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Steampunk Anniversary Shoot in Edinburgh: Tara & Ryan

29 -steampunk-edinburgh-RowellPhotography

Tara and Ryan are already married, but as an anniversary gift to each other they wanted to have some photos taken while they were in around Scotland. This adventurous couple have travelled the globe together. They’ve lived in the desert in Dubai and the freezing cold of Canada.

“One early morning in Edinburgh, when the city was finally quiet, we all set out to the streets to take photos of Tara and Ryan dressed in their own creations in a steampunk theme”, wrote photographer Erika. “They were inspired by the costumes of Wicked the Musical for their outfits as well as Sherlock Holmes (old and new), and her love of literature, theatre and dramatics.”

11 -steampunk-edinburgh-RowellPhotography

“Her sister Tiffany is a crafter extrordinaire and she helped them create their looks. Implementing a little Scottish heritage with Ryan’s plaid tie for the MacLean Clan which is Tara’s Family Clan, and Tara wearing a modern purple tartan skirt. She found shoes from the turn of the century on eBay (although they were quite worn in, they still looked prefect!) and Ryan got steampunk goggles on eBay as well.”

44 -steampunk-edinburgh-RowellPhotography

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Detail Orientated Glaswegian Wedding: Lindsey & Craig

Alternative Wedding Photographer UK Scotland Mirrorbox Lindsey Craig 611

For their April wedding, Lindsey and Craig decided they wanted a day that reflected the things they love – the groom’s tattoos, music, films and books. The cerebration was held at St. Andrew’s in the Square, a beautiful 18th Century restored church right in the heart of Glasgow.

“We met on 13 April 2003 and were married on the same day exactly 10 years later”, began the bride. “It was the eve of Craig’s 19th birthday and our first conversation was about Radiohead. The inspiration for our wedding was us. We stuck to our style and things that are significant in our lives and tried not to do anything that didn’t feel right. We sourced suppliers that we thought could get on board with our ideas and get excited about them as much as we were.”

Alternative Wedding Photographer UK Scotland Mirrorbox Lindsey Craig 091

“One particular secret inspiration was the groom’s tattoos (which his father does not know he has)”, she continued. “He has a set of swallows on his chest and the left side has my initial integrated into the tattoo. My garter had a silver swallow sewn on, the girls had a swallow as their hair accessory and my sister drew these on the welcome sign as well as integrating them into the cake decoration. Having little details like that really helped make the day our day.”

Alternative Wedding Photographer UK Scotland Mirrorbox Lindsey Craig 147

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Remote Coastal Elopement: Simon & Leanne

islay elopement_pete cranston-37

Planning a wedding is bloody hard work and sometimes it can all get a bit too much. I’m sure you’ve stressed a little over flower arrangements, worried if your bridesmaids will like their dresses or navigated your way through more family issues than you even knew you had. Big weddings are wonderful occasions but I’m yet to meet a couple who haven’t wondered at some point if that crazy idea to elope was really so crazy after all.

islay elopement_pete cranston-71

Simon and Leanne wanted to skip all that fuss and drama and so when they married in April, they decided to do just that – to elope on a beach with just a few witnesses in attendance. The ceremony was held on Saligo Beach, a private beach, on the Isle of Islay. “Raymond and Katherine are the kind couple who gave us the use of their own private beach for our ceremony and ‘after party’ picnic”, began the groom. “They treated us like close friends while we were there. Dr Rev Rob Barlow performed the ceremony. His wife Gwen was also there, and alongside Pete, our photographer, was the other witness. We had a truly spiritual service with an enigmatic magnetism that we couldn’t have wished more for.”

islay elopement_pete cranston-78

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Fairytale Scottish Castle Wedding: Lindsay & Andrew


Lindsay and Andrew wanted a wedding that reflected their Scottish heritage so the day was held at Culzean Castle on the Ayrshire coast. The castle is surrounded by 240 hectares of beautiful countryside and inviting sandy beaches and the spectacular views made for the most perfect photographs! Lindsay wore a dramatic Terry Fox gown with tartan Christian Louboutin shoes. Andrew wore a version of a traditional Scottish kilt which was designed by the bride herself.


“Andrew always wanted to get married in a castle in Scotland”, Lindsay began. “Being Canadian where no castles exist, I couldn’t say no! I do not see myself as a princess at all but I just wanted to play off of the beauty and nature of the castle itself with our wedding theme. Because the castle was so magical and elegant, I didn’t want to veer to much away from this but add to it with a bit of quirkiness and fun along with the much needed avant garde.”


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Organic and Natural Scottish Wedding: Rachel & Steven

Caro Weiss Photography Rachel & Steven-82

Rachel and Steven wanted a relaxed vibe for their Glaswegian wedding. This red-headed couple held their celebration at Pollokshields Burgh Hall and used dried wheat, carthamus and rhodantha throughout to give the space an organic and natural look. ”We didn’t have a theme, we just wanted everyone to relax and have a great day, and for the place to be natural, light and beautiful”, Rachel began. “The hall is gorgeous on its own anyway so I chose items, colours, flowers accordingly and everything came together amazingly. My bridesmaids and I carried wheat bouquets and we used a lot of charity shop finds. My girls also chose their own dresses. I just wanted them to wear a dress that made them feel amazing.”

Caro Weiss Photography Rachel & Steven-46

“The Kitchen Window caterers were absolutely perfect and totally got what we were after”, she continued. “We had sharing antipasti platters to start with and then a buffet style main with chorizo stew and chicken stroganoff, it all tasted amazing, was really laid back and everyone loved it! They were a major part of the wedding and kept the whole day in order. We could not have managed it without them!”

Caro Weiss Photography Rachel & Steven-135

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Handcrafted Retro Wedding: Elizabeth & David


Elizabeth and David’s gorgeous May wedding was held at One Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow. They wanted a simple day but one that they could put their own stamp on. Graphic designer Elizabeth handmade a lot of the details.

“All we were really set on was having a nice, light, fresh feel to everything”, began the bride. “I was desperate to get our love of movies in there, so we had the tables named after our favourite movie characters. We hired the townhouse for the wedding which effectively allowed us to have a large house party.”


“The biggest thing was making sure I could design or create as much of the wedding as humanly possible. I designed the invitations, bird seed pouches, personalized handkerchiefs for everyone, and hand-painted animal favours and CDs for guests to take home. There was lots of card and white & silver spray paint involved! We had a lot of whisky and cigars, there was also a TV set up in the bar with the football on (I’m told it was an important game).”


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