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Valentine’s Day Circus Wedding

valentines circus wedding (20)

Ray and Paul had two wedding days. The first was an intimate ceremony in Poland, with just close family members on Valentine’s day. Then, a week later they had a crazy fun, fancy dress circus themed wedding at Circomedia in Bristol!

“The thread through everything was magpies – two for joy”, wrote the bride. “But how that worked in Poland and Bristol was, well, pretty diverse! Our Bristol party was approached from a magpie’s perspective. Pick everything you like best in the world, add shiny stuff, mix it all together, add more shiny stuff. And a tiger. And some games. And some more shiny stuff. And lots of French 75s. That was it, really!”

valentines circus wedding (6)

“We also wanted to avoid what we called ‘wedding tax’ and so chose our suppliers based on the fact that we wanted to support good people, not buy tonnes of wedding ‘stuff’ that would end up in a landfill. We tried to spend our money with small businesses and specialists  where we could, and where we couldn’t, we involved people and companies that have always been good to us.”

“Our reception venue is an independent arts charity space”, she continued. “so we felt really good about supporting them. We also had lots of things that will be reused like plastic plates and fancy dress stuff. Even all the balloons went home with our guests. Paul will wear his suit and coat again and again, and I’ve already worn my red coat and shoes with my normal clothes!”

valentines circus wedding (8)

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Spaghetti Themed Pirate Wedding in Poland: Ola & Aaron

83Alex & Aaron - PinkClouds.co.uk

The massive variety of weddings that I get to feature is one of the best things about running this blog. I also love that nothing is off limits! A spaghetti themed wedding where the couple were married by a pirate in a courtyard in Poland? Oh go on then!

“My outfit was a too short white dress, and old leather belt which cost me 50 cents from a flea market in Morocco, stripy tights, cowboy shoes from Mexico and earrings and a necklace made from dried pasta and coloured with nail polish!”, began the Ola, the bride. “Aaron wore plaid pants, a ruffled tux shirt, a leather vest and a used car salesman jacket which all came from a thrift store. His belt was from Transylvania!”

41Alex & Aaron - PinkClouds.co.uk

“My bouquet was made from spaghetti and we didn’t serve cake – just giant pots of spaghetti which we made ourselves! In terms of entertainment we had a gypsy folk band, ping-pong, alcohol, a friend doing henna and a spaghetti fight!”

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been trying to get official status in Poland and we were the first wedding of its kind in Warsaw”, she explained. “We were married by a pirate, while dressed as pirates, and people threw spaghetti. Then we ate (different) spaghetti. Other than that, it was perfectly normal.”

56Alex & Aaron - PinkClouds.co.uk

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Retro Polish Wedding: Marta & Bartosz

Retro wedding by Flesz.Ka Studio 53

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful retro wedding, and Marta and Bartosz’s big day, sent to me all the way from Poland, is one of the most gorgeous I’ve seen in ages! They were married in October.

Retro wedding by Flesz.Ka Studio 44

“We wanted something different for our wedding”, wrote Marta. “A lot of couples these days (especially in Poland) seem to go for very typical weddings but we wanted something more. My dress was a subtle yellow colour and we got really creative with our portraits. The vintage American airstream stands in the middle of Częstochowa (our home town) and sells the best hamburgers in the city!”

Retro wedding by Flesz.Ka Studio 47

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Pretty Vintage Wedding in Cracow: Kasia & Kuba


Whitesmoke Studios in Poland are the photographers behind one of my all-time favourite weddings, so when they sent me another submission I was super excited to see what they had in store. Needless to say they didn’t disappoint. I love how pretty everything about this wedding is, but I also totally love their unique photographic spin on the day. So clever!


“We planned our wedding in just few months”, explained the bride. “We are wedding photographers, so we already knew what we wanted, and we were sure it would be an easy ride! In fact it was a really crazy time! In terms of décor we wanted a nod to our love of photography. We had specially place for smokers with photos of pre-war actors with cigarettes. Another part of decoration was an old cameras and guests had disposable cameras to show us how they see our wedding.”


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Raucous Boat Party Wedding: Ania & Andrzej

Copyrights: Dorota Kaszuba & Michal Warda WhiteSmoke Studio

If raucous party-hard weddings are your thing, then have I got one for you today! Ania & Andrzej were married on Kazimierz Dolny nad Wisłą, a cruise ship build in 1900, in Poland. “Our wedding theme was ‘Fitzcarraldo’ which was a film made in 1982 that we both love”, wrote the bride. “It portrays a would-be rubber baron Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald and an Irishman known as Fitzcarraldo in Peru, who has to pull a steamship over a steep hill in order to access a rich rubber territory.”

Copyrights: Dorota Kaszuba & Michal Warda WhiteSmoke Studio

The entire wedding really was one big party, and they didn’t hold back! Their friends and guests all took turns playing or DJing throughout the night. “My favourite part was the dancing with dozens of feather pillows that burst everywhere”, Ania concluded. “It was just an insanely massive party. We had a great time!”

Copyrights: Dorota Kaszuba & Michal Warda WhiteSmoke Studio

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Retro Polish Wedding: Iwona & Piotr

Iwona&Piotr  (46a)

Iwona & Piotr wanted a simple and fuss-free wedding, one that reflected their Polish heritage but also showcased their love for all things retro. The day had a lot of DIY elements, from the brides dress to her brooch bouquet and the majority of the reception details.

“We wanted a simple wedding”, wrote Iwona. “We love Rock n Roll and retro styles and we both have very old souls and like the old minimalist styles. Our colours were cobalt, black and white and we kept things simple. We also DIYed a lot.”

Iwona&Piotr  (6)

“Our ceremony was in a Church and was simple and beautiful. The light was gorgeous and danced around the space which made it a really memorable moment. Our wedding party was made up of just close friends and family. My ‘bridesmaid’ was my brother Mati and Piotr’s groomsman was his brother Marcin.”

“We wanted our wedding to be fun – and I think it was. Everyone was smiling all day. The wedding wasn’t anything like a traditional Polish wedding. There were a lot of questions about the length of my dress, my bouquet and the fact that I wore black but I loved it all. Our wedding portraits were taken at at old factory and a beach which are both close to our home town.”

Iwona&Piotr  (54)

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