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A Quirky New South Wales Wedding: Nat & Michael

The New South Wales wedding of Nat & Michael was full of quirky touches – starting with the bride’s awesome pink & blue locks and 1930s wedding dress of course!

“We really wanted to keep our wedding cool, calm and casual without missing out of a bit of glam and class!” the bride told me. “We stuck with the motto ‘Our day, our way’ and tried to make sure that it was just a bunch of fun for everyone. I was the boss of planning, but that didn’t mean that Michael wasn’t represented- I’ve been to plenty of weddings where it feels like the groom didn’t get his say and we talked everything over and came to a consensus. Really the whole planning process was a breeze because I stayed really calm about everything and just let things happen naturally. There was only one ‘freak out’ moment in the whole year and a half we were engaged and that was about the boy’s suits, they very nearly ended up without any because we had a hard time finding something that suited everyone. Everything just fell in to place, and I think it was because we didn’t get our heart too set on anything and just went with the flow.”

“We’re far from ‘traditional’ people, but we kept some of the elements of a traditional wedding”, she continued. “This seemed to confuse a lot of people. We’re not practicing Catholics but many members of our family are and it certainly wasn’t going to rub us the wrong way to have our wedding in the church where we went to primary school together – not to mention it is a beautiful setting. The priest is actually my uncle, so that made it a bit more special.”

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A Handmade Countryside Wedding: Elaine & Drew

The cute countryside retreat of The Barn at Timberlake Farms was the perfect venue for laid back Elaine & Drew. They started their day with a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony and ended with a dance contest!

“We wanted to be comfortable, and we wanted our guest to be comfortable too”, wrote Elaine. “We tried to do that while still honoring the importance of the day, and the formal nature of the ceremony being performed in the Greek Church. Our aim was to create a picnic-feel, but with tables and chairs. And we weren’t afraid to cut the traditional wedding elements like tossing the bouquet or renting a limo. Instead, we held a very serious dance contest complete with engraved trophies. And, we got a free car wash on the way to the reception!”

To give the wedding a personal touch, the couple and their family DIY’ed as much as they could. “My Mom and Dad helped make the miniature picnic basket favors”, the bride continued. “Inside each was full of kufeta, or Greek jordan almonds. For a while, the dining room table was piled high with these little guys – it looked like an elf workshop. The wedding programs came equipped with a vintage hanky, each one different. My Mother-in-law found hundreds of them at a yard sale in Illinois for next to nothing. I had wanted to construct a quilt for our “guestbook” wedding quilt but I ran out of time. However it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I think the vintage squares, which people wrote personal notes on, worked out better!”

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A Rustic, Dainty & Slightly Chaotic Winery Wedding: Megan & Matt

Megan & Matt’s wedding is one I definitely wish I’d been at. The bride rocking a hipflask in her garter, a kid called Milo Bear (isn’t that the coolest name for a child ever?!) a mashed potato bar (trumps a dessert bar any day!) and a fancy dress party to end the night on a high.

The bride told me all about their wedding, held at Talon Winery, Kentucky. “I didn’t pick a color scheme. I didn’t make my sister & friends wear some awful dress they would NEVER use again. I rocked a garter flask filled with bourbon all night (drained that) and I wore bad ass boots that I will wear for YEARS instead of heels I wouldn’t get much use out of.”

“Our close friend Nathan got ordained so he could marry us. Both my mom & dad walked me down the aisle – to Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zero’s ‘Home’. Matt & Milo walked out to Sigur Ros ‘Hoppipolla’. Our wedding vows were non traditional and teetered on the edge of stand up comedy. For dinner we served fried chicken & waffles, shrimp-n-grits, ratatouille, mashed potato bar(!), several selections of salads & lotsa veggies for my vegetarian butt!”

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A Hackney Vintage Mash Up: Aimee & Lee

Aimee & Lee were married in April at the Hackney Council Chambers. The wedding had an effortlessly cool, East London vibe with vintage elements throughout. “We both really love Hackney and wanted to get married in the borough as we brought our first home here and its where we first met”, the bride told me. “We picked the council chamber because of its art deco features and also it is a circular room so it felt really intimate and we loved the idea of being surrounded in a circle by all our family and friends.”

The Peasant Pub in Clerkenwell proved to be the perfect reception venue for this laid back couple. They were able to hire the entire pub for a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding venue, as well as really go to town putting their own stamp on the decor. “Myself and Lee wanted a relaxed wedding venue and somewhere where we felt at home, this happened to be a pub in Clerkenwell”, the bride continued. “It has some lovely original Victorian features in the pub and being a lover of anything old it was the perfect spot. I also had specfic ideas of how I wanted to decorate it and Nick the owner was open and let us decorate it how we felt. He was fantastic at planning and helped us with any queries, his staff where also incredibly helpful on the day.”

“We tried to do a lot of decoration at the pub ourselves so customised our own bunting with our initials entwined. Lee is a massive lover of Scrabble so everyone had a Scrabble name as there name place. I also brought loads of vintage table cloths on eBay to give the pub a vintage feel. Our favours where a tape we recorded together of one of our favourite songs, Johnny Cash – Jackson. I can’t sing so I’m hoping no one has actually played it.”

The bride wore a 1940s vintage wedding dress which she found in Hope and Harlequin, Brighton. “As a massive lover of anything old I always knew my dress would be vintage”, she explained. “I went to Hope and Harlequin in Brighton as its a relaxed atmosphere and you can browse through the rails of dresses from all eras. Louise the owner is a jem and encouraged me to try on all styles. I ended up choosing a 1940s dress with pearl embellishment, which they took in for me and ended up fitting me like a glove, it was perfect and reduced me to tears.”

With her perfect dress she added customised Kurt Geiger shoes and and a homemade 1920s inspired cap veil. “I love Kurt Geiger shoes and wanted something classic but with a modern twist, so I brought the shoes and a talented friend of mine customised the soles so they where neon pink. I made my veil myself and was influenced by the 1920/30s caplets. I found a old pearl necklace and brought some silk mesh from Berwick St in London. The floral brooches on the ear pieces where from Hammersmith vintage market.”

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A Stylish East London Wedding: Charlotte & Jonathan

When the bride is an in-demand fashion stylist you just know the wedding is going to be incredible right? Well Charlotte & Jonathan certainly put their own stamp on their day, with Charlotte’s expert knowledge and uber cool credentials coming in pretty darn handy for all the pretty bits.

The wedding was held at Town Hall Hotel in London’s vibrant East End. The deco decor suited the theme of the day perfectly, which was also echoed by the bride’s gorgeous genuine 1960s vintage wedding dress from Elizabeth Avey.

“I’m a fashion stylist I wanted our wedding to be a bit personal to us both and for it not to be too stiff and formal”, Charlotte told me. “It was important for everyone just to have fun! Jonathan is Jewish and I’m not so we had a civil ceremony in the amazing Courtroom at The Town Hall Hotel and then Jonathan’s Dad did a little Jewish blessing afterwards so Jonathan could smash the glass! We also played the ‘Hava Nagila’ song later and were lifted up on the chairs for the Jewish dancing. Before the service started the music playing was acoustic versions of Rihanna and Beyonce songs! The Town Hall Hotel has loads of cool features too as a venue, lots of work is featured from East London artists which is a really nice touch. We live in East London too so wanted it to be local! I love that the venue was really amazing and beautiful but then there’s a council estate opposite and it’s still the original town hall building.”

Being a creative couple DIY was an inevitable part of their day, as Charlotte continued, “We (my Mum and I) made the cards and stationery. We made the table plan using an old rococo mirror and Liberty print wrapping paper and we are going to hang the mirror in our house afterwards.”

“I think the main drive for our wedding theme was that we didn’t want our wedding to be boring!!” Charlotte laughed. “I wanted it to be pretty, cool and fun – loads of flowers, candles, hearts and nice touches, not to traditional but not try hard/flashy. I didn’t want a long dress either as I wanted to be able to dance and for it to set the tone of the day.  The music in the evening was just like a big party – no normal cheesy wedding songs!! I think we wanted to keep it real.”

“I also hate traditional wedding cakes but love big old proper cakes! We liked the idea of it being a bit of an English, springtime, fun version of Marie Antoinette ‘Let Them Eat Cake’!”

“I think words I’d use to describe our wedding would be fun, modern vintage romance and pretty”, she concluded. “The dress code was black tie and pretty dresses… I also didn’t want a proper colour scheme – everyone kept asking us about colour schemes and we just wanted all lovely Spring, pastel, sherbet colours, nothing set in stone. And we had colourful ribbons tied in bows on the backs of chairs instead of chair covers (I hate chair covers!)”

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A DIY Vineyard Wedding: Christopher & Kerrie

For their vineyard wedding, Christopher & Kerrie wanted something kitsch, warm and welcoming but without being restricted by a particular theme. “We put in all the elements that were ‘us’ that blended well and looked good together”, the bride told me. “I would say our wedding theme, if anything, was ‘uniquely us’. We are young romantics, whimsical, mismatched and a bit scruffy, we are lazy Sunday afternoon tea on a patchwork quilt in the sun and piece of cake to take home with you.”

The wedding was held at Immerse Winery in the Dixon Valley, Australia. “There is no one thing in particular that inspired our day”, Kerrie continued. “Our inspiration came from our experiences and adventures together, from the pattern on the tea cups at our favourite café, the lane ways of Melbourne we explore and the vintage markets we paw through on weekends. We like things higgledy piggledy and mismatched so we used that to our advantage. Everything from the invitations and bombonieres, to my shoes and my dress were all made by myself with help from my fiancé and Mum.”

Oh yes, Kerrie’s beautiful dress! Can we just stop and admire it’s gorgeousness for a second please?

“My mother and I designed made my dress together!, she explained. “Not only was it an amazing bonding experience but we bought the lace from the same store at the same counter from the same man who sold my mother the lace for her wedding gown 25 years earlier.”

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