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Shabby Chic & Antique Goat Farm Wedding: Amber & Kevin

Rustic Atlanta Goat Farm Wedding_Stacey Bode 050

Amber & Kevin were married at The Goat Farm, a 19th century building that is now an art centre in Atlanta. They went for an antique and retro vibe whilst keeping their décor ideas sympathetic to the farm location.

Rustic Atlanta Goat Farm Wedding_Stacey Bode 097

“Kevin and I both love antiques and would joke about how much we enjoyed antique shopping together early in our relationship”, began the bride. “So we knew the wedding had to have an antique vibe. We bought lots of old stuff for it! I guess our theme was quite shabby chic. I went on a week long junk trip searching for the just the right pieces. I bought junk and turned it into something spectacular. I built speciality tables and we even created a bar from old pallets to use during the cocktail hour”

Rustic Atlanta Goat Farm Wedding_Stacey Bode 065

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Retro Polish Wedding: Iwona & Piotr

Iwona&Piotr  (46a)

Iwona & Piotr wanted a simple and fuss-free wedding, one that reflected their Polish heritage but also showcased their love for all things retro. The day had a lot of DIY elements, from the brides dress to her brooch bouquet and the majority of the reception details.

“We wanted a simple wedding”, wrote Iwona. “We love Rock n Roll and retro styles and we both have very old souls and like the old minimalist styles. Our colours were cobalt, black and white and we kept things simple. We also DIYed a lot.”

Iwona&Piotr  (6)

“Our ceremony was in a Church and was simple and beautiful. The light was gorgeous and danced around the space which made it a really memorable moment. Our wedding party was made up of just close friends and family. My ‘bridesmaid’ was my brother Mati and Piotr’s groomsman was his brother Marcin.”

“We wanted our wedding to be fun – and I think it was. Everyone was smiling all day. The wedding wasn’t anything like a traditional Polish wedding. There were a lot of questions about the length of my dress, my bouquet and the fact that I wore black but I loved it all. Our wedding portraits were taken at at old factory and a beach which are both close to our home town.”

Iwona&Piotr  (54)

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Retro Christmas Wedding: Marian & Michael

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling exceedingly festive this year. I love Christmas, but usually the build up isn’t my favourite bit – I tend to get a bit bored of it all! But not this year! I’m loving all things Crimbo and I’m so excited for the 25th December already! Now, I hope I don’t have any Christmas Grinches reading, but on the off chance that I do, Marian & Michael’s retro Christmas wedding is sure to banish those blues and get you SLAP BANG into the holiday spirit…

The wedding took place on 17th December 2011 at Preservation Park in Oakland, CA.”A deciding factor in holding our wedding at Preservation Park is the long time family connection to the property”, explained the bride. “My mother first brought us to Preservation Park over twenty years ago, even before the property officially opened. I remember the preview party and imagining living in the beautiful old homes, and thinking that the business park looked like it was part of the Mary Poppins movie set. I barely recall a time when we, as part of the family floristry business, didn’t decorate there for the holidays. When my mother passed in 2000 and my sister took over the business, we continued the tradition of spending time the during Thanksgiving week putting up garland and bringing that holiday cheer to downtown Oakland. Holding the ceremony and reception there, it felt like Mom was truly with us; as though she might pop her head out from around a corner at any time. It was a very special way to have her be a part of my big day and to feel her happy presence with us as I walked down the aisle and danced the night away.”

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Retro Bowling Club Wedding with an Ocean View: Nat & Sam

The retro wedding of Nat & Sam is perfect… literally perfect. I just know you’re going to go nuts for Nat’s nostalgic bridal style, their ocean view ceremony and the reception that looks like it stepped right out of the past.

“Our ceremony was at Burrows Park Headland, Sydney”, explained Nat. “The ceremony spot was a beautiful cliff edge looking over the Pacific Ocean and located right next to the Bowling Club where we had the reception. We loved that the only way to get to it was via a very long, natural aisle sheltered on one side by trees, which we decorated with Chinese lanterns. For our reception we chose Clovelly Bowling Club. It was cheap as chips to hire, the drinks prices stuck in the 1980s, and the tacky bright blue carpet and a strange old picture of the Queen flanked by two Aussie flags above a stage which houses an ancient piano (which we tuned up and used!) were AWESOME! As soon as we walked in we looked at each other and said ‘Yes!’. Oh, and it had 180 degree ocean views!”

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Americana Kitsch in London’s East End: Anna Lee & Paul

Anna Lee & Paul were married in London in September. Their ceremony was held at Saint Etheldreda’s Church, and their reception – in two parts – took place at The Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell and All Star Lanes in Brick Lane. “We dined on a mouthwatering fusion menu for dinner, and mini burgers, hot dogs and classic American cocktails at the after-party”, wrote the bride.

Anna Lee looked stunning in her gold gown by by Roland Mouret. Called ‘Wallis’ and inspired by Wallis Simpson, the opulent diamond-embossed design looked amazing on her. Clearly Anna Lee wasn’t going for a traditional bridal look. She wore Beatrix Ong shoes and instead of a veil or any jewellery, she had pearls glued down the nape of her neck. I just LOVE this idea. “I didn’t wear jewellery or a veil”, she explained, “but wanted pearls in my cropped hairstyle. So Angela, my hairdresser, had the idea to fix pearls down the back of my neck using super-strength wig glue! They held fast all, and were a real talking point.”

“Right from the start, doing things differently was really important to us,” she continued. “We wanted to do what felt natural for us, rather than what’s often expected or ‘the norm’. So, Paul met the guests in the pub for a pint beforehand, I chose to wear gold rather than white, we got up and did a speech together, had ten-pin bowling at our after-party and honeymooned in Texas. If we were to have a theme it would have been ‘A dash of cool London, a splash of kitsch Americana… and a whole lot of fun.’ We met playing five-a-side football in Shoreditch, so – although neither of us is from London – it felt right to have an East End wedding. The city is a part of our history and set the scene and vibe for the day’s celebrations.”

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Retro Kitsch British Wedding: Lynne & Stevie

We may be well on our way towards the depths of winter (waah!) but I thought I’d just cling onto those hazy Summer days for just a little while longer by sharing Lynne & Stevie’s June wedding. The quintessentially British vibe perfectly accompanied by vintage and retro touches was just too good to pass up.

“I think the first thought we had was ‘it has to be different’,” wrote newlywed  Lynne. “We LOVE vintage and retro things in our day to day lives, so it had to have that sort of feel to it… it had to be very ‘us’. I loved the idea of an old fashioned spring fete with an old English tea party so that’s what we went with. It was important to us to make the day personal to every guest, as well as ourselves, so we put a great deal of effort into the little touches for everyone to remember. The idea of the wedding photos behind the top table was to symbolise how lucky we are to have such great role models in marriage and that we have the support of experienced couples behind us. Everyone enjoyed looking at the old photos too!”

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