girlishness mixed with cute button and origami details alongside a kick ass heavily tattooed couple, pink dreadlocks, animal onesies and an awesome backyard setting? Well then you my dear are in luck because that’s exactly what I have for you today!


Soya and Skip met in a rock club in Lincoln and after just a year of dating she proposed on 29th February!  ”From the beginning we knew we didn’t want a traditional wedding”, the bride began. “They are lovely and all, but they can really lack personality. We used things that we love to decorate. My favourite part of the whole day was the ceremony. It was emotional but with lots of light-hearted laughs. Our readings and vows summed us both up perfectly. We even had mention of our ever growing number of pet rats, Batman and Robin and a zombie apocalypse in our vows which were followed by a hand fasting.”


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Candy Coloured Youth Hostel Wedding: Rachel & Neil

Waterfall Wedding Tux & Tales Photography Rock and Roll Bride_0885

Rachel and Neil were married at Derwentwater Youth Hostel in April. Having a small budget of just £5000 didn’t stop this couple going all out though. The bride wore two dresses, the rooms were was filled with amazingly creative décor ideas and they even had a bouncy castle! The whole day was orchestrated by the bride who had a very clear vision of what she wanted the day to be like.

Waterfall Wedding Tux & Tales Photography Rock and Roll Bride_0707

“I basically created a large version of our living room!” she laughed. “Neil coined the phrase ‘Rach-fest’, as I tend to take the lead where décor is concerned (he apparently assumes the role of quality control), and I seem to have fairly specific (albeit questionable) taste. I pretty much just went for everything that I liked rather than commit to a coherent theme. There were a lot of doilies and chintzy charity shop trinkets, mish-mashed with not so dainty floral decorations. The True Romance reference just sort of happened as a result of my hen party theme and a mild obsession shared between me and my maid of honour. Luckily it all seemed to tie together quite well!”

Waterfall Wedding Tux & Tales Photography Rock and Roll Bride_0717

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Retro B-Movie Wedding: Natalie & Paul

1950s, Kitsch, Horror -TimChurchill  (221)

Natalie & Paul chose to marry on the same day as the groom’s parents. Having lost his mother a few years previous, having the wedding on such a significant date meant a lot to the family. Having this nod to their family was important to them both, as was putting their own stamp on their day. The wedding had a retro B-movie theme and they really had fun with it!

1950s, Kitsch, Horror -TimChurchill  (48)

“I decided from the beginning that I wanted to source as much of our wedding stuff from small businesses and crafts people”, Natalie began. “My short, 50s style polkadot wedding dress was made by one of my fabulous bridesmaids who is a skilled costumer and bespoke dressmaker. We had so much fun coming up with the design together and I knew that she would do me proud, I absolutely loved it! Our wedding rings were made by Rockcakes, a wonderfully quirky jewellery company based in Brighton. Again, we came up with the design together by emailing ideas back and forth until we decided on a simple band with a ruby heart and two little skulls engraved either side with tiny black diamond eyes – it’s so cute!”

1950s, Kitsch, Horror -TimChurchill  (82)

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Whimsical Carnival Wedding: Rachel & Ryan


Rachel and Ryan wanted a beautiful but fun wedding so they decided on a subtle vintage carnival theme. They didn’t want it to be cheesy or too overly done, and “No clowns” was top of their list of requirements. “We wanted it to feel like a beautiful whimsical wedding at a carnival and not have it be a cheesy carnival wedding,”  began Rachel. ”We also wanted people to have a good time. We didn’t want people saying ‘that was nice’ we wanted them to shout ‘that was fun!’ The ceremony was heartfelt enough to make you cry, but funny enough to make you laugh with quirky remarks and personal heartfelt vows. From the start we asked people on the invitations to wear bow ties and suspenders. Everyone loved the dress code and looked straight out of the 50s as the music blared.”


“We splurged on candy and prizes for the games and décor”, she continued. “We wanted people to have lots of fun and yummy stuff to take home and make the wedding a better carnival experience. Guests enjoyed playing carnival games during cocktail hour and munched of classic carnival snacks like popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones. Tables for the BBQ style lunch were covered in all different old fashioned candy for guests to take home and people sipped from mason jars that had their names on them.”


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Vintage Wedding with a Subtle Film Theme: Beth & Drew


Beth and Drew met at university where they were both in the film society club. They wanted the theme of their March wedding to reflect the way they met but not in a really obvious way. They inserted subtle film references such as the readings, their photo booth, their music choices and the table numbers. They then seamlessly integrated these in to an overall vintage theme.

“We didn’t follow any traditions that we didn’t want to”, began the bride. “Things that were not important to us were chopped straight away. It meant that we were both looking forward to all of the day. Drew is not a fan of dancing in-front of lots of people, so we went for a more chilled atmosphere and added in a movie music quiz, like a round from a pub quiz. Drew secretly made a playlist of music featured in films, and in table teams Beth and the guests had to work out which film each song came from. It was a nice interlude between courses and gave us all a good giggle.”


“Our biggest expense was the reception venue including food, drink and cake”, Beth continued, “bu it was well worth it. The Larder really looked after us and we can’t thank them enough. If we where giving advice to other couples we would strongly suggest looking into venues who don’t already have set wedding packages. We chose all the food and personalised so many things which would have been impossible in a lot of other venues.”

“For us the day was about our guests as well as us and we wanted to give them a great day”, she concluded. “We chose a city centre venue to allow people to choose their own hotel and make travel plans easily. We wanted people to be well fed and entertained, but we did not want to spend lots of time distracting everyone from having a good old natter at our special get together. It is not surprising to us how long we entertained ourselves with good food, good wine and great company.”


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