Groom Style – David

Happy snoozy Sunday everyone, hope you’re having a good one..I have had a busy day of Ikea and 24 so just a mini post to keep you going…

The photographs of the boys with the cigars are awesome!  I’ve also included some images of Keri’s bouquet because it’s stunning and the car, because the sign is awesome. 
For more of this wedding clicky here

Credit: Sakura Photography (Thanks for the tip Rosalie)

Retro Love

To SimplyBloom

Please oh please would you share some more from this set as soon as possible?

Lots of Love, An avid lover of your modern vintage styling…
AKA The Rock ‘n Roll Bride

Credit: SimplyBloom

Stop It Already!

I like to think of myself and an organic blogger…I don’t plan, I just see, love and post!  If I had known I was going to find like a million amazing wedding by Centric Photography, I would have planned ahead and made a more cohesive super duper post session..but that’s just not me!
Oh come on Centric Photography, give me a chance!  Do you seriously expect me not to post these?!  Look at those shooooes!

Credit: Centric Photography

Eriko’s Dress

I apologise, this always happens here at R’nR Bride..I find a stunning wedding to post, then I carry on browsing the photographer’s website and find more  more more amazing weddings I just have to post too! Hope you don’t mind, but come on, Centric Photography seem to have so many amazing weddings under their belt!

I am drawn to this for one reason – the Bride, Eriko’s stunning custom made, vintagey inspired lace covered gown.  I can’t get over the beading work in that jacket alone – just wow!

Credit: Centric Photography

Come Rain Or Shine

The rain certainly couldn’t dampen this wedding day.  The Bride’s dress is booootiful and I love the snuggling-under-the-umbrella shots.

Credit: Centric Photography