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Fairytale Wedding in the Berkshire Mountains: Megan & Josh


When Megan and Josh discovered their beautiful fairytale venue, everything started to fall into place. The day was held at Santarella, affectionately known as the Tyringham Gingerbread House, in the Berkshire Mountains. The magical setting was the perfect backdrop for an alternative but fairytale inspired wedding celebration.

“In keeping theme with our venue, we wanted it to feel like you stepped into a fairytale” wrote the bride. “The venue itself is so beautiful we didn’t need a whole lot of decorating. However, we attempted to make anywhere we could look ethereal with the use of glowing lights, soft colors, and complimentary décor live ivy and terrariums.”


“We used light as our main theme and we placed it anywhere we could – there were fairy lights in the rocks, gardens, hanging from trees, lanterns as gifts, lights in the terrariums, etc. Of course, we nonchalantly snuck in some fairytale aspects to represent varying princesses like random apples, clocks, seashells and animals too.”

“My favorite memory is our first look”, she continued. “I was a running a little behind with hair and make up so getting into my dress was extremely rushed. But as I was walking down the path to Josh, everything kind of slowed down. My favorite part is when he turned around, looked at me, and said ‘I missed you’. It had only been since the night before that we hadn’t seen each other but as people who have spent months apart from each other, even a few hours calls for an ‘I missed you’.”


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Fairytale Scottish Castle Wedding: Lindsay & Andrew


Lindsay and Andrew wanted a wedding that reflected their Scottish heritage so the day was held at Culzean Castle on the Ayrshire coast. The castle is surrounded by 240 hectares of beautiful countryside and inviting sandy beaches and the spectacular views made for the most perfect photographs! Lindsay wore a dramatic Terry Fox gown with tartan Christian Louboutin shoes. Andrew wore a version of a traditional Scottish kilt which was designed by the bride herself.


“Andrew always wanted to get married in a castle in Scotland”, Lindsay began. “Being Canadian where no castles exist, I couldn’t say no! I do not see myself as a princess at all but I just wanted to play off of the beauty and nature of the castle itself with our wedding theme. Because the castle was so magical and elegant, I didn’t want to veer to much away from this but add to it with a bit of quirkiness and fun along with the much needed avant garde.”


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A Modern Vintage Fairytale Shoot

For this shoot to show off her new affordable collection of vintage wedding dresses, Ciara Mullan who owns Dita Florita, wanted to show how vintage dresses can be intergrated into a modern wedding setting. After brainstorming with her team, a subtle fairtytale theme was decided upon including apples and broken mirrors (those glasses!)

“There was a lot of talk regarding the word ‘vintage’ and how it is represented within the wedding industry, they explained. “With this is mind the idea of an injection of modern into the vintage wedding scene was needed to show that traditional vintage was not on the way.”

The venue, Plateau Resturant provided this modern element. Based in the centre of Canary Wharf, the restaurant had a terrace that overlooked Cabot Square which ended up being the perfect second location for the outside shots.

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Dreams Do Come True – A Parisian Fairytale Romance

If you’re anything like me, on a Friday you’re tired and ready for the weekend so I thought I’d ease you into your last working day of the week with a bit of fairytale magic…

I know how much you all loved the ‘baby bunny’ photo shoot that I blogged last week, but are you all ready for part two…shot in PARIS!? This is fairytale escapism on a whole other level. If the bunny shoot made you squeal, I think you’re just about gonna die when you see this…

“I believe in fairytales,” writes photographer/videographer genuis David of  Axioo. “Not like the ones we used to hear when we were kids. Disney has its share of planting the seeds of fairytale, but as we grow older, we know those only exist in storybooks and Disneyland. As we meet couples who share with us how their love began, what sparks their relationship, we believe there’s a magical power that brought them together.”

Jeff & Cecil flew to Paris from Indonesia for their pre-wedding shoot and brought Axioo with them. Wow.

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Cecilia’s Fairytale Portrait Session….with Baby Bunnies!

I wouldn’t say I was an overly feminine girly girl…well girly yes…but more in a ridiculous barbie, rainbow haired, massive tutu wielding kinda way than a pretty or delicate one. However when I saw Cecilia’s fairytale themed portraits by the incredible Axioo (actually shot by owner David Soong’s wife Fen!) I just about died right there and then. Bunnies, they have fluffy bunnies!

Rock n Roll? Well maybe not the most alternative thing I’ve ever featured, but we all need a bit of girl escapism once in a while don’t we? And this is a place I want to run a way to, like now please! Plus her dress by upcoming young designer Melta is just about perfect non?

Love love love love LOVE!

The other scenes still feature the baby bunnies (yes!) but Cecilia changed into a few more outfits, a cute PJ-ensemble where she posed with a giant teddy bear…

…and a couple of more elegant evening dresses…

Be sure to check out the full set after the jump!

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A Cinderella Themed Rockstar Wedding

I blogged Brittney & Chris’ state fair engagement session only two weeks ago, but I am even more excited to share their actual wedding with you today – especially because they got tattoo ‘rings’ done at their ceremony! Oh yes, how Rock n Roll is that!? They had a ”</3″ tattooed on their ring fingers (the internet symbol for a broken heart) by Jeff Brown from Hold Fast in Dallas, TX.

They really took their fairytale theme to the max with the photographer they booked, Fairy Tale Photography and the venue they chose, Fairy Tale Manor in Texas! “Rock n Roll Bride was definitely a big inspiration to keep thinking outside the box”, the couple explained. ”We are already a little off as it is, so we just kept our personalities throughout each detail of the wedding. We had Fuzzy’s Tacos catering with margaritas in rainbow cups, a cereal bar, 100 calorie snacks as favors and pumpkins decorating the venue. Each member of the bridal party was given a Cinderella character pin in place of a boutonniere. A Cinderella theme with a ROCKSTAR twist!”

The Cinderella theme was carried out throughout the wedding from their awesome cake and the carved pumpkins to all the little details around the reception. The big kid in me loves it!

Brittney wore a one of a kind vintage dress from Circle Park Bridal, TX and for the reception, she chanced into the same Betsey Johnson dress and Toms that she wore for their engagement session. She chose not to have traditional flowers in favour of a sparkly faux flower spray bouquet.

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