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N’tima & Steven’s Love Across the Sea

How are your emotions doing today? because I’ve got a wedding to share that will probably make you blub…there is just so. much. love right here!

N’tima & Steven’s love blossomed across the sea. The bride explained, “We lived in Okinawa, Japan when we met. He was 16, I was 14. We were kids. We were neighbours. We both were kinda dating people on & off here in America, so we were just friends.You see, my family had orders to be shipped to California in June. It was April, and Steven and I were starting to get close. We exchanged numbers, and everything moved so quickly after this point. Every day before I moved was spent falling in love with this beautiful boy. Although we denied it, and being together was scary to us. Distance obviously hadn’t worked previously, so we decided we’d be just friends. Everyone around us knew we were ridiculously in love, but we kept telling each other that we had to stay friends.”

“On May 26, 2008, Steven told me that he loved me, and that he would rather ‘try & fail with us, than not try at all.’ So June 6, 2008, I moved away, and we made the distance work for us. We lived through web-cam dates & 17 hour time differences. I visited November of that year, and April of 2009. By the end of 2009, Steven had joined the air force. He was sent to Basic & we lived through letters for 8 1/2 weeks. I visited for his graduation. He was then sent to Tech school across the country for four more months. I visited for Christmas. In January of 2010 he was sent to live 2 hours away from me here in California, completely by chance. How much luckier could we be, eh?”

“In May of this year, he proposed. We were riding the country roads in his 1977 pick up truck. He parked on the gravel road next to where we had carved our names into the bark during a previous visit. It was sunset, and the sun was sinking behind the mountains. He was holding me in the bed of his truck when he started a slew of compliments and promises & seconds later I look down and he’s holding my left hand in his lap with his right & a gorgeous ring with his left. And then he asked me to “please marry him.” I, clearly, and without hesitation, said “yes!”

Their DIY wedding was held at Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Salt Lake City, Utah. N’tima’s Grandpa performed the ceremony and her Grandmother was her matron of honour. She wore a vintage dress which she’d found in a thrift store and her Grandmother altered it for her. She hand-dyed her cute-as-hell peach pumps herself on the hotel stove the day before the wedding and wore these with cream patterned tights which she bought from Target.

I literally can’t get over how awesome and adorable this couple and their wedding are. I am so honoured that I get to share it with you today. Be sure to check out the beautiful video’ too (but get those hankies out – it’s a tearjerker…)

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Annette & Chris’ Fancy Dress Victorian Circus Themed Wedding

Annette & Chris had a fancy dress/steampunk themed wedding in Liverpool. The bride wore a corset purchased from Corsets UK and a skirt from MTCoffinzUnderground on Etsy. “My dress wasn’t technically a ‘dress’ as it was a Corset and a separate skirt,” the bride told me. “I bought the white and black steel boned corset for around £60 and the skirt, which was described as a ‘Victorian Lace Gothic Ball Gown’, cost around £100.” She also wore Victorian-style black ankle boots which she hired from a fancy dress shop! Chris hired his unique outfit from a fancy dress shop too.

“The groom came up with the whole idea of a Victorian Circus themed wedding,” explained Annette. “We’re not ‘average’ kind of people and didn’t want to settle on an ‘average’ wedding, so it had to be fancy dress! Although we took our vows to each other seriously, we don’t believe a wedding should be a completely serious affair. It’s a great excuse to get dressed up and have a massive party with all of your friends and family, which is what we did! I think that’s what makes us so Rock n Roll. Everyone said it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to, including their own!”

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Marco & Corinne’s Global Folk Art, Home-Spun Wedding

When I received the initial submission email from photographer Pat Dy, dubbing this as his ‘coolest ever wedding’ I had high expectations…and you know what I’m going to say here don’t you?…I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

Marco & Corinne’s home-spun DIY wedding was a real labour of love. The wedding took place at the Groom’s arents house and they crafted their wedding mostly from items they already owned. Everything from their outfits to the flowers arrangement were hand made by the couple themselves or a close friend or family member. This created something totally unique and personal.

“Our theme was global folk art,” Corinne told me. “We just used mostly what we already had lying around our house. We wanted that all the elements were everything we both love. So much heart was put in by family and friends during the 2 months preparation of the wedding. My Mom even handpainted the 150 stones as favours.”

They even had a live mural painting – what an amazing memento to have at their parent’s house to treasure forever – and a shadow box, which made for some really great photographs.

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Emma & James’ Wedding of Love & Laughter

Emma & James had a wedding filled with love and laughter. With help from their family & friends, the couple pretty much handmade everything for their special day. The cake was made by James’ brother who has a family bakery, The Cherrytree Bakery, the bridesmaid dresses were made by a family friend and Emma, her Mum and her sisters made all the bouquets and buttonholes.

The couple designed their own invitations and their RSVP cards were drawn by their daughter Lily (aww.) “We wanted to be able to have something to hand out to our guests as they came in to the civil ceremony so made these little fans which listed the members of the bridal party, the names of the people doing readings and what they were reading, ” Emma explained. “These proved very useful on the dance floor later in the evening!”

The majority of the reception details and décor were also handmade. The bunting was crafted from paper doilies which Emma bought from a local £1 shop, cut into triangles and sprayed gold. They were then stapled onto red and white polka dot and gingham ribbons and were used to decorate the entrance marquee where the afternoon tea party took place. The seating plans were mad from Ikea frames, the table cloths and napkins were cut from fabric purchased very cheaply and the centrepieces were recycled tin cans that Emma knitted little jackets for (omg seriously dying over how cute these are!) Lily then made lots of little button and beaded hearts which they decorated the woolly jackets with.

Also on the table was vintage mismatched crockery and table numbers made from bottles that Emma and her Mum collected in the run up to the wedding. They were filled with homemade schnapps! Finally, Emma and Lily made moustaches and lips from Fimo and put them on sticks, “It was a lot of fun and much easier than I thought!” Emma said. “For favours each of our guests got a novelty gift on their chair we had stick on moustaches, masks, false teeth, funny glasses and lots of glow in the dark accessories as we wanted our room filled with laughter and ridiculous behaviour. These were picked up from pound and novelty shops and online.

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Briana & George’s Antique Wedding

“I like to question everything, so if something at a wedding doesn’t have a specific purpose it was out,” began the bride Briana. “We didn’t have a guestbook, or a garter toss, or a bouquet, or a cake, or a chicken dance…My husband and I both love vintage stuff.  We’re both silly, dumpster-diving artist types.  We would have just eloped, because the idea of a wedding seemed both superfluous and expensive, but we both love a good party!  It was a compromise.  If I had more than 4 months to plan it and lived in town, I would have handmade everything myself and incorporated tons of quirky details…but it was perfect just the way it was.”

The ceremony took place in San Diego, at California State Capital Rose Garden, and the reception that followed was on a boat – The Delta King Ship on the Sacramento River. The bride wore an antique style dress from Unique Vintage and a veil that she made herself. She also made her own earrings from some junk store items which she found in Honolulu’s in Chinatown. Her bracelet has previously belonged to her Great-Grandmother. Not wanting to be upstaged by his bride, George wore a custom that he hired from a fancy dress shop! The top hat and tails were a total surprise to everyone at the wedding.

“I tried to do everything myself,” concluded the bride. “I got a lot of inspiration from wedding blogs. I handmade the “YAY!” flags,  the flower girls’ basket from a basket someone had trashed in my building, etc.  We did pretty much everything ourselves that we could.  The paper flowers almost made it, but I ran out of time! Personal touches (and my awesome bridesmaids and Mother) are what made my wedding special and separate from some generic store bought wedding.”

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Anna Lee & Jeremy’s Vintage-Inspired DIY Wedding

Anna Lee & Jeremy were engaged and married within 3 1/2 months. After Anna Lee moved away to teach in Rwanda, the couple realised they couldn’t live without each other and set a wedding date before she’d even come back. Even though they we’re technically already engaged, when Anna Lee returned after 10 months, Jeremy proposed properly and did so in the car park of their favourite restaurant because he couldn’t wait one second longer!

Anna Lee told me all about their vintage-inspired DIY wedding. “I think I would describe our wedding as DIY vintage and it wouldn’t have been possible to put together a wedding on a budget in 3 months without the help of my awesome family and friends. The only “vendors” we hired were the DJ and photographer. I hit up every craft store, thrift shop, and dollar store in the area.  My Mom, sister, and I made everything: the invitations and programs, bridesmaid’s bouquets, boutonnieres, and decorations. I created the mothers wrist corsages out of fabric hair pieces from Forever21. The only flowers used were babies breath, purchased from a local grocery store. Instead of large floral arrangements at the reception, I bought manzanita branches online, spray painted them black, and attached tissue paper flowers and moss. A local landscaping nursery let us borrow two small trees we set up inside to soften the reception hall area. We saved a ton of money on flowers this way!”

“Each of our centerpieces featured old wedding photos of our family members and it was very special to be able to include them in this way. My Dad built a wall covering to go over an ugly door at the entrance of the reception and we attached old mirrors and white cabinet doors to it for a unique backdrop. I painted several old chairs from my great-grandparents house and placed them around the reception hall to add to the “vintage” feel. My Dad also built the ceremony arch and enlisted the help of several family friends to help us set up everything on the wedding day. Our beautiful event lighting was a gift from family friends that have a business in landscape lighting and it completely transformed the reception area!”

With time not on their side, getting a dress custom-made was out of the question for Anna Lee. Instead she found one on sale and customised it herself. ” I wanted a dress that was different from any dress I’d ever seen, but since we were engaged and married within only 3 1/2 months, ordering something specially made for me was out of the question. After searching a million bridal shops, I found a last season 2BeBride dress that was half price! I made the black sash out of ribbon and netting that had actually been tied around one of my shower gifts – it was exactly what I was looking for and it was FREE!”

Anna Lee & Jeremy planned the perfect wedding for them and they wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. Just goes to show that a little bit of imagination and a whole lotta love and you can create the wedding of your dreams in no time at all! “During the wedding planning, it was easy to feel stressed out about completing all the DIY projects and stay within the budget,” Anna Lee concluded. “Wedding blogs like Rock n Roll Bride were such a inspiration in trying to pull everything together! We didn’t want “the norm” for weddings in our area and several people who heard some of our ideas before the wedding seemed a little shocked because it wasn’t what they were used to. But I’m so glad we didn’t change anything because it was perfect for us, and after the wedding many of our guests couldn’t stop talking about how unique and special the ceremony was.”

“A DIY wedding is a whole lot of work, but completely worth it! Our wedding really felt like a personal event, not put together by random vendors but truly a time of celebration with family and sweet friends.”

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