Video Star – Cynclaire & Raffy

Something a bit different for you today…Jason Magbanua emailed me asking if I wanted to post some of his videos…’hell to the yes!’ I replied! I have actually been wanting to do more wedding videos on the site for a while (remember this?) so I am super excited to have some of his fabulous ones to share today.  I have to start with this one, for one main reason – hot pink wedding dress!  The guests were all asked to wear white so the bride still stood out though! Isn’t the result so pretty?

Cynclaire and Raffy – Same Day Edit from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Groom Style – Johnny

Good morning my fellow wedding obsessives! I haven’t done any Groom Style posts for a while, so here’s a gorgeous guy (in a gorgeous green tie/waistcoat/boutonniere combo.  I love how he matches the Bride’s bouquet and peacock feathers in her hair perfectly. Oh and on another note, isn’t her dress just perfect!?

Credit: Sloan Photographers

Oriental Origins

Those who know me know I love all things from the Far East, I’m talking sushi, sake, Hello Kitty and Honda…so when Imthiaz showed me this wedding she and her husband shot how could I say no?  I am loving all the oriental details…what a little gem!

Credit: a.h.p photo

Indie Wedding

This couple seem amazing, I am loving their fashion sense!
Check it out…

From Ryan Brenizer, the photographer:
Who could be more fitting of a rock ‘n’ roll couple than groom who owns an indie record label? I have never heard wedding music like this, from booked bands to guests getting up and jamming … and actually being astonishingly good. Then you add that the couple are bot professional artists, she wore periwinkle, he wore olive, they made their own rings, and even constructed the wedding venue out of a rock venue, the Brooklyn Lyceum!

I only wish I could post every single photograph right here (but I would them be responsible for the world’s longest post!) instead go check out their slideshow.

Credit: Ryan Brenizer

Overwhelmed By Your Greatness!

Who could have thought you could have too much amazing wedding inspiration and photography? Certainly not me…but I feel I have been proven wrong. I have been overwhelmed (in a good way!) recently with the amount of amazing amazing (and I mean amazing) stuff you have all been sending me that I am actually struggling to keep up! I am seriously loving it though and I really wish I had more hours in the day so I could get it all up quicker. A huge huge huge thank you to you all..I love you all so much!

Anyway…on with the show..right now, some stunning bridals sent in by Natalie Norton.  The Bride, Nicole, is Natalie’s cousin so she wasn’t actually the offical photographer of their wedding.  How lucky for Nicole to have such a telented cousin for bonus photographs!  Especially as they are as beautiful as these.

Credit: Natalie Norton