This is my kinda Bride, drinking champers out of the bottle!  Quite apart from those alcoholic tendencies, how gorgeous are these photographs by Zach John Hammond? The bricks as a backdrop to their portraits is brilliant – I love the contrast but it’s a completely different effect to using a brightly coloured wall isn’t it?

EDIT: Zach just linked to RnR Bride on his blog and included a fabulous quote that I am going to keep forever…I love Kat’s take on wedding essence. Its all about the fun, funny, and personal…not so much the cliche…unless of course thats your thing.  So rock on.”
Love it!
Thanks Zach!

Credit: Kaptive Photography

Photo Fusion

Are you guys liking all the videos I have been sharing? Feedback is always nice….I certainly am and this one sent in by Jim Green of Vital Memories is no different.  In his own words, Jim has created a fusion – combining his love of photography, cinematography and music resulting in this beautiful little film. 
“On your wedding day, add some motion and more importantly, natural sound to your pictures, to truly come alive on the big screen. Fusion helps to tell the story that can be missed with just photographs by blending video clips into a creative film, all from a single camera. Adding video clips to great photos is a wonderful way to capture the entire essence of your day!”

Fusion Film: Blending Photography and Videography into a creative Film. from Vital Memories on Vimeo.


Are these stunning or are these stunning? They have got a real dream-like quality that I totally adore.

Credit: Orange Turtle Photography

Infinitely Better

Video video is aaaaaall about the amazing videos this week and I am loving every minute. In fact I have enjoyed featuring so many gorgeous little films that I have decided to spread the proverbial Rock n Roll branch to encompass more video content that I ever thought I would. I have (literally just signed up to and) launched the Rock n Roll Bride video channel on Vimeo, a place where you can go and see all the videos I have loved and posted here on the site. I will also be endeavoring to make the video section of the blog a lot more prominent, so if you’re coming here looking for video inspiration you’ll be able to locate it all very easily (this is a working progress and relies on my very busy Husband to do some coding for me so may take a little while!) but for now head over to the Rock n Roll Bride channel if you want to browse some of my favourite videos, or if not, stay right here and watch this new cute cute video, sent in today by Tim Sarquis of Infinite Design.

I had to choose this one for his first feature mainly because of the gorgeous song. It (almost) brings a tear to my eye (I don’t cry over soppy stuff so don’t be offended that I didn’t actually shed a tear – I seriously love this video!)

You’ll love this I’m sure…

Jon & Whitney Wedding Day 9.6.08 from Infinite Design on Vimeo.

Credit: Infinite Design

Was It You!?

Wow, what a lot of entries! This was such a difficult winner to choose. However I am pleased to announce the entry I finally picked and the winner of the fabulously gorgeous bespoke bouquet from Ribbons n Bows Boutique and the author of my brand spangly new Rock n Roll Bride slogan is…..

Nicole, with her entry Your Big Day the Rock n Roll Way!

Well Done Nicole, I will be emailing you today to get your address so that Jennifer can send you were gorgeous creation…and I demand to see photographs of it in your wedding if you choose to use it! 
I will also be getting a new header up on the site with your slogan on it!


Wonderland Wedding

This wedding is so cute I can’t get over it! It is such a magical mystical ‘midsummer night’s dream’ type affair.  I want to pretty much let the amazing photographs speak for themselves..but here are a few details I think you’ll like….
The Ring was made with Yellow Diamonds. 
The Baby rabbit (in the ring photograph – so sweeeeet!) was someones pet that they had just got from the Ranch where the wedding was held.
Her dress was an amazing vintage style that mimicked the Albino Peacocks that roamed the Ranch. 
They had two dogs that they included in the ceremony as ring bearers.

Cute cute cute cute cute…that is all!
For the rest of the wedding photographs head over here

Credit: GodkinPhoto