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A Family-Central, DIY Backyard Wedding: Adam & Kim

Adam & Kim were married at home in their back garden in front of a retro caravan that they’d bought especially for the occasion! The entire day was DIY as they wanted their wedding to be about all the things, and the people, that they love.

“Our love and what we love is what inspired our wedding day. We wanted to create something that was very personal and a signature of our relationship,” the bride explained. “Each part of the day was special and unique to us; even the format was flipped to the traditional idea of many. I found the traditional wedding magazine’s a bore and wondered if there was something wrong to not admire these staged, stuffy epic weddings. It wasn’t until I delved more on the internet that I found that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way and that others were creating some fabulous and unique days of their own. Rock n Roll Bride was a site that made me feel at home.”

“The 1973 Viscount, Retro Caravan was the first thing we bought with the wedding in mind, ” Kim continued. “It became such a pinnacle part of the day, becoming both our meeting point for our nuptials and also our honeymoon accommodation. Our guests even used it on the day to store all the gifts they bought along. Adam spent many hours transforming and restoring it into our retro delight, we named her Lola.”

“We decided to have both the ceremony and reception at our home. It was the first home we had purchased together and this made it all the more special hosting such a special event. It felt like a large house warming and celebration of love all in one. Constructing the day had to be unique to make it flow and be enjoyable, given everything was at the same location. We met at the house in the morning, with both of Adam’s children (Milena & Ziggy) and all spent some time with our photographer Renee to get some photos before everyone arrived.”

“We decided to put a lot of ourselves into both the ceremony and the reception. We wanted it to reflect us both as individuals and also as a beautiful blend of two. Every detail was a personal signature of us and what we loved. All the decorations we made or personalised ourselves and our backyard was transformed into our own collection of vintage and retro delights. I spent months scouring Etsy and eBay to collect the vast amount of vintage brooches which I used to create my bouquet. It was so much fun getting different brooches every day in the mail and seeing the colours and designs starting to come together. It makes me smile each time I see it now remembering all those nights I spent hunting for brooches.”

“We didn’t want to use fresh flowers so I decided to make pom pom flowers for the tables. These were easily made with a pom pom maker and some felted wool. The bottles were vintage ones collected at thrift shops, with doilies tied around some of the flutes. I also made the cake toppers, fabric garland, cushions and drew the VW design for the guests to finger stamp and sign for the day. The VW beetle was the perfect choice, as we owned one and also used it on the day as our getaway car. It is another lovely reminder of who shared our beautiful day.”

“The back veranda was transformed with a collection of different lampshades we found and Adam painted. The streamers were torn, vintage sheets and the felt garlands were made by myself in yellow felt. We wanted the colours to pop and create a fun atmosphere.”

As well as the DIY elements, keeping their wedding small, intimate and all about family was just as important to Kim & Adam. “We only had 6o guests,” Kim continued. “We didn’t want to miss getting to speak to each and every person on the day. We didn’t want to have a large, fussy, bridal party and instead decided, it was much more important to include Adam’s children in the ceremony. It was very important to us both that they were part of it as we were becoming a new family. They were wonderful and had such fun helping to plan small details. Both children even help me cut out the vintage book hearts for the confetti.”

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#BrunaDigaSim – A Twitter Proposal & A Geeky Wedding: Bruna & Alexandre

After a Twitter proposal (#BrunaDigaSim – there are a number of videos of them on TV on You Tube after it happened, unfortunately they are all in Portuguese!) Bruna & Alexandre went to work planning their ‘vintage geek’ themed wedding.

“The wedding industry in Brazil is so unfashionable, people concentrate on traditional things and it’s almost impossible find a service provider available to do what you really want,” Bruna told me. “We decided to have a personal wedding. To see this happening we asked most of our friends to help us. We love tattoos, rock/indie music, film photography and technology, and we tried to put everything together into our wedding. The results were above what we thought they could be. We were featured on almost every single wedding blog and site in Brazil as an inspirational wedding which was amazing!”

Be sure to check out their super-sweet video too.

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A Christmas Meets Halloween Wedding: Holly & Gareth

Holly & Gareth were married in late November and so had a kind of Christmas meets Halloween themed wedding. “Originally I quite liked the idea of a festival-y vibe wedding but Gareth’s not very outdoorsy and I’m not keen on hot weather so a winter wedding it was!” Holly explained. “We were also on a budget so an out of season wedding also worked in our favour! My sister described our theme as, ‘What do you get if you cross Christmas and Halloween?!'”

“Mainly though we wanted things to be very personal, the tables were named after couples from our families and we used their wedding photos as table settings. We collected lots of vintage glases for the tealights from family members as well as car boot sales. My brooch bouqet included all 4 of ‘something old, something new…’ with brooches donated by family and friends, who were all really pleased to be included in something so integral to the wedding.”

The couple were married at Cave Castle Hotel. “I knew absolutely nothing about weddings and when Gareth proposed to me (in the kitchen, me with a plastic buzz lightyear plate in my hand!) so I imediately started to google venues in the area,” Holly continued. “I found Cave Castle and just thought it would be a no go, and way out of our league. However my sister worked near it and one day when we were randomly visiting her we decided to just pop in. We then didn’t look anywhere else! I’d always had my heart set on the Givenchy dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in Funny Face, and I nearly had a copy drawn up to be made. However in the end I didn’t want to risk ending up with a dress that I’d not tried on. I found dress shopping probably the hardest part of organising the wedding, finding one with sleeves was impossible, but again after months of searching I found it – it was actually then first one I tried on and I went back to it”

“Both of us were very set on what and how we wanted things to be for our wedding. Unfortunately we came across many ‘local’ wedding suppliers who verged on downright rude about some of our choices. However we stuck to our guns and ended up with a day we were extremely happy with.”

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Discounts, Savings & Special Valentine’s Day Offers

Photography Credit: ban.do

Happy day of love! To celebrate, a number of my favourite people are running discounts and offers so I thought I’d pass them on to you too. Be sure to check them out!

Whatever you’re up to (even if it’s just crap TV and wine like us!) I hope you have a fabulous day.


Check out Ban.do’s awesome Valentine’s themed items. I’m in love.

Twinkie Chan

She’s not technically running an specials on prices but I wanted to let you know that my etsy fave, Twinkie Chan has brand new cute love and candy themed items in her store. I’m seriously considering the ‘Be Mine’ crocheted bunting for myself!

Alphabet Bags

Alphabet Bags are offering 20% discount on all tote bags until midnight tonight. Use the discount code HEART at the checkout. They’ve also got a small selection of adorbs Valentine themed designs.

Natasha Jane

Head wear designer Natasha Jane is running an exclusive offer for Rock n Roll Bride readers. Until midnight on February 29th, Natasha will offer any headband in her swarovski collection with extra 20% off.

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DIY Tutorial: ‘Be Mine’ Tattoo Heart Valentine’s Cupcake Toppers by Restoration Cake

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I fancied sneaking in an extra bonus DIY tutorial for you just before the big day. Get yourself to the supermarket sharpish and make these cute Valentine’s themed cupcake toppers for your beau (and if you buy the cupcakes to put them on I promise not to tell…)

Thank you to the amazing Charlotte of Restoration Cake for the awesomeness. She would also like to offer all readers of Rock n Roll Bride 10% off any wedding cake order placed after seeing this feature. Simply email Charlotte on info@restorationcake.co.uk with the subject header ROCKNROLLBRIDEOFFER. Charlotte will also randomly pick one of you to receive a whopping 50% off your wedding cake (more info at the bottom on this post).

Happy day of LOVE!

In case you have not been outside of your house for the last couple of weeks and have missed the annual onslaught of red roses, hearts, chocolates, and cuddly toys; tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You probably still have time to run to your nearest supermarket and panic-buy a card and a bear that says ‘I Wuv You’.

However, if DIY gifts are more in keeping with your style, I have a little treat for you in the shape of these incredibly easy cupcake toppers. When Kat asked me to put together a DIY post for Rock n Roll Bride, I wanted to do something just that little bit inspired by the pink lady herself… so here it is, ‘Be Mine’ tattoo heart cupcake toppers.

These toppers are quick and easy to make and you will not need an awful lot of equipment to make them

Supplies Needed:

♥ Fondant Icing (also known as sugarpaste) in white
♥ Paste food colouring or some pre-coloured sugarpaste
♥ Non-stick rolling pin
♥ Small heart-shaped cookie cutter
♥ Pizza wheel or a small knife
♥ Food colouring pen
♥ Paintbrush


Step One: You need to start by making your hearts. You want these to be a bright, vibrant colour like hot pink or red. White sugarpaste can be coloured using paste food colours (Sugarflair is the best brand to use) and these are available in craft shops and online. Please do not try to colour sugarpaste with liquid food colours as you will make one heck of a mess! Also, if you want to achieve a true colour like red or black, you will need to buy ready-coloured sugarpaste as you will not achieve the depth of colour that you want from adding colour. Small packs of ready-coloured sugarpaste are available in the baking sections of most supermarkets (containing red, black, green and yellow usually) or at craft shops.

I have made up a hot pink using Sugarflair’s Ruby paste colour.

Give your sugarpaste a quick knead to warm it a little, then roll out to around 3-5mm thick. Cut out your hearts using a small heart-shaped cookie cutter (believe me, these are in your supermarket today!) Set the hearts aside to dry out a little.

Step Two: To make the scrolls, you need to roll out some white sugarpaste to 2-3mm thick. Cut strips using a pizza wheel (this is a cake decorator’s trick, the wheel is the BEST way to cut fondant smoothly!) or a small knife. The width of the strip will depend upon the size of your hearts. Aim for about a third of the height of the heart as you don’t want to cover the whole heart up.

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DIY Tutorial: Heart Shaped Cookie-Pops

Who doesn’t love cookies?! Who doesn’t love cakepops? Combine the two and I’m just about ecstatic! These heart shaped cookie-pops would make perfect wedding favours, a cute addition to your dessert table or the perfect a Valentines day treat for you and your loved one!

Over to you Miss Cake… (by the way, be sure to go check out her website for some totally adorable perspex cake toppers and jewellery!)

I love a cookie (well, who doesn’t) and I wanted to create a super-cute DIY personalised cookie tutorial for those without sugarcraft knowledge or a perfectly steady hand for piping icing names. The techniques used here I have gleaned from my past life as a cake maker and my present life as a crafter.  With a little bit of practice you should be able to get a cookie factory line going in your kitchen and you can create your own cookie favours to do the double whammy of personalising your wedding and feeding your guests a little treat. I would recommend doing them in small batches and doing a few extras for breakages (or munchies) along the way.

Supplies Needed:

♥ Ingredients for cookies:
400g plain flower (plus extra for dusting)
200g unsalted soft butter
200g caster sugar
1 egg, lightly beaten
Icing sugar for dusting
Optional flavourings (pick one) – grated zest of 1 lemon or orange, seeds from 1 vanilla pod, or for chocolate replace 50g of flour with 50g cocoa powder

Note: this quantity will make between 10-20 cookies depending on the size of your cutter

♥ Rolling pin
♥ Greaseproof paper and baking sheet
♥ Cookie cutter in your choice of shape (I got mine from eBay)
♥ Lolly sticks
♥ Fondant icing (such as Regalice or supermarket own brand)
♥ Food colouring paste (try cake decorating shops/online)
♥ Letter stamper (mine is a 5mm letter sized one from eBay)
♥ Vodka
♥ Paint brush
♥ Small heart plunger cutter (try cake decorating shops/online)
♥ Cello bags for packaging
♥ Ribbon for decoration


Step One: Bake the cookies! I use my trusty Kitchen Aid but this can also be done by hand, it will just take slightly longer. Cream the butter, sugar and flavouring until well mixed and just becoming creamy. Beat in the egg until well combined then add flour and mix until a dough forms. Shape into a ball, wrap in cling film and chill for at least 1 hour.

Step Two: After chilling, knead the mixture briefly then roll to an even thickness using a dusting of flour to stop the mixture sticking. Use the lolly sticks to guide you to the right thickness, you need to be able to insert the stick through the cookie’s middle and make sure it doesn’t stick out at the back. Use the cutter to cut out the desired shapes, carefully insert the lolly sticks (I find a gentle wiggle helps) and place on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper. Chill again for 30 minutes.

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