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Pretty Pastel DIY Wedding: Joey & Mike

Lisa Jane Photography

I’m definitely not only of those girly girls. I favour a bold and modern aesthetic over pretty pastels any day. But Joey & Mike’s wedding slayed me when it landed in my inbox recently. And ‘pretty’ is really the only word I can use to best describe what I saw.

This cute and quirky couple were married in London, at Marylebone Town Hall. They had their low key and casual reception at Hardy’s Brasserie. This stylish bride wore a short short white lace dress from Minna, who specialise in vintage or handmade gowns and use ethically sourced materials as much as possible. She carried a pink hydrangea bouquet.

Lisa Jane Photography

The couple did a lot of the set up themselves. The vegan cakes on offer were all homemade and included a chocolate cake with gold leaf (made by the bride), violet & blackberry cupcakes and fruit tart (made by the bridesmaids) Victoria sponge (made by mother of the bride) and coconut macaroons (made by bride’s Grandmother). The flowers were all bought from New Covent Garden Flower Market the day before the wedding, and were arranged last thing before they all went to bed. They spent no more than £150 on all the blooms. Their stationery was also designed by a friend.

Lisa Jane Photography

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A Mountaintop Homespun Wedding: Allison & Scott

Allison & Scott were married at 4,629 ft, at their favourite place – the top of Max Patch Bald, NC. They hosted their reception in their own home. “The décor of the ceremony was the panoramic view of the Smokey/blue Ridge Mountains and the wild buttercup flowers”, they began. “At the reception, drinks were served in mason jars, farm tables were used for dining, and the flowers were roses and hydrangeas mixed with sunflowers in mason jars. Vintage plates and napkins were used and little jars of local Tennessee wildflower honey and dippers were at each table setting as favors. Our home was built in the 1800s and we wrapped the columns in garlands and roses.”

The whole wedding had a really personal feel and everything they included was significant.  A keen hiker, the groom and his best man camped out the night before near the ceremony site, and the bride and her bridesmaids stayed at a cabin just a mile up the road. The groom, his best man and all the guests were already on top of the mountain the morning of the wedding.

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A Vintage Honeymoon Shoot: Ann & Anders

“Could there be anything more romantic than your soldier coming home from war?” wrote photographers Caroline & Jayden of Woodnote Photography. “And what if it was in the 40s, and you hadn’t been able to communicate with him online?” This was the starting point of inspiration for the honeymoon shoot of Ann & Anders which took place in Stockholm, Sweden.

“We teamed up with the fabulous stylists of Vintage Honeymoon to create this little inspiration from the past”, they continued. “Bicycles, a colorful picnic tea and a puppy as a wedding gift are the small details that turned this shoot into an afternoon of vintage magic.”

A honeymoon shoot might not be something you’ve considered before – well after all the hustle & bustle of organising your big day it’s probably the last thing on your mind! But after seeing Ann & Anders’ shoot I’m kinda in love with the idea. Gareth & I honeymooned in Tokyo. I would have loved a professional shoot to commemorate this trip – imagine what a weird and wonderful set of photographs we could have been left with!

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A Bohemian Mexican-American Wedding: Felicia & Ariel

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Felicia & Ariel wanted to plan a wedding with a nod to their heritage as well as the place they grew up. The wedding was held at The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, a non-profit education and research organisation, owned by the groom’s parents. “As born and raised Austinites and the children of hippies, we knew from the get-go that we didn’t want to have the ‘usual’ wedding,” began Felicia. “Ariel and I both love being in nature and so it seemed like a easy choice to have the wedding at the site of his family’s home and non-profit organization. We wanted the wedding to have a lot of color and reflect our passions and cultures. I’m Mexican-American and loved the idea of embroidered Mexican dresses for my bridesmaids, delicate papel picado banners, and bright paper flowers.”

“The funky architecture and homages on the property also added a lot of unique touches.  We loved that our wedding was truly a family affair – from the location to the favors and the cupcakes, both our families were very involved. My mother is an artist and designed the invitations and streamers and my father, a musician, asked some of his bandmates to play during the cocktail hour. Our friends and family also had the choice of dancing or playing volleyball right next to the stage.”

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A Backyard Beach Wedding Planned in Three Weeks: Nellie & Matt

Nellie & Matt planned their Whistable wedding in just three short weeks. They wanted something small, something personal and something relaxed. They found the amazing Beacon House, right on the beach, for their ceremony and were able to use the back garden of the bride’s brother’s holiday cottage for the reception.

“Serendipity and our amazingly supportive family and friends brought our wedding together in just 3 weeks,” the bride began. “Matt and I had been engaged for 3 years, neither of us are planners but we had a clear idea of the kind of wedding we wanted, a relaxed, seaside celebration centred around our close friends, family, good food and drink. But every option we explored in Cambridge and Brighton, our two home cities, in one way or another tied us into expensive packages, so we put off the wedding and skipped to the baby.”

“A year after our son Ted was born Matt was offered his dream job in the USA, the prospect of leaving our life in the UK brought into focus the importance of celebrating our love and commitment to our new little family. With a little over a month before we were due to leave we thought lets just see if we can do this, finding our dream venue on our very first internet search and them having an available date seemed like fate. Indeed fate struck again on the day when the predicated storms were replaced by sunshine. We decided on Whitstable because my brother lives there with his family and we were planning on visiting them that week anyway. When we saw Beacon House we fell love with it immediately. It is small and personal and is in the most idyllic location, overlooking the sea. It feels secluded and private. Getting married outside to the soundtrack of the sea was a dream and my most special memory of the day. Having the freedom to spill out from the garden to the beach afterwards was perfect for our wedding party’s large brood of children; Beacon House is everything we’d tried and failed to find in Brighton.”

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A DIY Maryland Wedding: Natalie & Brynn

The couple were married in Maryland in July. With a laid back approach, and as much help as their friends & family could muster, they planned the wedding of their dreams with little to no stress. “Our family and friends MADE this wedding happen,” explained Natalie when I asked her about her wedding. “Brynn & I didn’t want to have a wedding designer, but I think my mother now holds that title. She spent the eight months of our engagement collecting wine glasses and silverware from thrift stores.”

“Her and my aunt accumulated all the décor and oversaw virtually every design detail. My grandmother sewed all of the napkins and a family friend arranged the flowers for the centerpieces. My father created and made the cocktails and roasted coffee beans for the wedding favors (Brynn’s mother sewed the favor bags). My super-talented friend, the visual manager of an Anthropologie in DC, built the ceremony backdrop & platform and made all the signs. We asked a family friend to bartend. My best friend’s father and my cousins hung all the lights for the reception. One of my friends recently started an event-planning business and she handled all of the insane day-of coordination. Our friend is in a band and graciously offered to DJ the entire wedding.”

“Our inspiration for the ceremony was a combination of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Lord of The Rings”, she continued. “Obviously having the ceremony in a forest was a must. I envisioned my bridesmaids looking like little wood nymphs or fairies. They all picked out a white dress of their choosing and everyone looked smashing. We wanted our reception to be like a party Jay Gatsby would throw. There were lights strung everywhere, non-stop music, endless drinks, and next-level dance moves. Brynn’s brother and best man even secretly got a limo to take us away.”

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