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A Laidback Backyard Wedding: Jeremy & Laura

Oh Jeremy & Laura how the hell did you get so awesome? I’d like to bottle some of it up and sell it…

Backyard weddings always get me excited. Not only is having a wedding at home a lovely symbol of starting your married life at a place that really means something to you, but it also means you don’t have to drop £10,000 to hire an empty space.

“Our wedding was all about making and celebrating memories of our favorite people, music, booze and food in our home”, the couple told me. “We weren’t really inspired by anything other than knowing what we didn’t want. And we only gave ourselves ten weeks to do it.”

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Pin Wheels, Paper Flags, Tattoos & Love: Christina & Paul

I’ve been having a sordid love affair with Matt Miller’s photography for a few years now. I’ve tried to quit it but then he keeps luring me back with emails like “Heygirl, you’re gonna LOVE this wedding!” and then I’m right back again…all smitten and stuff.

That’s exactly what happened when I saw Christina & Paul’s epic wedding. I’ve died and gone to Rock n Roll wedding heaven.

“We don’t know any other way”, Christina told me when I asked her about why they had a Rock n Roll wedding. “We make all of our decisions based on the lives that we have formed for ourselves, and for better or for worse, we have spent that time trying to tow the line between ‘punk’ and ‘traditional.’ Sometimes one side wins and one side loses, luckily they came together to create a great amalgamation for our wedding to let both sides of our characters shine. We really wanted to center our wedding around just having a good old fashioned Rock n Roll time. The majority of our guests were friends, so that alone gave it a youthful (and heavily tattooed) vibe. We picked lots of oldies soul music to which guests of every single age range loved dancing to.”

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A Spaghetti Western, Day of the Dead & Frida Kahlo Inspired Wedding: Jess & Martin

Jess & Martin’s quirky wedding fills my heart with glee. It seems that these days, it’s not the wedding details I’m falling in love with (although seeing the pretty/cute/alternative/awesome ideas that people come up with is ace) but the people behind them. How can you not fall in love with these two?

“We wanted a relaxed, quirky and easy going wedding that was easy for most people to get to, so set it close to where we lived in Stoke Newington”, Jess told me. “We love the funky yet friendly atmosphere of this area and are passionate about where we live.”

The ceremony was held at Stoke Newington Town Hall and was an emotional service. “The local registry office has just been renovated back to its art deco glory and it’s a beautiful stylish venue”, she continued. “One of our friends had written a beautiful, personal speech, so much so it left the Registrar in tears – having apparently not cried during a single ceremony for 12 years.”

“We chose a laid back arty pub for the reception in Islington that was just perfect. Originally we were going to another pub in Islington but they cancelled on us 12 weeks before the wedding which was a little stressful. Actually, this worked out for the best as The Wilmington Arms were so helpful and really got into the style and spirit of the day and nothing was too much trouble – we got the relaxed atmosphere we had always wanted!”

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A Quirky New South Wales Wedding: Nat & Michael

The New South Wales wedding of Nat & Michael was full of quirky touches – starting with the bride’s awesome pink & blue locks and 1930s wedding dress of course!

“We really wanted to keep our wedding cool, calm and casual without missing out of a bit of glam and class!” the bride told me. “We stuck with the motto ‘Our day, our way’ and tried to make sure that it was just a bunch of fun for everyone. I was the boss of planning, but that didn’t mean that Michael wasn’t represented- I’ve been to plenty of weddings where it feels like the groom didn’t get his say and we talked everything over and came to a consensus. Really the whole planning process was a breeze because I stayed really calm about everything and just let things happen naturally. There was only one ‘freak out’ moment in the whole year and a half we were engaged and that was about the boy’s suits, they very nearly ended up without any because we had a hard time finding something that suited everyone. Everything just fell in to place, and I think it was because we didn’t get our heart too set on anything and just went with the flow.”

“We’re far from ‘traditional’ people, but we kept some of the elements of a traditional wedding”, she continued. “This seemed to confuse a lot of people. We’re not practicing Catholics but many members of our family are and it certainly wasn’t going to rub us the wrong way to have our wedding in the church where we went to primary school together – not to mention it is a beautiful setting. The priest is actually my uncle, so that made it a bit more special.”

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A Handmade Countryside Wedding: Elaine & Drew

The cute countryside retreat of The Barn at Timberlake Farms was the perfect venue for laid back Elaine & Drew. They started their day with a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony and ended with a dance contest!

“We wanted to be comfortable, and we wanted our guest to be comfortable too”, wrote Elaine. “We tried to do that while still honoring the importance of the day, and the formal nature of the ceremony being performed in the Greek Church. Our aim was to create a picnic-feel, but with tables and chairs. And we weren’t afraid to cut the traditional wedding elements like tossing the bouquet or renting a limo. Instead, we held a very serious dance contest complete with engraved trophies. And, we got a free car wash on the way to the reception!”

To give the wedding a personal touch, the couple and their family DIY’ed as much as they could. “My Mom and Dad helped make the miniature picnic basket favors”, the bride continued. “Inside each was full of kufeta, or Greek jordan almonds. For a while, the dining room table was piled high with these little guys – it looked like an elf workshop. The wedding programs came equipped with a vintage hanky, each one different. My Mother-in-law found hundreds of them at a yard sale in Illinois for next to nothing. I had wanted to construct a quilt for our “guestbook” wedding quilt but I ran out of time. However it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I think the vintage squares, which people wrote personal notes on, worked out better!”

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A Rustic, Dainty & Slightly Chaotic Winery Wedding: Megan & Matt

Megan & Matt’s wedding is one I definitely wish I’d been at. The bride rocking a hipflask in her garter, a kid called Milo Bear (isn’t that the coolest name for a child ever?!) a mashed potato bar (trumps a dessert bar any day!) and a fancy dress party to end the night on a high.

The bride told me all about their wedding, held at Talon Winery, Kentucky. “I didn’t pick a color scheme. I didn’t make my sister & friends wear some awful dress they would NEVER use again. I rocked a garter flask filled with bourbon all night (drained that) and I wore bad ass boots that I will wear for YEARS instead of heels I wouldn’t get much use out of.”

“Our close friend Nathan got ordained so he could marry us. Both my mom & dad walked me down the aisle – to Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zero’s ‘Home’. Matt & Milo walked out to Sigur Ros ‘Hoppipolla’. Our wedding vows were non traditional and teetered on the edge of stand up comedy. For dinner we served fried chicken & waffles, shrimp-n-grits, ratatouille, mashed potato bar(!), several selections of salads & lotsa veggies for my vegetarian butt!”

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