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Skateboard and Travel Themed Cornish Wedding: Nicole & Jon

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British babe Nicole met Canadian Jon at us stop in Byron Bay, whilst both travelling in Australia in 2006. He was a skateboarder and so she tired to impress him by going on it… he nudged her and she broke her ankle! Far from being a disastrous first meeting though, Jon then changed his travel plans to be with her, aww!

A laid back couple, they wanted this to be reflected in their September wedding. Although they say they didn’t really have a theme, they definitely included things that defined them such as their cats, skateboarding and their mutual love of travel. “We included anything we loved such as a big photo of our kittens at the ceremony, a half pipe and a trampoline at the reception venue”, explained Nicole. “We also did some photos at the local Sainsburys!”

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“Everything was very personal. We painted the name of each of our guests on stones we had collected from Fistral Beach near our home in Newquay. We tied ribbons on 100 jam jars we had collected from our cafe, The Beached Lamb Cafe. Instead of traditional champagne or Pimms as welcome drinks we had bath tubs full of beer.”

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Playful Cornish Wedding: Emily & Matt

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Emily and Matt were married at the beautiful Trelowarren in Cornwall. These self-catering cottages provided the perfect backdrop to their laid back outdoor wedding. The bride wore an Isabel Marant gown and Chanel sandals. She hand-stitched her own veil.

“I had never dreamed about a big wedding”, Emily began. “The only thought I had ever really had was for it to be outside, like in the American movies I grew up watching (not that our wedding particularly ended up like that!) So that was a good starting point which inspired our choice of venue, the stunning Trelowarren Estate. We both wanted to get married in Cornwall which is where we live now. We love it here so much so it felt like the perfect place. We chose Trelowarren as it had a beautiful lawn in the courtyard of an old chapel. This is where we had the ceremony in front of a magnolia tree. The area is also very woodlandy which reminded me of where I grew up in Herefordshire.”

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“As we wanted an outdoor ceremony this also lead to us choosing a Humanist ceremony, although I think we would have chosen one anyway. We had been to our friends humanist wedding and felt it was the most beautiful ceremony we had ever witnessed. It was so personal and unique to the couple and filled with humour and love. We also wrote our own vows which at first seemed daunting but in reality was much easier and something we will always remember. Matt’s a big music lover and chose some incredible lyrics for his vows which encapsulated how he felt.”

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