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Melody & Will

Here comes the next one…although I think this wedding is something pretty special (didn’t I say that already today? sorry occupational hazard…)

The Bride, Melody is actually a wedding planner herself, so could you expect anything less than spectacular for her own wedding?  Well ironically, being surrounded by all things wedding in her day to day life, Melody (and Will – the husband!) decided they wanted to go completely out there for their own special day…and they certainly did!

The wedding was small, intimate.  The Bride wore (in her own words) ‘a killer dress not a wedding dress’ with blue shoes to match her sapphire engagement ring.  Finally the most important accessory of the day was the bouquet.  Before her grandmother died, Melody would read to her from her bible. So, in her honour and memory, she took the bible to the florist  and he turned the bible into her bouquet!  Amazing!

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It’s another gorgeous wedding by James Carson…Go check out the rest…a little bit gothy and a lot Rock ‘n Roll (and the Bride is super stunning!)


Credit: James Carson

Black, White & Red All Over

This wedding was sent to me by Victor Sizemore, the photographer behind the Carnival-esque wedding you all seemed to love so much.   Tanya and Joel’s wedding is surely unique – gothy and fabulous.  I love the black, white and red but the standout feature for me has got to be the rather spectacular venue!  Isn’t it just a dream come true?!

The detail of the masks is so sweet.  Tanya hand painted each mask, one per guest, which they not only wore but served as their reception placement card and favour – very personal and such a lovely idea, something the guests can enjoy on the day and will actually want to take home!


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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict that balloons will be the new big thing is weddings in 2009.  Just as 2008 was the year of the cupcakes and the fake moustaches, 2009 will be much more helium filled.

To illustrate my point, aren’t these photographs just fantastic? And don’t get my started on the Bride’s black dress..LOVE IT!

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Goth and Glamour

There’s definitely something eerie spooky, sexy, glamorous and cool about Vito and Jessica’s wedding.  The Bride wore white cowboy boots and the whole day had a gothy (check out the graveyard shots!) feel.  The day had a checkerboard motif including the Bridesmaids wicked shoes (from Gwen Stafani’s LAMB range), the Groom’s Vans, the cake, the dance floor…

Check out the fabulousity…!

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