A Bride In Black

Why not?  She looks especially dramatic as she’s teamed it with a white birdcage veil.  You know I love it.  He’s got some wicked Groom Style too!

Credit: Jen Slot Photography

Erica Berger

Holy Moly! I’ve just been browsing the San Francisco based Erica Berger’s Flickr and I am officially smitten. I urge you to check it out..these photographs quite simply rock.

Edit: I kept browsing and I found so many more I loved that I had to add them too!

Credit: Erica Berger

Hey, There’s More…

..from the neon sign graveyard!  Is this a new trend I’m missing?  Why are there no neon sign cemeteries in the UK? I feel totally out of the loop…

Edit:  I have managed to find out where these photographs were taken (although I did actually stumble across the info by accident but let’s gloss over that fact!)  They were taken in Las Vegas Boneyard. Hope this helps someone out..and If you do take some photographs there I demand to have exclusive rights to post them hehe!

Credit: Rowe Portrait Studio

A Neon Sign Graveyard…

…makes for hot photographs!  Seriously hot…

Credit: Polka Dot Photography

My Favourite..

…kind of Bride – rockin’ it with her tattoos on show and wearing a white dress that really makes them pop!  You’re going to like these ones I’m sure!  This Bride is just so beautiful and cool don’t you think?

Credit: Erica Berger

Vintage Pin Up Wedding…The Engagements

Heather send me an email today telling me all about her and her fiance, Lucas’ plans for their rock n roll, vintage pinup, burlesque stylee wedding and I am so excited, I can’t wait to see the results!  The wedding is taking place on the 28th March but I have told her I want the photographs as soon as she has them as I know you will all love them!

To whet my appetite, she had send me some of their engagement shots, taken in the first car Hugh Hefner ever gave to one of his playmates (erm awesome!)  The Groom-to-be’s Dad purchased the car an at auction.  Also check out the couple’s wicked invitations – they are miniature version of an old record and album cover.  The CD (disguised as vinyl) has been placed in a paper jacket that looks like an album sleeve. The CD is also loaded with Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Detroit Cobras, Rev. Horton Heat and Surf music. Tp save money, the graphic  designing couple designed and made them themselves.  I really can’t wait can you? 

For now, soak up the joy that is their engagement snaps…

Credit: Travis Millward (at time of going to press he has no website boo)