I Love…

Credit: Ly Wylde 

I love…

♥ My husband Gareth because he’s kind and loving and ever so dreamy.


♥ My kittens Henry & Rachel because they’re playful and mischievous and super duper cute.
♥ My bestest friend Carly because even though I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like I know she’s always there for me…and we have matching tattoos becuase we’re just. that. cool.

Credit: English Rose Photography

♥ My parents because they look after me
♥ My sisters…even though we argue sometimes. ps happy birthday Sarah the Valentines baby.

watchingCredit: English Rose Photography

♥ My blog and all my blog friends because without you guys I wouldn’t be doing the thing that I love ever so much, every day. It’s bloomin’ awesome.

Have a great day and always remember to snuggle. What do you love today?

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Valentines Pin Up

This subtly sexy pin up shoot is perfect for a Valentines day post. I hope your all having a great day and even if you didn’t get a card (ahem – yes Gareth is in the dog house!) I trust your day will be filled with love and laughter. Pop back later to see what I’m spending my day loving.

Indianapolis Pinup Retro Photography (70 of 89) copy

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Woodland Nymphs


How do I even begin to describe a wedding like this? Eco? Hippy Chic? Organic? Ourdoorsy? Woodland nymph-like? Musical? Midsummer Night’s Dream-esque? None of these words seem to do any kinda of justice to this beautiful wedding.

Samuel & Jessica were married in Moravian falls at Pennel Horse farm. They wanted they day to have a raw and natural feel with a bit of mystical charm and simplicity. “They defined their wedding by what they love and not what tradition says to do”, photographer Shelley told me “so they combined some common elements of the wedding ceremony, seasoned with of a little bit of hippie, funk, vintage and organic charm. Every little thing was a reflection of who they are as individuals and as a couple.”

Their bridal/groomal parties were huge and the woods were filled with light and music from the lanterns they all carried and the drums they played as the bride arrived on a horse. The ceremony was a really emotional one (as you can see from the video below the ‘jump’) the pair washed each other’s feet and Sam even sang and played guitar to his new wife. The reception looks like a blast! The guests ate great organic food and they danced into the night around a giant bonfire.


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Art Deco Galore

After swooning over all the vintage gorgeousness at The Designer Wedding show yesterday (full blog post including photographs and links to my favourite exhibitors soon!) when the awesome UK photographer Ian Johnson sent me this stunner of an art deco wedding I jumped at the chance to feature it as soon a physically possible…you can see why, right?

Richard & Sarah, a movie producer and an actress, were always old movie lovers so it was natural to then to bring this theme into their day. The wedding took place at Waters Edge Resort  in Westbrook, Connecticut and even though the plan was for the wedding to be a sunset one, it actually ended up being bathed in moonlight. Sarah wore a vintage dress and her Grandmother’s veil. 

vintage bridal group shot

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All Because of Rock n Roll

Bonnie & Rod’s 195os inspired wedding was held at Malcolm’s Of Maleny in Queensland, Australia. When I asked photographer Julian what made this pair rock n roll, he had the perfect answer for me…

“Bonnie was born and raised in Australia and in short, is a singer. Rod was born and raised in Mississippi and had never been to Australia before — They met over the Internet through each other’s music, Rod being a Guitarist in a band without a singer. Bonnie was asked by Rod to record a singing part to a piece he had recorded. And the rest, as they say, is history. He flew over and met her, they dated and then, obviously, married. All because of Rock And Roll, literally.”


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Pretty. Gritty. Daring.

Melanie’s bride shoot has a fabulously sexy feel, especially with the contrast between herself and the derelict locations. Her dress was by Chic Star and was not actually a wedding dress but doesn’t it look wonderful for the photo shoot?

“The venue was an old abandoned warehouse yard and some near by deserted railroad tracks” photographer Keira told me.
“The theme of the shoot was to portray a confident, edgy bride.  She is pictured, alone, amongst an abandoned industrial background that is currently being taken over by nature (lots of prickly brush, vines taking over man made objects, along with pieces of glass and old rusty objects, etc ) The photos are meant to be pretty yet at the same time somewhat gritty and daring.”


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