Fashion Fusion

It is impossible for me not to post every single image from this gorgeous Valentine’s day wedding sent in by the wonderful Canadian photographer Sharon Piller of Valley Portraits.  Firstly this the couple, Kurtis & Amy are practically model-perfect, secondly this wedding has an amazing fashion/vintage fusion thing going on, and thirdly the snow..I have missed posting all those snowy weddings! Plus their portraits look like they could be stills from a movie…just gorgeous!
I am a little bit gaga over Amy’s black veil & shoes combo too – I love black and white weddings (which is why we had one hehe) I think it’s such a classically beautiful but ‘rock n roll edged’ way to do it.
You really really should go check out the couple’s engagement session, taken by a clapped-out (but very photogenic) old car – they are gorgeous. 

Sharon, you are such a talent!

Credit: Valley Portraits

Crazy Horses

I think it’s pretty obvious that I am all about doing what represents you and including what you love in your wedding, and I think it’s pretty clear to see that Moira is a massive fan of horses!  This Bridal shoot was taken by the lovely Emily Porter, she explains:

I’m not sure if there are words for how wonderful this session turned out. I walk away from all shoots feeling excited, but this was just something else entirely. Part of it was because with animals (and children!), you really just have to shoot more. I think I shot over 1,350 photos in less than 2 hours with Moira and her crew of animals and friends. And I am a very picky editor when it comes to selecting final proofs – clients see nothing but the best of the best. So when I “narrowed” it down to 76 photos I was floored.

Moira is studying to be a horse vet, so quite a few of her vet school friends came along to help out and take part in the action. She contacted me back in December about this session – the photos are a surprise for her parents for her May wedding! I was thrilled to learn that she wasn’t wearing her real wedding dress – it was almost like a trash the dress session, but with a horse! We had free reign to get down and dirty for the sake of some killer photos….. what could be better?

Credit: Emily Porter Photography

Max Cheoul Couture

These Max Cheoul Couture gowns are clearly fabulous and gorgeous (and french so therefore probablly hugely expensive!) but I am just crazy about their amazing promo pictures…what fabulous photography!
Thanks Chanelle

Credit: Max Cheoul Couture

Video Star – Mindy & Brian

Laura Randall of Edit 1 Media sent me some wonderful videos to share with you all, and I’m defiantly going to start with this one. The music video style is super cool and the couple, although seemingly rather traditional, definitely thought outside the box when it came to their ‘same day edit’. I love the swooping camera moves and the couple’s fun attitude. They didn’t go for a sappy sappy video style and the result is fantastic (we all know I love weddings more than most but overly lovely dovey videos really make me want to hurl!)  

Seeing all these fabulous videos recently is really making me wish we’d gone for a rock n roll wedding day video!
For more info on their wedding, head over to Laura’s blog
Mindy & Brian – Same Day Edit from Edit 1 Media on Vimeo.
Credit: Edit 1 Media

Monochrome Wedding

Remember these wonderful monochrome Bridals by Sarah Austin? Well Sarah has just sent me the wedding pictures. Hurrah! Chad and Valerie’s wedding took place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Ceremony was only 5 minutes long, and they kept it personal by only having about 80 guests of friends and family. They gave every guest a bottle of tequila as their party favor (I personally can’t stand tequila – bad experience as a 14 year old!) but I am loving the idea of alcoholic favours to get the party started!

Credit: Sarah Austin Photography