Bookworm Bride

Melissa & Adam, two self-proclaimed bookworms (check out that cake!) had a fabulously bright, fun wedding. The details are just wonderful – their shoes, the daisy pomander bouquet, the paper pom poms, the sweet n simple table layout…oh and I am crazy about those ring shots! So original and so colourful!

Thanks Rob – you rock! 

Credit: nLighten Images


Continuing the Long Sir love fest with this glorious green dress Bride…it was the tulle and the red show combo that did it for me.

Credit: Long Sir

Ethereal Fashion

When I asked Taiwanese photographer Long Sir if I could feature some of his work, little did I know how difficult it would be to choose a set to share…so I’m bringing out a selection – starting with the ethereal fashion shoot.

Credit: Long Sir

Sparkliest Prettiest

I am boiling over with excitement to bring these photographs into your lives. Wei Quek was another one of my fabulous flickr finds and boy am I glad I’m an Internet nut, where would we be without it hey?! Anyway I digress…

Kara & Lawrence got married at Quarry Bistro & Wine Barin Canmore. The Bride’s beautiful dress was designed by Diane Von Furstenberg and is one of the sparkliest prettiest dresses I’ve seen in ages. There isn’t much else to say really except drink these in…they are gorgeous!

A huge thank you To Wei of Photobolic – I will be featuring more of his fabulous work soon!

Credit: Photobolic

Downtown Detroit

This engagement session send in by Melissa of A Girl in Love (quite possibly one of my favourite company names ever) is true rock n roll royalty. This couple have got that effortless cool thing going on…and I’m jealous! I can’t wait to see their wedding and I’ve made Melissa promise to send them my way first!

Melissa described the day…
I had no idea that I was shooting two actual rock and rollers, but  within minutes of starting out engagement session I asked Grace if  she’d modeled and both her and her husband to be cracked up, no they  said, but she used to be in a band.  Both of them actually.  We shot  downtown Detroit, right where they used to rock and now they roll in  love and getting married in just a few months.  Even ended the session  at the Motown Museum

Credit: A Girl in Love