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A Runaway Bride Styled Shoot

London wedding photographer Ann Charlotte set up this morning’s editorial shoot in order to showcase an idea she’d had running through her head for a while. “I love fairytales and this fictional fairytale wedding/fashion shoot was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the idea of a runaway bride. I wanted to shoot a misunderstood bride, running away from her wedding in tears. After some soul searching she eventually came back home to a waiting husband-to-be and a reconciliation.”

Like with many of the fashion-led shoots I feature, this certainly won’t be for everyone, but I love the fact that this shoot pushes the boundaries of what might be expected in a ‘styled wedding shoot’ and focuses on the people and their story rather than the ‘stuff’. The bride’s outfit is also pretty bad ass no?!

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A Handmade Florida Wedding : Mike & Melissa

Working in the music industry it was important to Mike & Melissa that their wedding suited their lifestyle and sensibilities and 1903 Hontoon, a vacation property in Deland Florida, turned out to be the perfect place. “Mike is a local musician and recently I have decided to leave my job and become his manager!” began the bride. “We have been together for almost 4 years now and over the next two we will be setting up our lives to hit the road indefinitely until we find the best place to live! We are too hot here in Florida and always long to be in the mountains. We changed our wedding date 3 times just so that we could have it at this venue, because as far as Florida goes it was pretty hard to find a place that really spoke of who we are. We chose 1903 Hontoon, a vacation property that used to be an old boat & motor repair shot. It has an awesome feel to it. Our wedding is hardcore DIY & handmade – from 1,000 paper cranes to the tablecloths to the bridesmaid dresses and jewelry.”

“I’m extremely crafty so I have been a non-stop force of productivity in creating everything I possibly can for this day. With that being said it is REALLY important to us to have our wedding captured because every detail is so dear to our hearts! The two of us never imagined that we would get married but, love eventually finds you and before we left for our travels it was important to us to share this bond and experience with our families.”

The bride wore a yellow wedding dress which she made. Her bridesmaid’s dresses and everyone’s accessories were also handmade by the lady herself. The boys all wore outfits that they sourced from charity shops and thrift stores. The cake, flowers and all the reception decor were also completely DIY!

“When Melissa contacted me and told me about their wedding I was so freaking excited!” wedding photographer Amalie Orrange continued. “This wedding was my dream wedding, a crafty, colorful delight of handmade goodness. Melissa handmade everything from the boutonnieres, the vintage labeled cans that were recycled from old soup cans and filled with succulents. She collected vintage sheets and fabric and sewn together to make 16 tablecloths. Melissa was a one person crafting sweat shop, she said she even had Mike on the sewing machine a few times! Melissa puts Martha Stewart to shame.”

“On the day of the wedding I arrived 2 hours before and was in awe when I saw everything set up. We had been talking for months and going back in forth emailing pictures of cool ideas and everything she had been doing, I really felt like I was part of this great wedding. About 2 minutes before the ceremony it started pouring down rain, I felt awful because the whole feel of the wedding was a centered around being outside. The wedding was moved in the garage hanger and the skies soon cleared, and everyone had an amazing time. I am so excited to share this beautiful & unique wedding.”

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Batman, Fish & Beards – A Party-Hard Nightclub Wedding: Dustin & Morgan

You’d be shocked at the number of emails I recieve from brides-to-be who tell me they love my site and the weddings I feature but that they’re worried that their wedding will somehow not ‘measure up’ or be ‘as cool’ as the weddings they see online. My response to these girls is always the same: your wedding is not a ‘coolness’ competition or a chance to show off. Your wedding is for you and your partner and it will be awesome because you are awesome. The love is the most important thing, not the amazing centrepieces, the quirky stationery or the beautiful dress. These things are meant to enhance your day for you, to be fun and exciting, they do not and will not define anything other than that.

So why did I want to mention that again today? Well Dustin & Morgan’s wedding is pretty much the epitome of Rock n Roll awesome. It wasn’t detail-heavy or wedding blog pretty – it was just a seriously awesome party! It celebrated their love in their way and they were 100% unapologetic about that fact… And you know what? It’s one of my favourite weddings that’s I’ve featured in a long time! So, forget about the bunting, the mason jars or the designer frock and focus on what’s important – the LOVE (and in this case, the dancing)…

The wedding was held at The Hideout, Chicago and the aim of the game was for the couple to throw a party that reflected them and their love. It wasn’t about the froof or the perfectly matching napkins, it was about celebrating! “I don’t really know what our inspiration was, ” Morgan told me. “We just did what we always do. We came up with the stupidest thing we could think of and make it exist…just like our marriage haha!”

“If we had to have a theme it would have been BATMAN FISH-BEARD! All the wall decorations were cassette tapes. Dustin had a big box of voice demo tapes from the 90s that he had somehow acquired. We decorated and hung them on the walls of The Hideout. When you pull out a tape’s guts it looks like streamers. Also we put felt beards on all the taxidermy fish at that were on the walls… As you do.”

“Our cake toppers were Batman and Clayface Mini-Mates. I glued some flowers to Clayface and gave him a bouquet, and Zoe (who also did my hair and make up) painted a tux on Batman. My friend Jamie Knight painted a portrait of the two that hung behind the desserts. Why Batman? Why Clayface? Batman was a given, as Dustin Drase is the worlds greatest detective, But I had trouble choosing the character that was most ‘me’. Unable to make a decision I just went with the big, fat, mud-monster as ‘big, fat, mud-monster’ is my spirit animal.”

“For our invites we had my sister combine my narwhale tattoo with Dustin’s beard and glasses to create a design we used on both the invites and the shot glasses. The shot glasses were used in our Malort Toast. Malort is magic. Malort can not be described. You should find some and drink some and take a picture of your face and send it to me. We also had smile-face cookies!”

Yep, it’s offical. I love these guys. Morgan’s closing statement made me want to hug her and squeeze her and tell he she made me whole, “I can teach you how to make hair flowers, the tape decorations, or how to fit a taxidermy fish with a felt beard,” she concluded. “However I cannot teach you how to love… I’m sorry.”

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DIY Tutorial: Cinemagraphs Using Photoshop

I’ve been obsessing over cinemagraphs for ages – in essence they are still images with a small isolated section that moves. When you first see them they’re quite confusing but totally entrancing! I’ve always wondered how they were made and how you can get essentially a still image to have bits of moving video within it but today (eeek) my questions have been answered. When I was sent this Photoshop tutorial by photographer Violet Short I literally gasped. Check out this cute one she made of her dog Marshmallow!

My name is Violet and I blog over at Blythe Ponytail Parades, a compilation blog featuring my photography and progress with the business, food and crafts! I am always trying to keep things fresh, new and exciting while posting throughout the week! Come on over if you enjoy vintage inspired photography, new decadent recipes or a load of inspiration to brighten your day!

Today I will show you how I worked through my video to create a cinemagraph. I will note, using living objects or anything near someone’s face (like moving hair as I did for this tutorial) can be difficult. I wouldn’t recommend it for your first one.

I will preface by saying that you will need a basic knowledge of photoshop to attempt this tutorial. If you aren’t sure how to use photoshop, than this tutorial might end up not being explained well enough. So bare with me and ask as many questions as you need to!

Step One: First, you will need to come up with a subject matter, decide what you want to be moving and what you are going to isolate. For my video, we set up a tripod (which is essential) in our living room and turned on the video recording spot on my camera. I sat on the couch with a fan blowing at me and I wanted to isolate everything but a few hairs that would move with the air.

Step Two: Once you have your video file, here’s what you do: File – Import – Video Frames to layers – locate your file.

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A Scottish Loch-Side Wedding: Wayne & Mac

Wayne & Mac were married at The Lodge at Loch Goil in Scotland. The beautiful venue and epic scenery really defined their gorgeous wedding. Newlywed Mac told me all about their fabulous day. “Rock n Roll Bride was a favourite blog for my when planning my weddings! It was a bit of a godsend actually as all the standard wedding websites and magazines made me feel a bit nauseas with twitterings on about favours and general frilly pinkness. Wayne and I are both fairly scruffy monkeys that don’t do a lot of dressing up so we were keen to have a do that catered to us and our friends tastes. We wanted a fairly small wedding with close friends and family to have a chance of spending time with them rather than a quick 5 minutes that some mates had endured at their bigger do’s. And we wanted to get some time together!”

“The original plan was poking around a snow wedding in Norway or away snowboarding but the practicalities of shipping 20 plus people north or to mountains proved epic, and Wayne chipped in his ‘must haves’ of Scotland, bagpipes, and being able to keep his mutton chop sideys. We stumbled across The Lodge at Loch Goil during my many productive hours at work Googling and from our first visit adored it. Alice Gill, the head planner, and her assistant Kelly sorted out pretty much everything from their list of regular bookings – they do in-house catering (even with our veggie and gluten bothering mates), a resident florist and use local staff and suppliers for as much as possible including their own kitchen garden in the grounds.”

The simple and stress-free wedding was perfect for this couple who decided the wedding fluff and stuff really wasn’t for them! “I wore a dress from Coast,” the bride continued. “I originally found a random pink version on a non-wedding shopping trip, and despite not liking pink it liked it as I knew I didn’t want a meringue. I tried it on with the boots I had on and the seed was sown. It took a bit of ringing round various branches and whispering credit card details in restaraunt toilets to get it, and then persuading them to exchange it a couple of months later when the white version was released!”

“Neither Wayne or I are particularly religious and we wanted a ceremony that was a bit less formal than some might expect. After Mum mentioned going to a friend’s daughter’s humanist wedding where the bride and groom skipped down the aisle to the Benny Hill theme tune I knew we were on to a winner. We booked our wedding at quite short notice, and were lucky enough to meet Linda Britton, our celebrant. Humanist weddings encompass the legal bits with whatever reflects the couples values as long as it is dignified and legal! We met with her and did lots of emailing about the ceremony and she did us proud, we can’t thank or recommend her enough. The Lodge gave us indoor/outdoor options for the ceremony depending on the weather. We had rain the day before and a pretty poor forecast but Alice came up trumps and gave the go ahead for the loch shore under the tree. (With the tyre swing, good fun). It was lovely and informal with a table, a few chairs and some flowers and everyone gathered round. People passing by in canoes and boats is a lovely bonus, and I’m so impressed that our photographer got such great photos as I spent the whole thing grinning like an idiot and doing thumbs up.”

The Lodge has been designed and curated with vintage and retro pieces and Alice is an encyclopedia of beautiful things. We also brought a dressing up box of nonsense for people to take their own shots with and loads of spare flip flops for dancing. The ultimate decor was the Lodge’s treehouse which I still make little squealy noises about when it pops up on the Visit Scotland TV adverts. It was the perfect place to have our pictures taken.”

“We had a piper from the local pipe band playing as guests arrived and as I trotted through the garden with my Dad. As a sneaky surprise Wayne and I booked fireworks in the evening through Alice, it was a hard job keeping my trap shut about it. The village gets considerate advance warning that they will be happening, and we were told they would all be out watching from their gardens. What we didn’t know was that the grounds would be lit with candles and we would launch a fireballoon as a pretence for getting everyone outside. The fireworks lasted ages and it was a wonderful end to our day standing by the loch with all our family and friends. I was so glad I skipped favours and other things I was ‘supposed’ to have and went for something that everyone could share in.”

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