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Bright Red Wedding in Chicago: Grayson & Gareth


Grayson and Gareth wanted a colourful wedding and opted for a bright red theme. The bride’s dress, bouquet and nails were crimson red and there were flourishes throughout their reception décor too. The day was held at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Chicago.

“First and foremost, my dress was red”, Grayson replied when I asked her what made their wedding unique, “I chose red because I wanted to be different from a normal bride. You don’t have to wear white to be a beautiful bride. I fell in love with Vera Wang’s red dress collection, but ended up going with a custom Anne Barge one so I could pick the perfect shade! I also didn’t want to walk down a normal aisle. I wanted a fashion show with a custom Minor in D remix. The ceremony was set up like a fashion show and I had a DJ spinning as I walked down the aisle. Guests were certainly blown away!”


“That was actually my favorite part of the day, walking down the aisle to see my man. His face and his emotion is something I will cherish forever. He kept telling me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me as the officiant was marrying us! Typical Gareth to not pay attention! I also loved sharing the night with our closest friends and family. I was on a high all night from love.”


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Party Backstage with Jason Kaczorowski Photography in Chicago


With a background in music photography and a passion for wedding imagery, Chicago based photographer Jason Kaczorowski is combining the two and having one hell of a party to celebrate… and he wants to see you there! Today I’m thrilled to be showcasing the first showing of his new film as well as being able to offer Rock n Roll brides an exclusive opportunity to attend the party he’s throwing tomorrow night to celebrate!

Jason has been capturing weddings for almost eight years, having photographed over 400 clients, and has been photographing concerts and music festivals professionally since 1994. His photography has led him from the coast of California to the island of Jamaica and everywhere in between. Jason’s photographs have appeared in magazines like Rolling Stone, Spin & Relix and in newspapers such as The New York Post, The Miami Herald, The San Francisco Examiner, The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune.

So to celebrate his fifth year in his Chicago studio Jason is having a party – dubbed Backstage Pass – and is inviting clients, both past and present, as well as Rock n Roll Bride readers.The event will mirror the experience of attending a live concert – music, food, drinks a-plenty and music & wedding photography to gawk at!

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Chicago Boat Wedding: Sonia & Balthazar

Sonia & Balthazar‘s wedding was anything but typical. This casual couple turned up late, got ready in minutes, sailed off on a boat for the ceremony and had a meal at a Russian restaurant for their reception.

“My husband and I are in love with the sea – the smell, the mystery and the expansiveness”, began the bride. “We feel most comfortable near large bodies of water, so the idea of getting married on a boat seemed like the most appropriate. We had sailed on the Red Witch in 2009 with Balthazar’s aunt and uncle in Port Washington during a tall ship festival. We overheard the Captain saying that they host parties and weddings and looked at each other simultaneously, with the same thought in mind: this is our vessel of love.”

“Pretty much the last word you could use to describe me or my immediate family is  ’traditional’”, she continued. “My parents and I were all born with pretty stubborn independent and individualist streak, so getting married after a long and thoughtful courtship probably constitutes its own act of rebellion. That said, Balthazar and I weren’t interested in most of the corporatist, patriarchal overtures of many modern weddings. Also, money was definitely an object, both in principle ($25,000 for an average wedding? WHAT!?) and in practice. We wanted an event that celebrated our love, had a meaningful spiritual component, honored our community of friendship and family, and gave everyone a memorable, joyful experience.”

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A Doggy Ringbearer, A Slimed Wedding Cake & An Epic Dance Party: Jen & Nick

Having never been to a traditional wedding as adults, Jen & Nick really had no preconceptions about what should happen at a wedding. Instead they took to it as they might when planning any party…and they did what they wanted!

“The only wedding either of us had been to in our adult lives was in an abandoned parking lot and lasted 20 minutes”, explained Nick, “so we had no preconceptions of what should happen. Our wedding was about having fun. We had a Mountain Dew fountain, glow stick cutlery, vintage cartoon paper plates, funnel cakes made to order and a late-night hot dog bar!”

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A Woodland Party Wedding: Kat & Mat

“Woodland party circus!” replied newlywed Kat when I asked her to describe her wedding. “At least that was the three things we kept saying to people when they asked what our wedding was going to be like.”

Kat & Mat were married at The Hideout, a bar and music venue in Chicago. ”We really didn’t want to have a traditional banquet wedding, and we both wanted something that was very relaxed”, the bride continued. “The ceremony was an important part of the day for us but we also knew the party was equally important! We saw the reception part of the evening an opportunity to really celebrate with all the friends and family who had come from both close (a few blocks away) and far (as far as Australia). We racked our brains and both of us have some great memories of The Hideout. We spend a lot of time going to shows there and we even first met at one, so it seemed like a natural fit. I think the venue was what really made our wedding special and started to really define how we were going to work in the rest of the details.”

The theme was really a naturally evolving process, which started with the animal masks that Kat found on Etsy. “I actually found the fox mask first, which Mat liked, and the owl was just perfect for me”, she explained. “Later we discovered there’s a poem called The Owl and Fox that talks about the unlikely meeting of an owl and a fox and how they form a ever-lasting partnership. It was all just too perfect.”

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Batman, Fish & Beards – A Party-Hard Nightclub Wedding: Dustin & Morgan

You’d be shocked at the number of emails I recieve from brides-to-be who tell me they love my site and the weddings I feature but that they’re worried that their wedding will somehow not ‘measure up’ or be ‘as cool’ as the weddings they see online. My response to these girls is always the same: your wedding is not a ‘coolness’ competition or a chance to show off. Your wedding is for you and your partner and it will be awesome because you are awesome. The love is the most important thing, not the amazing centrepieces, the quirky stationery or the beautiful dress. These things are meant to enhance your day for you, to be fun and exciting, they do not and will not define anything other than that.

So why did I want to mention that again today? Well Dustin & Morgan’s wedding is pretty much the epitome of Rock n Roll awesome. It wasn’t detail-heavy or wedding blog pretty – it was just a seriously awesome party! It celebrated their love in their way and they were 100% unapologetic about that fact… And you know what? It’s one of my favourite weddings that’s I’ve featured in a long time! So, forget about the bunting, the mason jars or the designer frock and focus on what’s important – the LOVE (and in this case, the dancing)…

The wedding was held at The Hideout, Chicago and the aim of the game was for the couple to throw a party that reflected them and their love. It wasn’t about the froof or the perfectly matching napkins, it was about celebrating! “I don’t really know what our inspiration was, ” Morgan told me. “We just did what we always do. We came up with the stupidest thing we could think of and make it exist…just like our marriage haha!”

“If we had to have a theme it would have been BATMAN FISH-BEARD! All the wall decorations were cassette tapes. Dustin had a big box of voice demo tapes from the 90s that he had somehow acquired. We decorated and hung them on the walls of The Hideout. When you pull out a tape’s guts it looks like streamers. Also we put felt beards on all the taxidermy fish at that were on the walls… As you do.”

“Our cake toppers were Batman and Clayface Mini-Mates. I glued some flowers to Clayface and gave him a bouquet, and Zoe (who also did my hair and make up) painted a tux on Batman. My friend Jamie Knight painted a portrait of the two that hung behind the desserts. Why Batman? Why Clayface? Batman was a given, as Dustin Drase is the worlds greatest detective, But I had trouble choosing the character that was most ‘me’. Unable to make a decision I just went with the big, fat, mud-monster as ‘big, fat, mud-monster’ is my spirit animal.”

“For our invites we had my sister combine my narwhale tattoo with Dustin’s beard and glasses to create a design we used on both the invites and the shot glasses. The shot glasses were used in our Malort Toast. Malort is magic. Malort can not be described. You should find some and drink some and take a picture of your face and send it to me. We also had smile-face cookies!”

Yep, it’s offical. I love these guys. Morgan’s closing statement made me want to hug her and squeeze her and tell he she made me whole, “I can teach you how to make hair flowers, the tape decorations, or how to fit a taxidermy fish with a felt beard,” she concluded. “However I cannot teach you how to love… I’m sorry.”

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