Sexy Sunset

Aren’t sunset photographs so dramatic and awesome-looking?  These pictures are haawt!  Check out the photographer’s flickr for more

Credit: Henry Chan


Well they do say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince!


Credit: Sarah Turner

Just Dance

In Brazil, when they’re happy…they dance!  I’m all about the vintage style processing this week.  Lovely!

Credit: Kika Antunes

A Leopard Print Dress, Tattoos And Vintage Processing…

…make for photographs I’m crazy about!

Credit: Nicole Pearce

Pink Dress Bride

Pretty pretty dress..and kick arse pink boots! Hurrah.  Defiantly check out the photographer’s flickr for more…

Credit: Yulikov Anton

Phindy Studios

Blake & Chrissy eloped (how very romantic!) so Mindy & Phil (Phindy – see what they did there!?) didn’t shoot their actual ceremony, just their reception, hence only the two images..but they’re awesome so I will forgive them!  Don’t you just love Chrissy’s blue dress?


Credit: Phindy Studios