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Plumbing & Pee Wee Herman Wedding: Tracy & Michael

185 Plumbing Justine Johnson (Copy)

As someone who gets to see a lot of weddings on a daily basis, it takes a lot to surprise me, and even more to show me something I’ve never seen before. But I think I can safely say that I’ve never seen a plumbing themed wedding before… or a Pee Wee Herman groom for that matter! Obviously I was keen to hear more about it and so wanted to speak to the gorgeous Tracy who married Michael in The Plumbing Museum in Boston (of course!) about their day as soon as possible.

20 Plumbing Justine Johnson (Copy)

“We got married amongst a wide variety of antique toilets!” Tracy chuckled. “I’m probably the first bride to be told, ‘We’ll move these urinals out of the way the day of your wedding.’ I initially chose the Plumbing Museum as a joke, but when we actually toured the space we completely fell in love with it. The museum coordinator, Linda, was a complete doll and an absolute joy to work with. We were also quite casual, frankly, I didn’t want to deal with who hates who, so we had open seating. It actually worked out perfectly since it led to an eclectic mix of people at every table.”

60 Plumbing SS (Copy)

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Comic Book & Superhero Wedding: Holly & Anthony

Happy Monday you lovely little critters – have I got a wedding to start this week off with a bang or what!?

Unusually I was actually submitted this wedding by the groom and via twitter because his gorgeous bride, Holly, was nervous about doing so. Er, girl, are you KIDDING me?! I’m dying over your wedding. The comic book, superhero and geek chic radness is just too good. This is one of those weddings that I genuinely wish I’d been invited to!

Holly & Anthony were married at The Electric Cinema in Birmingham. With the groom being a massive movie buff, it really was the perfect choice. For their reception they headed to Bar Room Bar which they had booked at the last minute. Their original reception venue went out of business four months before the wedding so the Bar Room really pulled out all the stops to make their day perfect.

“I proposed to my now husband while more than a little bit tipsy outside of the bar that I worked in with a ring made out of a straw!” explained Holly. “I’m so glad he didn’t think I was joking (!) and who can beat the romance of getting engaged in front of two burly doormen!?”

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