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Mystical Mod Wedding with the Bride Channelling Priscilla Presley


Lacey-Lee channelled Priscilla Presley for her bridal look. Her dress was an original vintage number which she had reworked to the exact style she wanted. The groom, Cam, is of Orcadian heritage so he wanted to wear traditional Scottish attire. Not an obvious paring you might think, but it really works!


The theme of combining both their passions continued into the rest of the wedding. “Cam and I always knew we weren’t going to have a normal wedding”, Lacey-Lee said. “We both have quirky interests and we wanted it to be a collaboration of lots of different elements. We are both touring musicians so music was also always going to play a huge part. I decided to DJ which allowed me to really set the tone exactly how we wanted it to feel. It also made the evening really special.”


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Fantasy and Fiction Wedding


Lauren and JP’s Glasgow wedding was based on their mutual love of Scotland and literature. “Our inspiration was really just stuff we like”, Lauren wrote. “Medieval mixed with Scottish mixed with books mixed with 50s mixed with tattoos mixed with pumpkins! It was lucky that our mish-mash just worked in the space together! There’s nothing like that moment when you see your vision for the day come together so well.”


“If I had to describe the theme to someone I would say ‘fantasy and fiction’ as books really ended up as our main theme. We had the tables named after our favourite authors, bookmark favours and many other little nods to authors like the card box in the shape of the luggage from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld book series.”

“The cake was made by my brother and was decorated with spines of books we have read and loved. It was a chocolate and whisky sponge and looked amazing! The cake was my big surprise on the day as he kept his plans a secret. My brother is a pastry chef and has worked in some pretty prestigious places so a lot was expected of him, and he certainly delivered! After the wedding he tweeted pictures of his cake to some of the authors featured on it and they responded!”


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Skulls and Scotland Themed Wedding: Rosie & Colin

Lunga House Skulls Mirrorbox Photography 0352

Rosie and Colin live in London but wanted to get married in Scotland, where Colin is from. They took inspiration from lots of places for the theme, but the three key elements were skulls, Scotland and vintage 1920s touches.

Lunga House Skulls Mirrorbox Photography 0083

“We took inspiration from all over the place for our wedding!” said Rosie. “I have a skull tattoo on my arm and have always loved anything including skulls! I also love the juxtaposition of skulls with other really beautiful things like flowers, I think it has such a striking impact. A lot of people don’t get the skull thing. When I spoke about some of my wedding décor ideas, some people said ‘right, so you’re having a Halloween themed wedding?’. Far from it! When everyone saw it come together they all loved it.”

Lunga House Skulls Mirrorbox Photography 0258

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Autumnal Lakeside Wedding in Sweden: Erica & Philip

Swedish Scottish Destination Wedding_She Takes Pictures He Makes Films_Lucy Spartalis Alastair Innes-627

Erica and Philip were married in Sweden in October. Philip proposed on their seven year anniversary, and wanting an Autumn wedding but not wanting to wait over a year, they planned their wedding in just four months!

The reception was held in a beautiful orangery owned by one of the bride’s friends. It is located right by one of the Sweden’s biggest lakes and was an incredible backdrop. Because it is privately owned, the venue rarely hosts parties so the couple had a lot of work to do to make it look amazing… but they certainly pulled it off! Having such a blank canvas meant they were really able to put their own stamp on their day.

Swedish Scottish Destination Wedding_She Takes Pictures He Makes Films_Lucy Spartalis Alastair Innes-133

“Fall is my favourite season and after finding the orangery it was hard even considering any other venue”, began the bride. “The orangery gave us so many things; the natural light, the atmosphere, the great view of the lake, the little garden next to it where we could put up homemade games. It was like being outside without being cold and we knew that no matter the weather it would still be lovely.”

Swedish Scottish Destination Wedding_She Takes Pictures He Makes Films_Lucy Spartalis Alastair Innes-382

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Weeklong Scottish Wedding: Bex & Santi


With family flying in from England, Thailand and the USA for their Scottish wedding, Bex & Santi really wanted to make their wedding something special. So they started with having a weeklong event, hosted at Crear, a farm house near Tarbert in Argyll. “We actually got married on 20th January but with our families travelling from all over we rented the house for a whole week (18th-24th) and everyone stayed there with us”, Bex began. “We wanted to spend as little as possible, which ended up being about £10,000 but that did include the rental of Crear for 19 people for a whole week! I think my amazing mother needs a special mention here as she was ‘head of catering’ for the entire week at Crear and did all the menu planning and shopping for up to 30 people every day!”


Bex wore a 1950s style wedding dress from Just Gorgeous Bridal Studio in Crawshawbooth which was actually two dresses made into one. “The dress and the lace overlay top were actually two separate pieces made by different designers.The dress was made by LouLou and the lace top was made by Ellis. I then took the dress and the top to a fantastic seamstress, Natalie Murphy, based in Rawtenstall, Rossendale (01706223132) who carefully beaded the lace top, added some layers of silk organza to the skirt and made various alterations to make it all fit perfectly. Combining two separate pieces and having alterations made by Natalie gave me a unique dress that was exactly what I wanted.”

Despite not having any Scottish connections himself, Santi wore a kilt. Bex’s bridesmaid was her best friend – her dog Luna! “She said she didn’t want a dress and that her beautiful brindle coat was enough of a statement”, she laughed. “But I did lovingly craft her a wedding collar on a new cream lead. Oh and diamanté encrusted name tag!”


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A Scottish Loch-Side Wedding: Wayne & Mac

Wayne & Mac were married at The Lodge at Loch Goil in Scotland. The beautiful venue and epic scenery really defined their gorgeous wedding. Newlywed Mac told me all about their fabulous day. “Rock n Roll Bride was a favourite blog for my when planning my weddings! It was a bit of a godsend actually as all the standard wedding websites and magazines made me feel a bit nauseas with twitterings on about favours and general frilly pinkness. Wayne and I are both fairly scruffy monkeys that don’t do a lot of dressing up so we were keen to have a do that catered to us and our friends tastes. We wanted a fairly small wedding with close friends and family to have a chance of spending time with them rather than a quick 5 minutes that some mates had endured at their bigger do’s. And we wanted to get some time together!”

“The original plan was poking around a snow wedding in Norway or away snowboarding but the practicalities of shipping 20 plus people north or to mountains proved epic, and Wayne chipped in his ‘must haves’ of Scotland, bagpipes, and being able to keep his mutton chop sideys. We stumbled across The Lodge at Loch Goil during my many productive hours at work Googling and from our first visit adored it. Alice Gill, the head planner, and her assistant Kelly sorted out pretty much everything from their list of regular bookings – they do in-house catering (even with our veggie and gluten bothering mates), a resident florist and use local staff and suppliers for as much as possible including their own kitchen garden in the grounds.”

The simple and stress-free wedding was perfect for this couple who decided the wedding fluff and stuff really wasn’t for them! “I wore a dress from Coast,” the bride continued. “I originally found a random pink version on a non-wedding shopping trip, and despite not liking pink it liked it as I knew I didn’t want a meringue. I tried it on with the boots I had on and the seed was sown. It took a bit of ringing round various branches and whispering credit card details in restaraunt toilets to get it, and then persuading them to exchange it a couple of months later when the white version was released!”

“Neither Wayne or I are particularly religious and we wanted a ceremony that was a bit less formal than some might expect. After Mum mentioned going to a friend’s daughter’s humanist wedding where the bride and groom skipped down the aisle to the Benny Hill theme tune I knew we were on to a winner. We booked our wedding at quite short notice, and were lucky enough to meet Linda Britton, our celebrant. Humanist weddings encompass the legal bits with whatever reflects the couples values as long as it is dignified and legal! We met with her and did lots of emailing about the ceremony and she did us proud, we can’t thank or recommend her enough. The Lodge gave us indoor/outdoor options for the ceremony depending on the weather. We had rain the day before and a pretty poor forecast but Alice came up trumps and gave the go ahead for the loch shore under the tree. (With the tyre swing, good fun). It was lovely and informal with a table, a few chairs and some flowers and everyone gathered round. People passing by in canoes and boats is a lovely bonus, and I’m so impressed that our photographer got such great photos as I spent the whole thing grinning like an idiot and doing thumbs up.”

The Lodge has been designed and curated with vintage and retro pieces and Alice is an encyclopedia of beautiful things. We also brought a dressing up box of nonsense for people to take their own shots with and loads of spare flip flops for dancing. The ultimate decor was the Lodge’s treehouse which I still make little squealy noises about when it pops up on the Visit Scotland TV adverts. It was the perfect place to have our pictures taken.”

“We had a piper from the local pipe band playing as guests arrived and as I trotted through the garden with my Dad. As a sneaky surprise Wayne and I booked fireworks in the evening through Alice, it was a hard job keeping my trap shut about it. The village gets considerate advance warning that they will be happening, and we were told they would all be out watching from their gardens. What we didn’t know was that the grounds would be lit with candles and we would launch a fireballoon as a pretence for getting everyone outside. The fireworks lasted ages and it was a wonderful end to our day standing by the loch with all our family and friends. I was so glad I skipped favours and other things I was ‘supposed’ to have and went for something that everyone could share in.”

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