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Day of the Dead Nebraska Wedding: Jessie & Joby


Jessie and Joby’s Nebraska wedding was held at Apothecary Lofts in Downtown Lincoln. Their wedding had a day of the dead theme which some of their older relatives thought was a little morbid but the couple thought was perfect, “but we got into this UNTIL DEATH, right?” Jessie laughed.


“My favorite part of our wedding was our ceremony”, she continued. “We wrote our vows together, incorporating super personal and meaningful things for each of us (like me pledging to be sensitive and respectful of Joby’s collections, and Joby pledging to be sensitive and respectful of my chickens). It was also super meaningful to me to have my daughter, Stella, be apart of our ceremony too. We made vows as a family to always be loving and respectful of each other. We also presented Stella with a locket that serves as a momentum for her of the promises that we all made that day. Don’t get me wrong the dance party and reception were fun, but the meaningful mushy stuff was my favorite.”


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Relaxed Village Inn Wedding: Ben & Emma


Ben and Emma wanted a wedding that was, above everything else, chilled out and relaxed. The day took place at The Star Inn in North Yorkshire, their guest list was limited and Emma bought and wore the very first dress she tried on. “What made our wedding so unique, was that we were sooo laid back about the whole thing”, she explained.”There were no ‘bridezilla’ moments and I only tried one dress on, my dress! Basically our day was about the three of us, we have a daughter, Noa who is 5. We did it our way with no bells or whistles. It was just relaxed, fun and full of love.”


“Where possible, do as much DIY as you can, and ask people for help!” she advises. “I made my own bouquet, the buttonholes and my friend made my daughter’s bouquet and helped with the flower arranging. I also baked our cake, topped off with our peg family. We also collected and decorated all the jars with twine, raffia and lace. and we made the place settings and favours.”


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Burning Man Inspired Alternative Desert Wedding: Gregg & Lisa

alternative vegas desert wedding gaby j photography 75

Are you ready for something really different and pretty flipping spectacular today? Well, my dear, you are in the right place because Gregg and Lisa’s desert wedding is guaranteed to blow your socks off. They were married outdoors, on public land, and set up a little ‘camp’ where they they celebrated with their friends and family. The entire wedding cost them less than $5000.

alternative vegas desert wedding gaby j photography 30

“Our wedding was a desert party wedding with Burning Man and Asian influences”, Lisa explained, “We served sake at the bar and let off lanterns. Gregg also really wanted us to get married on a platform, I didn’t understand how tall he wanted it until he stood on our landing in our townhouse…about 8 feet off the ground! I knew it was going to be epic. He wanted to put our love on a pedestal! So we obtained permits with the BLM in the Dixie National Forest in Utah, a chainsaw, and drove 3 different times to cut (already down) cedar wood to build it. Gregg and our unofficial best man Edwin built the alter on site with no screws or nails, just parachute chord.”

alternative vegas desert wedding gaby j photography 56

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Fancy Dress Fusion Wedding: Kiran & Josh

thepicturefoundry-kiran and josh wedding26

Kiran and Josh had a two-day wedding on the 3rd and 4th of May. Their main aim was to throw a celebration that felt very ‘them’ and for everyone to have a great time. Big weddings can often cost a lot, but even with their two day event, this savvy couple only spent £8500! They called in favours, DIYed a LOT and made some clever and unusual choices in order to save money. Everything from the flowers, the cake, the DJ and the stationery were either DIYed by the couple or donated by friends.

thepicturefoundry-kiran and josh wedding67

“Our wedding didn’t have a theme or colour scheme,” began the bride. “We didn’t want to stress over little details and even the fancy dress party was theme-less. It definitely was an ‘anything goes’ kind of wedding. From the beginning we decided that we would only do or have things that meant something to us. We actually said early on that we felt that we didn’t actually need to get married but it was important to us to celebrate our love. We’ve been through a lot together, with amazing support from family and friends, so we just wanted to celebrate that. We also really wanted it to be enjoyable for our guests without the pomp, tradition and nonsensical things that weren’t meaningful to us.”

thepicturefoundry-kiran and josh wedding69

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Multi-Coloured Farm Wedding: James & Sally


James and Sally spent just £6000 on their multi-coloured farm wedding in May. It was a wedding full of love, laugher and a damn good time. Their official ceremony took place at Southampton Registry Office but they had a humanist blessing at Green Pastures Farm in Hampshire where they also hosted their reception later that day.

Sally wore a second-hand dress which she bought from Oxfam Bridal and the groom’s outfit was also from the high street. Instead of hiring caterers they asked their guests to each bring a dish for the lunchtime buffet. After lunch they arranged for a vintage ice cream van from by Bluebelle the vintage ice cream & cupcake van to serve dessert. It was a big surprise for the guests and also made for some great photo ops.


“Our theme kind of evolved as we planned everything and the wedding ended up with a kind of folksy, countryside village fete feel, which was perfect”, explained Sally. “We didn’t choose any particular colour scheme because we didn’t want to restrict ourselves to one or two colours, but again, as things came together we found ourselves with a bright, rainbow colours for everything.”

“Our friend Martin performed the ceremony in the barn which he made both hilarious and extremely touching. It was amazing to be surrounded by loved ones, family and friends all under one (barn) roof laughing at Martin’s jokes with the sound of birds nesting in the rafters, it completely set the tone for the rest of the day.”


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A DIY Devon Wedding: Beckie & Nick


Beckie and Nick were married in Devon and wanted a day that focused on the things they loved the most. They had a limited budget but made sure they prioritised the things that mattered while putting their own stamp on everything. The bride’s mother made her dress and they handcrafted the majority of the decorations.


“We focused our budget on the things that mattered to us most – a gorgeous venue, fantastic food and a free bar – and dispensed with the frivolous things that we didn’t particularly care about”, the bride began. “People never remember these things anyway, I mean is a fancy wedding car or elaborate flower arrangements really key ingredients for a great party? My main sources of inspiration were Rock n Roll Bride and Pinterest. I didn’t attend any wedding fairs or buy a single wedding magazine as I didn’t want to get sucked into buying personalised umbrellas!”


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