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Sargent Pepper Inspired Melbourne Zoo Wedding: Samantha & James


With a bit of Sargent Pepper, a dash of class and a touch of retro, Samantha and James planned their Rock n Roll wedding for February this year. The day started out at Melbourne Zoo for the ceremony and concluded at Half Moon, a restaurant in Brighton, Victoria.


“James had been married before so all we wanted from the day was for it to reflect us, for everyone to have some yummy food and drinks and dance all night”, Samantha explained. “It wasn’t a traditional wedding – which was important to us. We both have such a strong love of life and having fun so we selected things that would keep our guests smiling. Both of James’ parents have passed away and my father had passed too, it was important to make the day a happy one and show everyone how important it is to make the most of everyday and laugh and smile.”


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Powerful Mt Warning Wedding, 100 Bridesmaids & Flower Crowns for all: Polly & Jamie


People often ask me if I ever get bored of blogging about weddings. I can see why because usually once you’ve been doing something – anything – for as long as I have been doing this, it’s natural to think that you might start to become a little ‘over’ it. So while I’m not going to pretend that I’m always thrilled, overjoyed and amazed by every wedding that graces my inbox, I can safely say that I am probably as far from ‘over’ this job as I could be… especially when I get sent images like Polly and Jamie’s wedding to drool over.

I had actual butterflies browsing through these last week. I might have even held my breath. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able see why and in actual fact this might be one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. Yes, I said ever.


Jamie and I met at the foot of another mountain, Mt Taranaki, at a festival in New Zealand”, began the bride. “I was trying to work out how to put up my tent and Jamie was returning from the toilets. Ever the knight in shining armour he offered to help me and I asked if we could pencil in a ‘pash and dash’ later in the night. On the final day of the festival our paths collided again and we escaped from the festival barefoot and found some random person’s tent where we made love like wild animals. We then dragged a single mattress into a clearing in the woods and made love until the sun came up. We’d fallen in for each other. The next day I flew back home and five weeks later Jamie moved to Australia and we started our life together. Four years later he proposed at the foot of Mt Warning and six months after that we tied the knot in the same place.”


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Apple Themed Rock Music Wedding: Jo & Tristen


Jo and Tristen met through their love of music and so it was only right that their wedding reflected this. “We are both DJs and I run a small festival annually in an inner suburban Melbourne backyard”, began the bride. “We met through our love of music and after six years together Tristen proposed to me during one of these festivals just as one of my all time favourite bands finished playing one of my favourite songs. It was fairly loud so although he says he whispered “marry me?” gently into my ear, it was more like he shouted it. Needless to say, I said yes and the planning began.”


The ceremony was held at The Tote, a pub with musical heritage. “Ever since I first began frequenting The Tote, I have wanted to get hitched there. I spent so much time from my teens until now. This pub means so much to the Melbourne music community that in 2010, when it was set to shut its doors, everyone kicked up such a fuss and had a march of about 20,000 through the streets of Melbourne to protest the reasons for the closure. When I was told about the venue’s imminent closure, I was inconsolable, not just because of it’s importance to Melbourne’s live music scene but because my future wedding plans (we were not even engaged at this stage), had been ruined. Luckily, months later, the pub was sold and bought by another live music loving combo and reopened to the great happiness of me and everyone I know.”


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A TARDIS, A Doily Wedding Dress & A Torrential Downpour: Ben & Ang


The creativity of the weddings I get to feature never fails to astound me. I know I say this a lot but my readers are, without a doubt, the coolest people on the planet. Today’s wedding does nothing to dissuade me from this fact. There is not one thing that I don’t think is perfect about this, and weirdly, even the post-ceremony rain storm adds an extra layer of cool. The fact that all the guests worked together to move everything inside while Ben and Ang were off having their portraits done just shows how much love surrounds these two.


“The weather was perfect for the ceremony – if anything, hot!” explained Ang. “But then suddenly a freak rainstorm came and torrential rain ruined our outside wedding dream. Prior to the rain, the outdoor tables looked amazing and it was so sad to see everybody’s hard work setting up go to waste so quickly but it was also amazing to see our family and friends pull together and bring everything inside and set it up again. Our MC and Ben’s best woman (he didn’t have a best man) coordinated everything. From getting plates dried, table and chairs moved – they got it all done! At one point my Dad said to everyone ‘I need you all to grab your plates and cutlery and bring it inside’… and everyone just did. We were blissfully unaware as we were elsewhere having our photos taken at this point!”


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Heritage Vintage Wedding: Danielle & Richard

photo by Nicolle Versteeg Photography

Danielle & Richard wanted to go heritage vintage and a little bit girly for their wedding. The mid-summer celebration was held at the eclectically styled Moore and Moore Café with their ceremony at the Merv Cowan Reserve in Freemantle

“My favourite part of our wedding was seeing each other for the first time on the day at the ceremony”, began the bride. “I had started to feel like I really wanted to see Rich at the beginning of the day, while we were still getting ready, so by the time I came walking down the path to see him standing by the bridge waiting to greet me, I was genuinely ready to jump out of my skin to grab him! When I look at the photos of myself seeing him for the first time, I can’t believe my smile could be that big!”

photo by Nicolle Versteeg Photography

“Rich pretty much just let me run wild with the theme”, she continued, “so it was quite girly. Our inspiration was fluffy colourful flowers, peonies, roses, lacy dresses, braided hair, snappy suits, luscious wedding cakes, champagne flowing and good tunes. I had so much fun creating the play lists for the various sections of the day. Most of all I wanted everyone to be relaxed and for it to be just like hanging out in your friend’s lounge room to celebrate an excellent day. We did finger food only so guests could move around the venue from outdoors, to indoors, to couches, to stools, to the dance floor. We wanted people to feel comfortable.”

photo by Nicolle Versteeg Photography

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Gay Goth Biker Wedding: Luke & Wout


Well that’s something you don’t read often is it?! And what a travesty because Luke & Wout’s wedding is one of the coolest I’ve seen in a long time. Talk about doing things their own way, stuffing tradition and bucking all the wedding expectations. These seriously awesome dudes were adamant that their wedding would reflect them… and it does – in spades!

The wedding took place at their own home in Melbourne, Australia. “We first met through the internet when Luke was still living in Australia and Wout in Holland”, they began. “We then met in person by chance at the Christmas Market in Brussels in 2003.”


“Given our attractions to bears, bikes (and bikers), gothic and dark electronic music and celtic/viking mythology, we brought a lot of those elements to the day. We didn’t really have a theme, it was just an evolution of ideas based on things we like. To us it was all very normal, but it’s a matter of perspective. Most of our friends, particularly the straight ones, found it unlike any wedding they had been to before. But all of them loved it so it cannot have been too out-there!”


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