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A 1950’s Rock n Roll Wedding: Laura & Neil


Laura & Neil 1950’s Rock n Roll wedding was inspired by the thing that brought them together – music. They explain, “Music was the thing that brought us together – Neil’s Dad played the Cavern in the early 60’s – and we’ve both always had an interest in classic Rock n Roll.”

“We definitely enjoyed searching – Laura liked sourcing her own dress on the internet and having the bespoke accessories made to personalise the look. We didn’t want to look like anyone else and we didn’t want the wedding to be traditional. We choose Sassy of  Assassynation as our photographer because of her unusual and unique style.”


“Guests were greeted with vintage gramophones, radios, antique tins and Rock n Roll and motown music,” they continued. “We placed framed pictures of classic films and 50’s movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe all around the venue and we decorated the outside area with vintage bunting. Laura walked down the aisle to Brian Fallon’s (The Gaslight Anthem) version of the Johnny Cash classic ‘I Walk The Line’. Guests found out the seating arrangements from a poster Neil created in the style of a 1950’s Rock n Roll bill and our tables were all named after classic hits such as ‘At Last’, ‘Be Bop A Lula’ etc.”


“Our centrepieces were stacks of classic 50’s and 60’s crime fiction novels with vases of fresh red roses and every guest had a little record sleeve with our faces on it that Neil had created with a cookie inside, wrapped to look like a record.”


“The Black Cat Trio were a really cool band and Neil lost over a stone dancing to them!” the bride concluded. “Sassy made us both feel really comfortable and had some amazing ideas that we would never have thought of. But Neil would have liked her to have air con in her car! We had the best day of our lives with all of our friends and family and we were so pleased that we did it our way. With the photos, it will be a day we can look back on for the rest of our lives.”

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A Locally-Sourced Vintage Wedding: Marie-Claire & Nick

Can you guess what initially drew me to Marie-Claire & Nick’s wedding? Yep…her Fur Coat No Knickers vintage wedding dress of course! Marie-Claire also got her wonderful vintage veil from the store and her shoes from Rachel Simpson (yep, another one of my favourites!)

“I guess I didn’t want a regular corporate feel wedding with lilies, tight white roses and a white bodice dress!” Marie-Claire told me when I asked her what inspired their wedding. “So I had a look around for alternative things and found Fur Coat No Knickers and my red dress!”

“From there I decided I’d like something quite vintage and low key. We tried to use suppliers which were in our area to keep it local – all the flowers came from a mile up the road and the singer Kirsty Macleod is one of our neighbours. Nick’s Mum also made chutney as favours for our wedding and his brother designed the label. Our invitations came from Dottie Creations (you can see them here.)”

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Colourful & Modern with a Heavy Dose of Whimsy: Brandie & Ede

You’re going to love Brandie & Ede’s wedding…and not just because the bride has pink hair (although it helps – I’m totally biased towards my pink haired brides) But because it’s well…awesome!

“Everything was different,” Brandie told me. “We wanted stuff we loved and stuff we would want to enjoy at our own wedding. Everything down to the food was thought of. Our venue, The Parker was a perfect setting because of the fabulous design that is already there. We just brought in our personality. I never felt like we had to include anything traditional. We did the parts we wanted to do. Owls were a huge part of the invitation suite and birds in general. I think we approached it like our home design – colorful, modern, with a heavy dose of whimsy. All the centerpieces were a random collection of white items from animals to the Eiffel Tower. Wherever you looked the was something to put a smile on your face.”

And I literally did have the biggest smile on my face as I looked through these photographs taken by the amazing EP Love Photography.

Brandie wore a dress by Priscilla of Boston, shoes by RSVP and a flower halo headband by Mignonne Handmade. Her jewellery was made by Ede’s Mum and her rings were by Michelle Chang Jewelry. “She makes these super cute teeny animal face rings, earrings, and necklaces. Since, Ede says I remind him of a cat and I love felines-this was absolutely perfect.”

Ede wore a three-piece suit with an ascot tie. It was custom made by Duchess Clothiers in Portland, Oregon. “Ede was able to pick out all of the material, buttons, and even add an embroidered line inside his jacket,” Brandie explained. “I made his boutonniere with feathers that Ede had collected on our hikes together.”

As you can see, the couple DIYed a lot of their wedding. They chose not to have fresh flowers at all and instead Brandie hand made all the paper pom poms and flowers. “I tried to teach a few people how, but they had little patience for it,” Brandie laughed. “I created all of our bouquets with streamers. The cheap kind you get rolls of at the party store. I choose three different pinks to give it depth. Then I ordered floral supplies like the pearl and crystal sticks to add a little bling. There were several different big paper flowers I made to decorate different areas of the wedding, mostly made of crepe paper. We also used tons of Martha Stewart’s paper pom poms throughout the house and back yard. I loved these because they were huge. So people even used them as props in our photo booth.”

“This wedding was seriously a labor of love,” Brandie continued. “I’m so lucky to have married a graphic designer. It was so much fun and meant so much to us to collaborate and brainstorm our wedding together. The best part, he actually cared about every detail and design decision. We created things both MacGyver and Martha Stewart would be envious of. Ede designed our save the dates, invitations, guest welcome bags, all of the signage, crafted the Mr & Mrs signs for our chairs and more. And since, nothing off the shelf was good enough or was my signature hot pink color, I pretty much had to sew all the table runners for the three kings’ tables, runners for the bar and cupcake/ candy bar, and I even gave our teeny little bird toppers a custom top hat and veil. We created photo booth props with inspiration from wedding blogs. And hand made all the pinwheels for our escort cards (template/ how to from PaperCraft book–thank you!) because they were a nod to the all the windmills in the Palm Springs area. We got loads of help from Ede’s parents the week of the wedding. We were literally set up in the garage all working on different crafts into the wee hours-it was a lot but so much fun.”

The music was also hugely important to the couple and their choice of entertainment was perfect! “OMG can I say how much we LOVE our band? Music is a huge thing for Ede and I. So, we wanted someone who would reflect us. These guys are some of the most talented artists I have ever met and they are so sweet. Justin and Drew of Almost Honest were such an amazing part of our wedding. From singing Yellow by Coldplay as I walked down the aisle to Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues at the conclusion of our ceremony, it was all perfect. They even played quite a few songs they wrote during the reception. But I must say, the highlight, was hearing them do California Girls by Katy Perry!! Drew’s voice and Justin’s way with the guitar equaled awesomeness!”

“Our DJ was a friend of a good friend. Jonathan Dale was super fun, easy to work with, and played everything I asked. He even played our song for our little dance performance. Since, I’m a hip hop choreographer/ instructor I had quite a few dancers at the wedding, so I thought it would be fun to “do a little dance.” Even our officiant, who is one of my dancers joined us. The guests loved that part! And yes, I wore my wedding dress!”

I. Just. Love. This! Who’s with me?

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A “Totally Neat, Totally Sweet” Music-Themed Wedding: April & Rich

“Some people described our wedding theme as Rockabilly, but the only rockabilly music was played at the ceremony,” newlywed April told me. “We are punk rockers at heart, but listen to a wide variety of music in the rock genre.  We thought it would be very difficult to do a punk rock wedding and still keep it somewhat formal.  (Rich’s family is Catholic and I am not religious in any way.  We didn’t want to horrify his grandmother!)”

“We chose Johnny Cash, Gene Vincent and Wanda Jackson for ceremony music.  I walked down the aisle to “Rose of my heart” by Johnny Cash.   I had “rose of my heart” engraved in Rich’s wedding ring.  It was a surprise and when Rich saw it after the ceremony, he got tears in his eyes.  It was one of my favorite moments of the day.  My grandfather died exactly 3 weeks before the wedding.  He was a Johnny Cash fan, so this made it even harder to keep my emotions in check while walking down the aisle.”

As you can see, music played a big part in April & Rich’s wedding. In fact a lot of the significant times in their relationship were down to music too! “Rich and I met on April 7, 1997 at a high school dance,” April continued. ” I was about to turn 16, and he was just a baby at age 14! I was a sophomore and he was in eighth grade.  I was seeing someone else at the time.  It was a very on and off relationship, and I was always miserable.  And full of angst! Rich was always trying to cheer me up.  We talked on the phone for hours every night.  I still remember the day that he told me that if I ditched Brian and started to date him and listen to Reel Big Fish, I would be much happier!  I took his advice, and the next two years were some of the best of my life”

“We both love music and started going to shows when we could.  The first punk rock show we ever went to together was the Casualties.  We went with Amy (maid of honor) and had the best time.  (Of course, we snuck out of the fire hall to make out in the dug out for a while.)  The first big concert we went to was the Cherry Poppin Daddies, Green Day and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones in 1998. We met and had our picture taken with Dicky Barrett from the Bosstones.  We displayed this picture at the wedding. Rich was really into ska in high school.  I went on a trip to NY and bought him a hat at Moon Ska Records.  He still has it.”

Obviously the wedding playlist was a vitally important part of the wedding to this couple and they spent a lot of time getting it perfect. “When coming up with the wedding playlist, we originally wanted to choose 1 song from each band we have seen live together.  But, we couldn’t find any appropriate Casualties songs!  We played 1 song by The Donna’s, my all time favorite band.  We went backstage with the Donna’s last year.  I was so excited and told my friend, ‘All I wanted to do in high school was meet the Donna’s and marry Rich Thompson! Dreams do come true.’  When we were in high school, Rich used to sing the song Totally by Screeching Weasel to me.  We used lyrics from this song on our save the date cards.  ‘Totally neat, totally sweet, totally knocked me off my feet.’  Rich’s Mom had our cake knife engrave with ‘totally neat, totally sweet.’  Rich and I both love Rancid.  We played ‘Radio’ (‘I never fell in love, til I fell in love with you.  Never knew what a good time was, til I had a good time with you!’)  We also played ‘Who would’ve thought’.”

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A Quirky, 1950’s & DIY London Wedding: Rebecca & Morgan

I fell in love with Rebecca & Morgan’s quirky wedding as soon as it landed in my inbox and I’m honoured and super excited to share it with you today…especially because they used some of my favourite suppliers (including Lisa Jane Photography and Vivien of Holloway) and well as some of the DIY project that I’ve posted on my blog. Yey!

Rebecca told me all about their fabulous wedding. “Morgan and I grew up only 8 miles apart and even went to the same secondary school; in fact he was in my sister’s year in school. However we didn’t meet each other until April 2009, believe it or not he sent me a facebook friendship request, we went for a date and a crazy year later I asked him to be my fiancé. I even commissioned a ring from the quirky designer Amber France as a surprise, he said yes (sigh of relief on my side). Our daughter Efa was born and things went on the back burner and then 7 months later on my birthday he gave me a beautiful blue opal ring, it was like a green light!”

“So we started chatting about our ideas and planning. We’re both artist so we knew our wedding would be different and would have to truly represent our characters and what we love in life. We had originally planned to have the wedding in 2013 and Morgan wanted to have it in North Wales where we’re from but things had been hard of late and I couldn’t justify spending all that money just on one day. We just had to make the difficult decision to leave London, which meant leaving all our friends and our way of life behind, so I suggested to Morgan let’s get married before we go. In the end London was where we met and where Efa was born and that was the start of our 7 weeks to plan a wedding.”

“We both wanted something fun, relaxed and most importantly something that was us. We choose our local Town hall for the ceremony and got married on a Friday. Morgan chose his local pub for the lunch, Pembury Tavern and I found The Royal Inn on the Park and rented the private room upstairs for the evening party. It was all based in the borough of Hackney where we use to live. We had a strict budget so DIY was a must but being creative types and having arty friends to get involved made it fun not a chore.”

“We did so many DIY decorations but our favourite projects were the recycled paper flowers that I got from Rock n Roll Bride. I made 57 of them and even used old vintage flower arranging books to make them.  I also enjoyed making the felt flower button holes/brooches for the wedding party; I made Morgan a sunflower to match my bouquet. Plus the badges we gave as favours, Morgan and I spent hours making around 250 badges from vintage photography, anatomy, flower arranging books which Morgan uses for his art. He purchased a badge machine couple of months before for our etsy shop DyfalDonc and it just made sense to use it for the favours.”

“I knew I was never going to wear a traditional wedding dress, I never wear white or cream and I love colour, so I choose cobalt/royal blue. I spent hours searching on the internet for a dress and end up buying my shoes first from Irregular Choice, I was in love. With the 50’s style in my shoes I knew I had to find a dress to match and went to Vivien of Holloway. After trying on a couple of dresses, even one in ivory for my Mam but not liking any, my friend Nia found it hanging on the rack hidden between other dresses the only halter neck circle dress in blue, in my size. Happy days.  She even bought it for me as my wedding present. I added French blue and royal blue petticoats underneath, made a forget-me-not felt brooch, bought a chiffon ivory bolero from Sew Cool Creations on ebay and vintage porcelain forget-me-not flower earrings at a bargain price of £2. To finish the look my friend Roxi who is also a burlesque dancer did my hair and make-up and created my wonderful headpiece.”

“We didn’t have a strict theme but we would say our wedding was 50’s, Sunflowers, Italian dinning, Badges, Vintage, Blue, Scrabble, Beer Mats, Cakes, Reggae, Welsh maps, Yorkshire puds, Curly Wurly’s, Moustaches, Retro, Bunting, Yellow, Ska and so much more.”

“The advice we would give to other bride and grooms-to-be that are planning a quick wedding on a strict budget is to make lots and lots of lists!! DIY is the way to go and get yourselves a good photographer. We’re so grateful to Kat that we found Lisa Jane Photography on Rock n Roll Bride; she’s a lovely person and a fantastic photographer. Thumbs up all round.”

“We had a brilliant time planning and organising and creating for the wedding, from the cake and sweet table, to searching for the vintage and retro fabrics for our bunting, to spending hours making our playlist for the evening party to designing our invitations. But at the end of the day it’s our friends and family that make it extra special so we just want to say thank you to them for sharing it with us.”

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A Mad Men Inspired Vintage Wedding: Rowan & Neil


Rowan & Neil were married at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Renfrew followed by a Mad Men inspired reception at 29 Private Members Club in Glasgow. “The wedding ceremony was particularly special to us,” Rowan explained. “My Dad is an Episcopal minister and it was a great honour to have him conduct the service in his own church. My Mum walked me up the aisle – it was lovely to have them both involved in the duties of ‘giving the bride away’.”


The couple knew as soon as they got engaged that they didn’t want a traditional wedding. They met when working at a local hotel in fact so had seen a lot of what they didn’t want! The bride has also had a bit of experience planning a Rock n Roll wedding before as she helped her sister-in-law plan her wedding which was featured actually on Rock n Roll Bride last year! (You can see it here) “I had really enjoyed the creative aspects,” said Rowan, “so when I got engaged a few weeks after their wedding, I was soon sucked into the world of wedding blogs – checking Rock n Roll Bride everyday!”


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