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How To Make Your Own Wedding Rings

Wedding photography by Brighton Photographer Emma Lucy

I wouldn’t call myself particularly artistic. I love to write and I’m not bad at taking the odd photograph, but anything more fiddly and I’m all fingers and thumbs! So when Rachel Jeffrey got in touch asking if Gareth and I would like to visit her studio to make some rings, I was slightly apprehensive.

Despite my nerves, bright and early on Monday morning, we jumped in the car and headed up to Wheathampstead, just outside of St Albans, for a day of ring making. We were actually both super-excited about what was in store, neither of us had ever done anything like this before and we were intrigued as to what it would be like.

Wedding photography by Brighton Photographer Emma Lucy Wedding photography by Brighton Photographer Emma Lucy Wedding photography by Brighton Photographer Emma Lucy Wedding photography by Brighton Photographer Emma Lucy

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Breathtaking Wedding Rings Without the Breathtaking Price Tag

Designer Rings

When Gareth and I came to buying our wedding rings, it sounds awful, but they were a bit of an after-thought. We didn’t have a lot of money and the costs of even the most budget-friendly rings in traditional high street jewellers were just completely out of the question.

Gareth is also very particular and wanted us to have rings that were not only awesome, but would last forever. He wanted titanium, and as he’d found my platinum engagement ring at an amazing price, having my wedding band matching was really important.

A hell of a lot of of research and a staunch determination to not have to re-mortgage our house later, we were able to find beautiful rings from Wedding Rings Direct at amazingly competitive prices. I opted for a 2mm flat profile platinum band and Gareth went for one made from titanium with a white gold inlay.

Rock n Roll Bride Wedding | Lisa Devlin

Our rings – photo by Devlin Photos

We are proof that expensive high street shops are not your only option when looking for an engagement or wedding rings. Although it might not feel as romantic as browsing boutique jewellery stores together to find ‘the one’, sometimes the budget really does win out. Which is why I’m thrilled that online jewellers like Wedding Rings Direct exist.

Alongside the traditional metals like platinum and gold they also offer materials such as wood, titanium, black zirconium and ceramic. The designs they hold also vary widely – from classic bands to much more decorative and elaborate designs.

And if you don’t find anything suitable from their extensive catalogue, they even offer a bespoke design service where you are able to work with an experienced jeweller to design a ring yourself. 

wedding rings direct 2

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Ethical & Fairtrade Wedding Rings from CRED Jewellery

CRED Wedding Rings logo

I get a huge number of emails from brides (& grooms!) to be asking my advice on alternative and ethical wedding ring sources. I know a couple of great wedding ring designers, but up until now I’ve always replied with a bumbling response about etsy and hoped they might find their perfect ring with a hardy search.

Until today that is.

I was thrilled when CRED Jewellery got in touch about working with Rock n Roll brides and I’m even more thrilled that I get to showcase their designs, and their ethics, with you today.

CRED pride themselves on only using fairtrade gold and have been pioneering ethical jewellery since 1996. “CRED gold is traceable, accountable & has 40 times less of an environmental impact than a standard ring”, they say. “We were the first to realise the importance of, and to create a transparent supply chain for the gold – so the couples can trace their rings back to the exact location in the world that the gold in their rings came from, and know that it was produced in an ethical way.”

Ruth & David

“We work directly with the miners to make sure they are working in safe conditions & lessening their impact on the environment, and we made sure we pay them a decent, guaranteed living wage. Our work and development formed the basis of what is now the Fairtrade and Fairmined standard for gold and silver in the UK & Europe (and soon to be the USA). The rings are made in the UK with the gold from Peru. Every design can be tweaked to your specification, or we can design a completely unique creation.”

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A Dress of Blue & Jimmy Choo

I’ve got a bonus post for you today, simply because I couldn’t help myself and wanted to blog this right away! Amanda and Walé got married in Cornwall, Polhawn Fort to be specific which overlooks a dramatic bay. Amanda wore a completely gorgeous bright blue Roland Mouret dress with pewter Jimmy Choo wedges (swoon.) The bouquet was a structural arrangement of Calla lilies and she clipped some pretty little butterflies from Urban Outfitters in her hair. Her ring was the ‘crystal haze’ ring by  Stephen Webster and Wale’s ring was from Sarah Sheridan.

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Procedure: Molecular Fusion

I found a linky to the wedding of UBER UBER UBER cool recent bride and artist Zoetica Ebb & her writer husband Ales Kot on Gala Darling last week and literally couldn’t wait to share it with you – especially after I visited Zoetica’s inspiring website and laid eyes on her sparkly, blue, fauxhalk! Serious hair envy batman!

The pair actually got officially married in a microscopic civil ceremony June as Ales is a Czech citizen (you can see Zoetica’s post on the event here including their adorable ‘leaving the ceremony’ video) so the couple decided that a second ‘just for show’ ceremony didn’t make sense so their wedding was actually just a big old Rock n Roll celebration!

Zoetica wore the parachute gown from All Saints, which was a gift from her friend Courtney and a necklace from her husband, a keishi pearl and black garnet beaded necklace with pyritized ammonite pendant and three pink sapphire drops, by Ria Charisse, purchased through the lovely folks at Gold Bug Pasadena. The pair also had custom-sculpted and cast rings made by Shane Case. “We wanted a texture that looked somewhere between bark and flesh and the lunar surface” Zoetica told me.

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Young, Broke and in Love

Shannon & Jayson could only afford to book their photographer to shoot an hour of their wedding but they certainly made the most of it!

The couple pulled together their retro, 1950s vibe with very little money. Shannon wore a dress and pink petticoat that she found in a vintage boutique and the coolest thing ever? Their rings were from an arcade. Oh how cute. These two are clearly young, broke and in love…In fact Alley told me that you’d be more likely to catch this pair at a protest for something they believe in then at the mall. Someone should make a movie about them or something.


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