England Can Be Pretty Too

I love this time of year – not to hot, not to cold and beautiful colourful fields just crying out to the photographed!
Clicky here for more from this beautiful Japanese/English wedding.

Credit: Chanelle & Craig Segerius-Bruce

Button Up

Tracey & Paul had an amazingly colourful wedding last week and I am so excited that the photographer, Otto Schulze, has sent them to me to share with you all. I just love all the button bouquets out there at the moment – so cute and they last forever too…bonus! These ones were made by Etsy seller Really Bad Kitty.
The colourful details in this wedding make me smile and the button theme has been continued throughout – how many can you spot!? The wedding was expertly planned and by Table 6 Productions and Delilah’s Flowers of Denver did all the amazing real flowers!

Thanks Otto! 

Credit: Otto Schulze Photographers

New Contest – Tattoo Inspired Jewellery!

This Contest Is Now Closed

Don’t you just love free stuff? When I clapped eyes on Etsy seller, WickedMinky’s tattoo inspired jewellery I knew I had to have some and I knew they would make a fabulous prize!  So I bought myself a cuuute unicorn necklace and a swallow hair clip and I have to say they are absolutely gorgeous – so cute, so original, so rock n roll!  So maybe you wouldn’t actually wear these on your wedding day, but I know full well many of you may not be getting married for quite some time – so it’s nice to have a new toy to play with in between then and now right?

WickedMinky has donated this gorgeous little diamond necklace…OK so it’s not real diamonds, but I pretty much think a tattooed style diamond is the next best thing! (The amazing bird hairclip is mine I’m afraid..I also bought this unicorn…LOVE!)




I thought long and hard about the competition question for this contest, and actually The Husband came up with this one…I want to know What is your favourite inspiring wedding photograph ever and why?! I want to know which photograph you saw and just thought “wow!” The one you kept going back to, the one you immediately saved into your ‘wedding’ folder (I know we all have them!) It can be a photograph you found here on Rock n Roll Bride or it can be one you found elsewhere (please please please include photo credit with your entry if possible)

And you know what, just because I am aaalll about the sharing, this contest is not just open to Brides-to-be, if you’re a photographer and want to share your favourite ever wedding photograph please feel free! You can enter as many times as you like, but please – one entry/photograph per comment.

I’ve been going though my archives to find my favourite and I have found it really bloody hard to choose just one…so I’ve chickened out and gone for a selection just to get you started…

Because this Bride has some serious kick arse attitude + fabulous tattoos and sunnies

Credit: Joel Flory

 Because of the blue veil and the composition – Erica always blows my mind!

erica1Credit: Erica Berger

 Because of the leg kick..and because Rosie is amazing and made me look pretty (she took the photograph I am using in my header at the moment)

rosie_bCredit: Rosie Parsons

Because this girl is seriously stunning…even before she has the dress on!

paris3Credit: Angelica Glass

Because Max Wanger’s work always makes me smile

max31Credit: Max Wanger

Because this is probably my favourite wedding dress ever!

Credit: Aaron Delsie

 Because I can’t even explain how much I adore this shot and everything Tinywater do!

Credit: Tinywater Photography

Because Amanda’s wedding inspired so much of ours – from their engagement shoot right up to her accessories.

Credit: Jessica Johnston

Because they are just so cute!

kara5Credit: Cathryn Farnsworth

 Because the editing makes it almost a little bit gothic…photographic wonderfulness

terri30Credit: David McNeil

 Because the focus and the amazing headpiece make me swoon

stacie7Credit: Sloan Photographers

Because she is beautiful and funky and cute and has an awesome tattoo!

canlas5Credit: Jonathan Canlas

 Because they look like Rock Stars

lovely1Credit: Azuree Wiitala 

 Because next to pink, this colour green is my favourite…

Credit: Allan Zepeda


Because I love balloons in Bridal shoots!

Credit: Kate Headley

Because she has pink 50’s styled hair!

pinkCredit: Jose & Danielle’s Flickr/ Alex Creswell Keleigh Layton

Wow that was actually really hard..there were so many more I wanted to choose as well. Good Luck!

Terms & Conditions

·     Prize includes one ‘little vintage diamond tattoo necklace’ by WickedMinky.
·     Closing date Saturday, 16th May 2009.
·     You can enter as many times as you wish (with different favourite images) Please one entry/photograph per comment
·     Winners must be willing to be featured on rocknrollbride.com and may be required to become involved in future publicity. Photographs of the winner may be used in the press or on the site.
·     Please include photo credit with your entry (i.e. who took/has copywrite of the image – this is super important as I don’t want to get into trouble for photo stealing!)
·     If for any reason the advertised prize is unavailable, Rock n Roll Bride reserves the right at its absolute discretion to substitute a similar prize of equivalent or greater value. None of the prizes may be exchanged or transferred and no cash alternative will be offered
·     Winner will be selected by Rock n Roll Bride.  Judges decision is final
·     By entering the draw, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete
·     The winner will be contacted via their email address after the competition draw date. Rock n Roll Bride will not amend contact information provided. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact a winner. Failure to respond and/or provide an address for delivery may result in forfeiture of the prize. If they cannot be contacted, or are unable comply with these terms and conditions, Rock n Roll Bride reserves the right to offer the prize to the next eligible entrant


Sorry my posting has been rather light today. Not only did I do a double-shift at work (oh Christ what on earth possessed me to say yes!?) but my computer has decided to be uuuber slow today…highly frustrating when you have so much to share!
Anyway, on to much nicer things….Oh my God do I love Tinywater! Caroline was keen to share this super sexy shoot with me and I am so excited to pass on the joy! This is one seriously sexy, fabulously photographed session…the lighting, the colour, the editing to make it look like you’re viewing them though cctv (naughty!)…it’s just totally Rock ‘n Roll Bride. In fact I have come to a conclusion, I wish that was me and Gareth in this shoot, I would love to have some photographs like this of us.

Credit: Tinywater Photography

Rose Tinted

Jenn & Ron had a gorgeous wedding, perfectly captured by Darbi G and her second shooter Erika Jackson. The photography even gives the day a rose-tinted glow. The resulting images truly appear to reflect the over-all feel and emotions of the day don’t you think? I can totally imagine being at this beautiful, soft, rose-tinted wedding!
Also can you believe Jenn actually made her amazing 2-piece dress (including corset) herself?! Erm..wow.
The henna on her hands doesn’t at all look out of place in among the personal touches and details of this wedding.  Everything feels tranquil, soft, homely and personal. I am smitten!

Credit: Darbi G  & Erika Jackson

Detail Fabulous

Are these beautiful or what? I just love Tara Kneiser’s photography don’t you?
Shannon & Kevin are a seriously cool couple who incorporated some seriously fabulous details into their wedding.
Love these!

Credit: Dixie Pixel