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Rolling Stones Inspired Wedding: Julia & Chris

Rolling Stones- Marianne Chua Photography-197

Including your biggest passion, obsession even, in your wedding is highly encouraged from my corner, and no-one is more passionate about the Rolling Stones than Julia and Chris. The wedding took place in May in Chelsea, London.

Rolling Stones- Marianne Chua Photography-20

The bride wore a dress from Monsoon and BHS shoes decorated with Rolling Stones badges. The groom donned a Rolling Stones as he got ready in the morning, and the cupcakes were decorated with their logo. The table decorations at their pub reception were vinyl’s and Rolling Stones guitar picks.

Rolling Stones- Marianne Chua Photography-381

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Rustic Luxe Pub Wedding: Marina & Darren

Craig and Kate Photography079

Marina and Darren were married at Burgh House and The Prince Albert pub in Camden. Their day was simple but elegant and beautiful. The bride read the term ‘rustic luxe’ in a bridal magazine and that seemed to fit them perfectly! “Our wedding was full of beautiful rustic touches, like the flowers and picnic baskets, mixed in with a bit of 1920s glamour to give it a luxurious feel,” she explained. “Birds played a small part, as we had become a pair of Finches! We wanted the overall day to feel relaxed and the evening to be like a bloody good night out!”

Craig and Kate Photography092

Marina wore a stunning Jenny Packham gown inspired by the 1920s with Rachel Simpson shoes and flower clips in her hair from Oasis. The day was laid back and fun, and the small guest list (just 47 in total!) meant they could really enjoy spending time with everyone. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously so there was lots of laughter, humour and silliness throughout the whole day, even starting with my arrival!” she continued. “Guests knew I had arrived as they heard me telling family to get in photos! I wanted to have photos in the ‘Sullivan Garden’ before the ceremony as I was going from being a Sullivan to a Finch…at least Darren knew I had arrived!”

Craig and Kate Photography101

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Music & London Themed DIY Wedding: Sharon & Huw

SH 361

Sharon and Huw didn’t really wanted to have a wedding theme but through just picking things they liked they ended up with a wedding that reflected their love of music and of London. “When we started to plan the wedding we were adamant that we were not going to have a theme but I think we ended up with a London one”, Sharon began. “It was so important to us to get married in the city that we live in and which we love and incorporating iconic features such as the routemaster bus and vintage taxi for transport just felt like the natural thing to do.”

SH 380

“After we got engaged Huw and I identified what was important to us and set out to incorporate these things into our plans. We kept it basic knowing that we wanted to get married in London, ensure our guests were well fed and watered and, of course, have awesome music for the ceremony and party. If things ever seemed to be getting too complicated or stressful we went back to these basic concepts to get back on track. We were conscious not to get caught up in details that were not important to us – we had no interest in chair covers!”

SH 383

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Silly and Fun DIY Wedding: Chloe & Hamish


Chloe and Hamish were married in London in April. They wanted their wedding to be fun, silly and totally non-traditional. They were thrilled at how everything went down, starting with their ceremony at Hackney Town Hall. “Hamish is obviously not Hamish’s given name, and it hasn’t been legally changed”, began Chloe. “The registrar was happy to refer to her as Hamish throughout the ceremony, but had to use the given name once. I won’t say what it is, but it doesn’t suit her at all and it always makes me laugh. I thought I’d probably have to suppress a grin, but when the moment came I absolutely collapsed in fits of laughter and couldn’t compose myself, which set all the guests off too. I think that set the tone for the entire day!”


“We wrote personal vows, which included me promising to shoot Hamish in the head in the event of a zombie apocalypse, and ended with us both vowing to ‘love, honour, and annoy’. We didn’t have best people or bridesmaids, but we had a flower boy and three friends who acted as sort-of bridesmaids and sort-of ushers, who sort-of colour co-ordinated with us in shades of pink and grey.”

The couple wanted a DIY and laid back wedding but they spent a lot to make sure Hamish looked good! “Hamish’s outfit cost 1/8th of the budget!” Chloe laughed. “It’s very difficult to find appropriate wedding attire for the butch woman or masculine-identified, female-bodied person, particularly if that person is not into traditional men’s suits. A kilt suit was perfect and having it bespoke meant we could get something that was exactly right. It was worth it for Hamish to feel as fantastic as I did, and as fantastic as anyone should hope to on their wedding day. However I got my All Saints dress on eBay for £180!”


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A South London Bunny Love Shoot

Ellie Gillard photography - Bunny Love styled shoot-21

It’s no secret that I have a ‘thing’ for ridiculous headwear, and my obsession with ears in particular is completely unfaltering! So I was thrilled when I saw this cute ‘bunny love’ photo shoot by South London based wedding photographer Ellie Gillard. This world needs more brides wearing ears that’s what I say. Why not be brave and do something quirky like this for your wedding day portraits… go on, I dare ya!

Ellie Gillard photography - Bunny Love styled shoot-10

“I’ve wanted to pull together some form of styled shoot for a while”, wrote Ellie, ” something to showcase my work and something that had a different angle to the weddings I shoot. I wanted to shoot something where I could create my own story. I was also keen that, rather than just being a showcase for lots of lovely things, that there should be some kind of tangible emotion in the photos, so that real couples planning their wedding could see something in it.”

Ellie Gillard photography - Bunny Love styled shoot-110

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Music-Inspired ‘Trash the Dress’ in Brick Lane


When wedding photographer Emily Johnson ran a trash the dress competition on Rock n Roll Bride, she hoped she might find some cool babes to shoot. And, oh boy, did she! One of the first winners was Ruth Power, a musician from New Zealand. Ruth wanted a shoot that reflected her love of music, showcased her personal style and took place in and around Brick Lane, London, which she now calls home.

“Ruth lives with her husband Kane in London and plays in their band Death In Texas“, explained Emily. “When Ruth entered the competition she said she would love to save her wedding dress from the far reaches of Narina (AKA the back of her closet!) and swap the great teetering heels she wore on her wedding day for her chucks. Her vision was to be photographed browsing through a record store and busking on Brick Lane, wearing her Halston Heritage wedding dress.”


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