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Clockwork Heart & Eyelash Dream: A Victorian Steampunk Shoot

Time travel. Steampunk. Victoriana. Turn of the century industrialism. If you love any of these things then you’re going to die over this shoot, sent over from Ireland by the fabulous Chemistry Photography.

“We put together this shoot with an amazing crew of 20 creatives including designer Alice Halliday (she’s the glowing goddess who designed Florence Welch’s infamous cape), Pearl & Godiva (styling genius and vintage hire guru), and rockstar make-up artist Kathryn O’Neill (she rocks the wedding world and all the Irish mags)”, photographer Kait told me.

“I had been OBSESSING about steampunking out my iMac, my iPhone, and just about every electronic device I own for a few months. So when Kathryn contacted me and said she was dying to do a creative shoot together… it was the first idea that popped into my head. I had been waiting for a good excuse to buy steampunk goggles and a discombulating ray gun. If I were to get married again, I would definitely have a Steampunk wedding. All the elegant goodness of a vintage, Victorian wedding without sacrificing sass and quirk.”

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Gothic Butterfly Inspiration

“Bridal shoots don’t have to be boring!” We’ve heard this all before but it’s even better to see shoots illustrating that point don’t you think?!

“I just loved this shoot”, wedding photographer Kathryn Edwards told me of her shoot with Beth. ”I wanted to give it a lonely isolated and fragile feel, with a dark edge.”

“Beth is a fellow photographer in Nottingham and was keen to do a rock the frock shoot with a difference. When she sent me a picture of her dress, I immediately wanted to give the shoot a gothic feel in a crumbling run down derelict location. However to describe the disused old RAF buildings in Syerston as ugly would be misleading. Although there are boarded up and broken windows, graffitti everywhere and rubbish dumped in the grounds, there was a haunting beauty about the place. Especially the caved in roof; it made for a beautiful backdrop to the shoot.”

“It was Beth’s pale skin and the beautiful fragile dress that made want to show a real contrast in the location of this shoot. I also had the idea of placing butterflies around the rubble and on Beth’s skin, to really show up the juxtaposition of the fragile and beautiful amidst the ugly and neglected, and to give the shoot a feeling of vulnerability and isolation.”

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A Dark Circus Inspiration Shoot

How do you feel about a dark circus wedding theme? Spooky but romantic, creepy but intriguing – this shoot is sure to divide opinions which is why I love it!

Coordinated by San Francisco based Asiel Design and photographed by the fabulous Caroline of Tinywater, this shoot is an epic collection of talent and ingenious ideas. From the dramatic lighting to the opulent florals, this is a style I’d love to see inspire some real life weddings.

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A Dramatic Gothic Wedding: Suzy & Dimtry

Suzy & Dimtry gothic wedding was anything but traditional. They wanted their day to reflect them but also to have fun with it. Suzy told me all about it as well as sharing some of her favourite details, “We wanted our wedding to reflect who we are as people. So you can definitely say it was not very traditional. Our cake was inspired by a Charlie the Unicorn episode, and we added their own twist by having our cake bleed as we cut into it. My favorite animal of all time is the pot bellied pig, and I wanted nothing more than to have one bring out our wedding band. Keeping as far away from tradition, we also hired a beautiful contortionist to entertain down the isle instead of a trail of bridesmaids and groomsmen.”

Suzy wore a stunning black and white wedding dress by Max Chaoul. The skirt was removable so she could have a short dress for the evening! “I wore a black and white lace gown that had a removable bottom half to flip it into a cocktail dress for dancing. Dimitry wore a black and red gothic inspired tux with tails to the floor.”

“The ceremony was performed by an actor dubbing The Princess Bride ‘Mawage is whot bwings us twogweda..’ speech thru-out the whole ceremony,” she continued. “We had already eloped in Vegas, so we were legally married and able to hire an actor instead of a priest.”

“We are also very fond of Jagermeister…so we had a couple of Jager fountains flowing all over the venue. The night ended with a surprise performance by a mini Kiss cover band. It blew everything out of the water.

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A Mythical Gothic Anniversary Shoot: Emma & Owen

After their wedding Emma & Owen decided they wanted to do a shoot that really showed off their personalities and personal style. They hadn’t had any portraits taken at their wedding eight years ago, and so they contacted photographer Jess Petrie to ask if she’d like to shoot them.

Owen told us all about their relationship and why they wanted to do this shoot. “I met Emma when I was fifteen and we’ve been together ever since. It really was love at first sight – that’s probably the only way it could have worked as I was too shy to speak to her at the time! As a teenager with a paper round, I had to save up for an engagement ring; I picked a ring at a jewellers and went there every week to add to the down-payment on a tiny gold ring with two small diamonds holding a larger third in the middle. I’d literally go there some weeks with 82 pence in copper coins to add to the pot, but I paid it off eventually and took it home! We went to sixth form and then University together, Emma to study Fine Art Painting and me to study Film & Video Production. Nowadays, Emma is a successful portrait painter and I run a film production company and am about to direct my first feature film.”

“We got married just under eight years ago at Hedingham Castle in Essex, a Norman castle from the 11th Century. The wedding was brilliant, with an all-black dress code and we wrote our own vows. Being a film maker with a professional photographer for a father, most of my friends are pretty good at wielding a camera, so we didn’t hire a photographer for the day (we obviously didn’t know Jess then). I’d been to a few weddings where the photographer had made the whole day revolve around themselves which seemed to kill any romance or spontaneity in the couple; too much ‘Stand here! Move there! Now we need the Bride’s Mother and the Groom’s Father…’ for my liking when we just wanted a day to celebrate being in love. After the wedding we were sent discs from everyone and had just under 5,000 images to sift through which was great fun, if a little slow! One thing we realised afterwards was that although we’d documented the day thoroughly, it would have been nice to get a few shots which were just about ‘us’ rather than the event.  Hence booking in with Jess for this shoot.”

“Nowadays, wedding photographers seem to have evolved, thank goodness! I went to a wedding recently where the photographer got in a fight with the bride’s uncle over ordering people about too much, so it still happens and it’s not just me it bothers – but there is a new and wonderful trend for photographers like Jess. Essentially, it’s their job to be very subtle and just capture unguarded, natural moments where people are celebrating, laughing, crying and playing. If wedding photographers like Jess had been around in 2004 when we married, we’d have booked her!”

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A Masquerade Wedding: Zoe & Chris

Many couples shy away from heavily themed weddings, but I have to say when they’re done well they can be darn right incredible. Zoe & Chris’ masquerade wedding is testament to that! The Australian couple met before the ceremony with their closest family to have some quiet time, as well as time for photographs, before the festivities began. “Chris collected me from the hotel and we went to meet our close family at a beautiful inner city garden to crack some champagne and make a toast to the rest of the night,” Zoe explained. “This was a beautiful opportunity to spend some time with those closest to us before the party began. We got some beautiful photos in the afternoon light as well.”

Both the ceremony and reception were held at Uber Nightclub, Brisbane. “We are high school sweethearts and have been engaged for over 5 years,” Zoe continued. “During the ceremony we lit two pillar candles to symbolise Chris’ mum and brother who have passed away due to illness – these stayed lit all night in the room and was a beautiful reminder that they were there with us.”


“Our guests ended up nicknaming the night as the ‘Sexy Dream’ which is exactly what I was aiming for. I was inspired by burlesque, masquerade, sexy, mysterious and flirtatious. Chris and I both work in the music industry so our wedding was always going to be a little left of centre. Most of our friends are also in the music industry and I wanted the wedding to have the Rock n Roll element but wanted it to be glamorous and romantic at the same time. I also wanted the wedding to be interactive for the guests so when they arrived they were handed a small burgundy silk pouch full of gold pieces for the bar, they were asked to choose an antique key from a dress model at the door which they could then try in locks on bird cages throughout the venue which contained little goodies such as bottles of champagne, Charbonnel et Walker truffles etc. We also had an amazing photo booth running for the whole night which was a huge success and then once the guests had their photo prints, they could customer make their own take home mini photo album.”

“I absolutely recommend a DIY wedding,” the bride concluded. “You get so much more satisfaction with the final result and it means you can share some great experiences with friends and family bringing the whole thing together. It also means you can bring your dream to life just the way you pictured it.”

The bride wore a dress which she designed herself and handmade with the help of her mother. Her ‘mask’ was a black piece of lace, which she’d bought from etsy.

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