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Colourful End of Summer DIY Wedding: Brad & Christie

Fun DIY Wedding - David Campbell Imagery  (54)

Brad & Christie planned their wedding themselves with the help of close friends and family. The day took place in March at The Gap Bluff Centre in Watsons Bay, Sydney. They couple had decided to try for a baby before they got engaged and so as a result, the bride was seven month’s pregnant on the wedding day!

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“With a bub on the way we wanted to keep our purse strings as tight as possible, so I basically DIYed the whole wedding”, explained Christie. “I had mum making tissue paper pom poms for weeks and I used scrap fabric to make my own tablecloths & decorative bunting, as well as the groomsmen’s ribbon corsages. What I couldn’t make by hand was sourced online including the honeycomb garlands and the oversized balloons.”

Fun DIY Wedding - David Campbell Imagery  (30)

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Bookworm Wedding: Stacy & Jo


Bookworms Stacy & Jo selected Maynard’s Café, upstairs at Berkelouw Books in Newtown, Sydney as their venue. Although they hadn’t hosted a wedding there before, the café were wonderful to work with and really helped the girls put their own stamp on their day. Obviously having a book shop as a backdrop made picking a theme pretty easy. With old books on the long table and books as favours for each of their guests, it all worked really well together.


“The old books as favours were wrapped in brown paper and string,” Stacy began. “They were quite ridiculous, on topics like cooking with gelatine or maintaining different types of lawn grass. There was one of poetry about cats, a German picture book of ET and one on unique napkin folds. In the wedding program we encouraged swapping with table neighbours and they ended up being a great hit and ice breaker.”


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Emotional DIY Kawaii Wedding: Talia & Zac


Isn’t it funny when two of your worlds collide? I’ve been stalking following Talia on Instagram for ages (I love love love her cute kawaii style!) and so when I received their wedding photographs from Eric Ronald I literally jumped up and down with glee! I knew this wedding was going to be awesome from the few sneaks I’d seen on her feed but I was little prepared for this level of amazement…


“As you will read below, I find this story so incredibly beautiful”, began Eric’s email to me. “Their strength, piece and love for one another is truly inspiring. I was literally wiping tears away during the speeches and the photos of Talia during Zac’s speech still make my eyes well up. Nowadays many couples have been together for quite some time before getting married which makes the wedding more of a milestone in the midst of their story rather than the beginning. They have been tested and overcome so much as individuals and as a couple which made their wedding day so special. I believe that there is something in Talia & Zac’s wedding that represents what modern day weddings are all about.”


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Transformers Cars, Bright Colours and Lots & Lots of Love: Jo & Sian

Sian & Jo_Simon & Louise Photography-255

Jo & Sian had an intimate wedding at Upper Reach Winery in Baskerville, Australia. As gay marriage is not legal in Australia (yet!) they decided to buck most traditions and just do things their own way! “Our officiant was my brother Kieren,” Sian began. “This was one of the most important decisions for us. As gay marriage/commitment is not legal in Australia we didn’t have the requirement to have a so called official celebrant to perform our ceremony. I lieu of this we wanted somebody who was really important to us and who we knew was 100% supportive of us and our relationship to perform celebrants duties and go on to be the MC for the evening. By brother Kieren is one of the most amazing people we have in our lives and he has always been there for both me and Jo. We wouldn’t have chosen anybody else. I wrote the vows myself.”

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Sian designed her own wedding dress which she then had made by Kubank Designs. She also handmade the jewellery that she wore. Her bridesmaids wore shocking pink dressed from Aqua which they accessorised themselves as Sian wanted each girl to put their own individual stamp on their look. Jo also put together the outfits she and her ‘bromaids’ wore from various sources including Roger David, Tarocash and YD.

Sian & Jo_Simon & Louise Photography-060

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Gypsy Village Gathering Wedding: Ben & Serina


Blessed with a balmy night, great music and guests willing to get into the spirit of the theme, Ben & Serina had a wedding that that they described as a ‘gypsy village gathering’ in Panton Hill Winery, Australia. “Our guests thought they were transported to another place and time”, wrote the bride. “There was no stress and our wedding photographer Lucky captured the feel of the day perfectly.”


“It was very important to us to design an ceremony and celebration that incorporated only aspects of wedding tradition that were meaningful to us”, she continued. “The ceremony was incredibly emotional and the words we each wrote for each other had everyone in tears. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the absolute fun every one had which ended up in impromptu circle dancing.”


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Carnival Hoedown Wedding on a Farm: Matthew & Jessica


Carnival themed weddings might be nothing new, but when I see one as top notch as Matthew & Jessica’s I can’t help but want to share it with you. That dress! Those bridesmaids! That location! It’s just all so perfectly beautiful and utterly Rock n Roll.

“Neither of us really wanted a wedding to begin with, so when we made the choice to get married and have a celebration, we sat down and thought long and hard about why we were doing it, and what it meant to us.”, began the bride. “We threw all the rules out the window, started from scratch, and created the day we wanted to have. We always said that, if we were to have a wedding, that we’d throw a party and then, at some point in the evening, we’d get married. So we did just that.”


One of the decisions we were most happy with was to get ready together. We had a big sleepover the night before with our ‘carnies’ (bridesmaids and groomsmen) and their partners. It meant we got to go to sleep together, wake up the morning of our wedding together, go and set up the venue together, help each other get dressed and then hold hands until the moment we were wed. I don’t know how I would’ve felt doing all those things without Matt sharing them with me.”


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