Let There Be (no) Light!

This is defiantly a Rock ‘n Roll wedding!  Why? I hear you cry..Well the wedding took place a week after hurricane Ike hit and so the wedding had to go ahead with no power…I love it!  No power? Screw it let’s just get married!

They had a generator to produce a light for the kitchen and also for the where the cake was.  The tables were lit by candles.  I hope you’ll agree the outcome is nothing short of amazing.  Amazingly gorgeous!


Credit: Brooke Schwab

Groom Style – Derek

Ever since the husband has grown his hair, I feel like I’ve recessed back to my teenage self and going all gooey when I see a long haired man (now all I’ve got to do is get him to start wearing converse too!)

Credit: Brooke Schwab

Julia Boggio

If you haven’t seen Julia Boggio’s amazing work yet you really really need to.  You need this in your life!

Stark and even cold at times – almost technical perfection… yet other times it’s all fun, whimsy and play.  Julia produces work of true contrast and diversity.  

Credit: Julia Boggio

Groom Style – Dog In a Bow

Patterned tie, converse trainers and a dog in a bow…I likey

Credit: Ritzy Bee


This wedding looks stunning…but it is totally over shadowed by the Groom’s hair! I am actually a little bit in awe of it in fact.

Credit: Jeff Tisman via Brooklyn Bride

Whole Lotta Love

What do I love about this wedding?  Well let’s see…

The Groom’s shoes
The  Dolce & Gabbana couture gown
This Photograph…
The car
The kids drawing table – what a good idea to keep them entertained whilst waiting for dinner!
The fact that they had a string quartet for their evening entertainment…but they only played rock music!
The belly dancer
The ring on a crayon…

Credit: the image is found